The Best Sewing Thread in India

Whether you’re a tailor, a home-based sewing professional, you’ll need the right sewing kit loaded with several colours of sewing thread and needles. Sewing thread pack with colourful options allows you to sew your favourite clothes by yourself. If you are bored with your thread spool collection and if you are searching for a pack of threads, make sure you choose only premium quality threads.

Also, you need to make sure that the sewing thread you are going to buy has multiple colours for versatility.  The threads should not be loose and should be tight enough to give strength to the stitches. In addition, the colours should also be normal and vibrant.  The most common threads used in stitching are made of polyester due to toughened quality.

Nylon is also one of the strongest threads available with high strength to weight ratios. That’s why, they are considered to be a great option for stitching leather, vinyl, and upholstery. you will need the strongest and safest sewing thread for interrupted hand sewing projects or machine sewing jobs. If you’re not sure how to choose the sewing thread for sewing projects, you can read this article.

Best Quality Sewing Thread in India

Here we have prepared a list of some of the best sewing threads available on Amazon.

How to choose the best sewing thread in India?

If you have been involved in sewing work for a long time or have started as a beginner, you must have the right thread box. Currently, the market is flooded with a wide range of options to choose from. When looking for the best sewing thread, you should consider certain aspects, such as thread type, colour, number of pieces in a box, and so on. Determining several aspects will ensure that you are going to buy the right product within your budget. So what are you waiting for, let’s get started?

Thread Type

Yes, you heard that right; there are different versions of sewing thread like the fabric we wear. Depending on your fabric type and to become a sewing expert, you can choose all. Some of the popular sewing threads are as given below:

  • Polyester threads

Polyester threads are considered the most flexible threads easily available in the Indian market. Being the most versatile thread, it can be used with all sorts of fabric. Just keep in mind that cotton threads are not heat resistant at all. If you use an iron on it, chances are it won’t withstand the heat.

  • Cotton threads

Cotton is one of the lightest materials you can find and is commonly used in India, cotton threads are the right choice to choose from to sew them. Cotton fabric can provide a smooth finish with cotton threads without being stretchy or flexible. The only drawback of this thread is that it is not as versatile as other threads when used on a variety of materials, but the biggest pro is its heat-resistant ability.

  • Nylon threads

Nylon threads fall under the category of polyester as both of them are synthetic. Therefore, you can use them with any type of material you like. Another benefit of choosing nylon threads is that they are available in a variety of weights and colours. Even, the nylon yarn price in India depends on the different weights. The only pro is that they are not suitable for heat transfer. And, using iron can easily tolerate nylon threads.

  • All-purpose thread

As the name implies, the all-purpose threads are versatile and can be used with any kind of sewing task you want. The combination of cotton and polyester makes all-purpose thread ideal for sewing with all types of fabric. If you are a sewing professional, it is good to have a thread like this in your sewing toolbox. However, you can use them for woven fabrics, handmade fabric, and anything else you can get your hands on.

  • Silk Threads

Silk threads can also be used on many fabrics as they are adaptable to heavy to light materials. It doesn’t leave any holes in any of the fabrics, which is impressive. To sew something delicate, you can go for silk threads.

Number of threads

The next aspect that you should keep in mind is to make choice between two or more yarn packs, depending on your requirement. With colourful options, you won’t be able to choose the right kind of thread on the spot.