The Best Brush Pens In India

The success of the best brush pens in India is not a fluke. The broad, medium-firm brush tip is a good choice for beginners since it provides a seamless transition between thick and thin. To top it all off, the water-based ink is fully compatible with other hues and comes in a dizzying array of options.

You’ll be able to make stunning gradient effects with this technique, and the tips themselves clean up after mixing. A colorless brush pen for blending is also included in the basic kit. And to top it all off, the other end of the Dual Brush Pen includes a second fine tip.

In addition to being useful for addressing minor issues, it may also be used as a stand – alone product for faux calligraphy, lettering, etc

Here are some of its benefits

  • Flexible tip allows for a wide range of stroke thicknesses, making it user-friendly for beginners.
  • Self-cleaning tips and 100% blendable water-based ink
  • For revisions and also as a stand – alone device, the second firm tip is presennt
  • Comes in wide variety of hues
  • They are Toxic-free
  • The ink flow is wet to the extreme. While it produces an eye-catching ombre look, the increased risk of smudges is a downside to this technique.

Brush Pens

List of Best Brush Pens In India

How To Choose The Best Brush Pens?

You’re here because you’re interested in calligraphy or painting, and without a good brush pen, you’ll struggle a lot with your art-making process. Here are some tips for selecting the best brush pen set on the market to level up your skills.

Nib Sizes

The first thing you should always check is how many nib sizes are there. If a brush pen set comes with fewer than 3 nib sizes, then you should probably avoid it and look for another one. We recommend you go with at least 3 nib sizes, and the minimum size should be 3mm. The nib size range of 3mm to 5mm is a good fit for tasks like calligraphy and even drawings. Other than the nib size, you should look at what material has been used by the manufacturers. For the most part, nylon-based nibs would be an incredibly good option.

Ink Flow And Nib Elasticity

Nib elasticity and ink flow directly depend upon one thing, which is the quality of the material used for nibs. Most best-selling brush pen sets come with nylon-based nibs, and the overall nib elasticity and ink flow would be great with those sets. However, there’s one more thing to take note of, which is the density of fibres in the nib. The easy way would be to check the reviews of that particular set and whether there are a lot of people complaining about the overflow of ink or not.

Colour Options

A newbie may think that basic colour options would be great for calligraphy and drawings, which is actually not a great assumption to make. The only suggestion we can provide is that you always go with the higher number of colour options. There are some brands offering a whopping more than 108 colours in their set, so you should always look for the same. It would be a great decision to invest your money in a similar brush pen set.

Is It Easy To Clean?

It is not good practice to leave your brushes (especially fragile brush pens) covered in colour because you will have a hard time cleaning out that excess colour before using them next time. Many brands offer advanced brush pens that come with a self-cleaning feature so that you don’t need to worry about cleaning them all the time. However, those brush pens are on the pricey side, but it would be worth spending a little more on them.