The Best Calamine Lotion in India

If you are unaware of Calamine lotion benefits or looking for an all-in-solution to treat numerous skin problems, then you need to go through the given information. Calamine lotion serves as a beauty product these days but also works as effective first aid. It can help treat numerous skin conditions such as chickenpox, insect bites, shingles, swimmer’s itch, many more. The calamine lotion is basically an OTC, or over the counter medication that is used for addressing mild to moderate itchiness and skin irritation.

Calamine lotion has become popular because it contains anti-allergic, antiseptic, etc properties. Also, it helps in preventing skin inflammation caused by whatever reason.  Once you applied to the bruised area, the lotion magically works by offering a soothing effect. The lotion offers countless benefits that set it apart from other drugs and products.

When it comes to calamine lotion, you will find many brands that claim to be the best. But, you need to invest in some premium products which may not have side effects. To help you pick the best one, we bring you a select few Calamine Lotion brands. The given range of lotions works effectively poses no potential risk and leaves your skin calm.

Calamine Lotion

List of Best Calamine Lotion in India

How To Choose The Best Calamine Lotion?

When selecting calamine lotion, make sure there are no other substances to which you might be allergic or sensitive by reading the label. You could prefer cream in a tube over calamine lotion, which comes inside a bottle. Tubes are easier to pack away or transport when travelling. Alternatively, you could make your calamine lotion at home using a few basic kitchen materials.

The mineral zinc oxide plus 0.5 percent iron (ferric) oxide is frequently combined as the active ingredient within calamine lotion. Calamine lotion’s well-known pink colour is caused by iron oxide.

You generally won’t need additional ingredients when choosing calamine lotion or cream to treat a mild rash or irritated skin; when your skin is severely irritated or peeling, select calamine with an antihistamine. The antihistamine may lessen skin swelling and irritation from insect or poison ivy stings. In case you have allergies, avoid using topical antihistamines.

Aloe has healing effects in addition to moisturizing your skin. Consider using a calamine cream or lotion which contains natural aloe on extremely dry, itchy skin. The aloe would be soothed and kept safe from aggravation and further injury. Purchase a pure or organic lotion if you want the greatest outcomes.

Calamine can be moisturized and infused with mineral oil. Petroleum is also present in several calamine creams. For really dry or burnt skin, you ought to be able to buy calamine creams with additional lubricating components.

Calamine may be moisturizing and infused with mineral oil.

Read the instructions thoroughly before using calamine, and don’t use it for any longer than is advised. Remember that most calamine contains alcohol plus camphor when sensitive to any substances. Quit the lotion and see your doctor if symptoms return or worsen. Zinc oxide is also present in calamine products. When consumed, this substance is known to be toxic. Due to this, maintain calamine out of the range of young children and animals at all times.

Acne or other blemishes could be treated directly using calamine lotions.

You can create your calamine soap when you prefer to use it for bathing. You’ll also need glycerine to serve as the base for the soap plus vitamin E capsules to moisturize your skin in conjunction with the calamine lotion. For scent, add a couple of drops of essential oil. Pour the liquid into a mould after the components have melted and let it cool.

Calamine cream substitutes could also be created using baking soda plus oatmeal. You’ll require enough water to produce a paste, and you can optionally add additional ingredients. When you do not have calamine at hand, oatmeal is a wonderful alternative because it is relatively safe for all skin types.