The Best Smart Door Locks In India

Every contemporary house should have a security system in place. While standard door locks may suffice in certain locations, the ability to monitor and control your home security from a distance provides a sense of security.

Standard deadbolt security is enhanced with biometrics and other security features in some of the finest smart door locks available.

A PIN or passcode, fingerprint, RFID card, or a physical key are just a few of the options available to unlock today’s smart locks.

Simple and functional, these┬ásmart door locks have a basic design. Both wooden and metal doors may be used with this system. Fingerprint unlocking, RFID card, Passcode or passwords, and the old-fashioned physical key are all included in this smart door lock’s feature set.

In addition, it allows OTP-based login, which comes in handy if you’re expecting visitors. The best smart locks are an excellent alternative with a slew of capabilities and an attractive appearance that one must-have.

Using an application that runs on both Android and iPhones, you can open your door from just about anywhere. Theft alarm functionality is built right in. In terms of security, the smart door lock is an excellent choice.

Smart Door Locks

List of Best Smart Door Locks In India

How To Choose the Best Smart Door Locks In India?

Doors can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing but expose the home to several security risks that the very first thing that springs to mind while considering the most recent security measures is the sophisticated tracking and monitoring systems.

Digital Locks Types

The different types of digital locks include magnetic, deadbolt, and lever types. The person you choose will depend on your suitability.

Lock Design

You can choose the lock that has a pin code or pattern lock when you wish. You could choose a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth lock or even a fingerprint lock for greater protection. Some locks are operated using RFID cards.

Waterproofing quality

It is crucial to choose a waterproof digital lock if you intend to use it outdoors, such as for a gate or another application.


The digital door locks come in a variety of styles. Many of them are sleek and stylish. Many of them then exude a pretty audacious high-security vibe.

Backup Battery

The digital lock would stop functioning once the battery is completely depleted, and your door would unlock itself.


Certain locks help monitor your mobile phone via a mobile application, thanks to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Backup Option

Such a lock that stops even the owner from approaching their property will have little use if you forget the pattern or pin necessary to open the door or lose the appropriate RFID card.


When you detest even slight noise or want a silent operation, choose the one that makes the least noise.

Remote management

You need to have a lock that can be operated from a distance if you are expecting visitors while you are away if your housekeeper arrives after you leave, or in any other situation where you are not physically present close to the digital lock but still need to operate it.

Battery Life

Since security is a topic, the battery’s lifespan shouldn’t be compromised in any way.

Installation simplicity

Any digital lock could be installed when you know a reliable, experienced carpenter.

Thickness of Doors

Not every door can accommodate a digital door lock. Every digital door lock is made to fit a door of at least a specific thickness.

Additional Features

  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Voice Control
  • Price
  • Customer Service
  • Weight

Code Customization

Certain people occasionally enjoy altering their code. These people ought to pick a keyless door lock with the ability to customize the code.

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