The Best Car Seat Belt Shoulder Pad in India

A car seat belt is of utmost importance for safety and convenience, whether you are a regular ride in a car or frequently going for long drives. For the safest and most comfortable driving experience, it is a good idea to place the seat belt shoulder pad over the seat belt.

The soft padding and unique design prevent the belt from falling into your shoulder, chest, or neck and help cushion the seat belt strap. A premium quality seat belt shoulder pad should be easy to wash, durable, and enough comfortable.

This can have a great impact on safety and comfort while driving a car or sitting as a passenger. Since the shoulder pad is soft and fitted over the belt, it clasps snugly against your shoulders and chest and evenly spreads the weight of the body. Another benefit you may get from the pad is that it can reduce the risk of back and neck strain and pain, and help keep your spine and head in one place while sitting in the seat.

 While using a seat belt shoulder pad, don’t forget to ensure it is properly fitted. With so many options available in the market under a variety of fabrics and sizes, it can be difficult to guess which works great for you. To help you out choosing the best, we have compiled a list of India’s best car seat belt shoulder pads.

Car Seat Belt Shoulder Pad

List of Best Car Seat Belt Shoulder Pad in India

How to Choose the Best Car Seat Belt Shoulder Pad?

Shopping for shoulder pads online ensures that you have a plethora of options to choose one that best suits your needs. In the Indian market, you will find some pads are made from foam while few are filled with air or air. Foam pad tends to be affordable, but in term of comfort, air-filled or gel pads are much more effective. If you are still unaware of how to buy a shoulder pad, check out the below-given buying guide. In this buying guide, we have listed certain aspects you will need to keep in mind when buying a shoulder pad.

  • Pad’s Material

The biggest consideration is the construction of quality cum material, ensuring how comfortable and well designed it is. The material used in shoulder pads will vary from model to model. Shoulder pads can be made from a plush, soft fabric like microfiber or velvet. These materials will not cause rash or redness and are very comfortable. However, they will be longer lasting than other materials.

  • Size

Size is the other important aspect when it comes to shoulder pads. The pad you choose should be large enough to support the entire shoulder area. Also, make sure the pad is thick. The thicker the shoulder pad, the more adequate cushioning and protection offered to your neck and shoulders. Some shoulder pads available can be adjustable according to one’s need. Therefore, you can find a fit that suits you.

  • Easy to Clean

Some fabrics are recommended for washing, while others are restricted for both manual and laundry cleaning. Therefore, you are advised to choose a shoulder pad that is easy to clean. Some manufacturers of seat belt shoulder pads offer removable covers that provide a great deal of convenience for machine wash. There are a few options available that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth without washing with detergent. Thus, look for seat belt shoulder pads that are easy to keep clean so you can use them continuously.

  • Colour and design

Shoulder pads come in a variety of colors and designs. It is entirely up to you to choose the one that best suits the interior and looks of your car. Most seat belts are black, so buying lighter-colored pads can spoil the vehicle’s appearance. But, when it comes to comfort for hours of long travel, the pattern and color of the pads may not matter as much as you think.

  • Cost

A shoulder pad is one of the vital accessories, while often offered in a complete accessory kit. If buying separately, you’ll have to spend some extra money. Otherwise, it costs around Rs 200 to Rs 500 depending on the quality and fabric.