3 Best Cardamoms in India

You must know that cardamom seeds come with various qualities and health benefits. It is used by a number of people for its ample qualities. There are many companies that manufacture these products and sell them in various shops. Cardamom is used in various cooking recipes and items. These products can enhance the quality of food to a great extent. Cardamom has some good food values. You must try it for your better health.

Best Quality Cardamoms in India

In the next few lines, you will come across some of the best cardamoms in India. You will get to know about some of the best cardamoms that are manufactured in India.

1. Vedaka whole cardamom


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 It is one of the most reputed brands that manufactures this cardamom. The cardamom seeds come with excellent flavors. The best thing about this product is that it is nicely packed for the buyers. It also comes with a great look. It maintains food safety and precautions. If you put the cardamom on the food, you will love the flavour of the food. The company has always tried to give the best and highest quality products to the users. You will love to use it in many dishes and ingredients. It is best used in different special dishes.

Pros Cons
It is manufactured by a reputed brand and company. It would have been better if the package had a good amount of cardamom seeds in it.
The seeds come with a great flavour and taste.  
If you use cardamom seeds, it will enhance the quality of the food.  
The cardamom seeds are nicely packed with proper care and hygiene.  

2. Being Marwari Green Cardamom


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If you are planning to buy cardamom seeds, you must go with this brand. This product is good for enhancing the taste of food. The product is made with fresh ingredients. This means that the company is very particular about its quality. They always try to maintain the quality and never compromise on it. You must know that cardamom is a great source of manganese. This is good for destroying free radicals in the body. You can also use it as a natural mouth freshner.

Pros Cons
Made with quality ingredients. It would have been better if the packaging of the product had been a little better and more advanced.
Cardamom is a great source of manganese.  
It is great at destroying free radicals in the body.  
It acts as a natural mouth freshener.  

3. More superior elaichi cardamom green


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If you have a fascination for cardamom that can give you a refreshing experience, you must choose this product. It is the best one that comes with immense uses and benefits. Sometimes, you can also use it to make or prepare dishes like dal, rice, sweet dishes, and several other items. The flavour of the cardamom is also responsible for changing the taste of the food to a great extent. It is also used in pan masala. After taking a bite of the cardamom, you will immediately notice the difference. The outstanding flavour of the cardamom has made it special to a great extent. You must try it at least once.

Pros Cons
It comes with a refreshing flavour and taste It would have been better if the price of the item had  been reduced to  some extent by the manufacturers.
It’s used in a variety of dishes, including dals, desserts, and rice.  
It is also used as a pan masala ingredient.  
The addition of cardamom to food can significantly improve its quality.  

How to choose the best Cardamoms in India?

In short, cardamoms are a popular spice used in every Indian kitchen, be it Masala Chai or dessert. These tiny seeds add a unique flavour to any dish. But, most people are unaware that cardamom varies in terms of quality, taste, appearance and colour. So, when you buy a pack of cardamom, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Black Vs Black Cardamoms

Cardamoms have different versions too; the most common type is green seeds, known as Choti elaichi. On the other side, black cardamoms, also called moti elaichi are different in terms of taste, flavour and appearance. Bengal cardamom or black cardamom is used as an aromatic spice is used in the same manner as green cardamoms. Green seeds add a different smell and flavour to a dish, while black seeds a bit smoky, has an intense flavour compared to light-flavoured green cardamom. You should be aware of these two versions when buying cardamom.

  • Colour

Colour is an vital factor that you should keep in mind while buying cardamom. Pure and fresh cardamom is olive and coarse or green in colour. Quality cardamoms don’t look too green, if you notice that the colour is too dark, artificial colours may be added to make them appear fresh. If you notice that seeds are yellowish, they may either have dried inappropriately or be too old.

  • Price

Even though two green cardamom seeds are enough to add flavour to tea or food, it is more expensive than other Indian spices. It is packed after weighing; having said that, cardamom is effective as well as expensive. Also, whole green cardamom is more expensive than grinding cardamom powder.

 On the other hand, black cardamom is cost-effective as compared to green cardamom. Like all Indian spices, cardamoms are available in packed boxes, which costs more than cardamoms come in opened form. If you stick to the quality cardamom, you won’t compromise on quality. Hence, you are advised to choose wisely.

  • Quality

Cardamom quality decides through colour and aroma. The more the aroma, the higher the quality is. Quality checks can also be done through the Quality Approval Certification of premium food brands. Ask the manufacturer to show quality approval or you can check the product’s label.

  • Brand

In spices, brand reputation among users helps to decide with great ease. Go with a pack after seeking the brand name.

Final Words

Cardamom is always a great ingredient in every dish. It can enhance the quality of the food and give it a different taste. You can add cardamom in any food and make it edible.

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