Why Is India Still a Developing Country?

You must have seen and noticed in a number of cases that India is still a developing country. There are ample reasons behind this thought. If you have a look on India’s structure and statistics you will get that India is yet to develop in areas like agriculture, economy and several other areas. The Britishers came into India and looted it for 200 years. What was the situation? It ruined the country to a great extent. People had to lose their lives. They were no more allowed to stay or reside freely in the country.

We all know that a developing country is the only one that have a low standard of living. It must also have low standard of industrial working and developments. Even the Human Development Index appears to be a low one. India is an agrarian land and still an agricultural country. The agriculture of the country is largely dependent on the monsoons. If the monsoon is good it will signify that there will be good irrigation and growth of crops. This will also help in the development of agriculture to a great extent. This is only for the agriculture of the country.

What are the facts related with India is still a developing country?

There are many instances that will clearly show that India is still a developing country and it needs to be much developed with time. It is the duty of every Indian to keep the country spic and span. On the other hand, as per the economic development is concerned or a matter it is always better to give special emphasis on the education system of the country. It should be made much stronger and better in all aspects. Even the health and industrial matter or area must be given special priority. These are the areas that needs to be much more focussed and given importance. The first and foremost priority must be given on the education sector. It is the only one that can help or contribute in the development of the country. It is also found that many researchers have different set of views on development of the country.

It is found that the productivity of agriculture from a literate farmer is much better and more advanced than those from the illiterate ones. It has been evident and seen in a number of cases. On the other part, for the promotion of business it is necessary to have a well-developed communication system. There must be a proper rail and road network. Without a proper network and communication, it is almost impossible to carry out the business. After all without a proper business the country will not develop to its fullest.

A developed country means it must be developed in all aspects. The mentality of the people residing in the country must also develop with time. Take for example there are places in India who strictly follow the process of bribery and other evil things. Caste system is so prominent in these places that people have a narrow mentality.

However, it is very essential to change the mentality of the people at this point of time. This is only possible when you have the basic education. Education will help people to get rid of narrow thoughts and believes. It is the light of education that can eradicate everything from life. Apart from all this, the young and creative leaders must also be indulged more and more to come into business. This will help the political parties to grow with time. It will enhance the growth of the country to a great extent.

It is known from the learned leaders that development of the country is more important than the political leaders or religion. It will help the country to move ahead and get a better life for the people. It is the high time when the leaders must try to concentrate more and more for the country’s development.