Since 1954, the Central Government Health Scheme has provided comprehensive medical treatment to Central Government employees & pensioners, as well as their dependents, which are enrolled in the scheme. It provides medical services to eligible clients in around 37 cities across the country. The (CGHS) in Delhi is a model patient care provider that is extremely distinctive due to the enormous number of beneficiaries it serves and its open-ended generous approach to providing health care.

The Best CGHS hospital in Delhi includes the following:

1. Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre of New Delhi

The Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre is Delhi’s premier multi-specialty private hospital and is also the city’s first medical research center.

To make world-class health and medical care more accessible to the general public, the hospital was established to become a pioneer in the field of quality healthcare.

2. Bansal Hospital, New Delhi

A first of its type, BANSAL HOSPITAL is equipped with functioning 50 beds and fully equipped modular operation theatres, as well as with physicians, surgeons, nursing experts, & technicians. It is equipped with the most up-to-date, ultra-modern amenities that are supported by sophisticated technology.

3. Bhagat Chandra Hospital, New Delhi

In Delhi, Bhagat Chandra Hospital, often called Bhagat Hospital, is a multi-specialty hospital that provides high-quality medical care. To the medium income group of Delhi as well as the surrounding areas, the hospital, which itself is situated in the Janakpuri neighborhood of New Delhi, provides cheap and high-quality health care services.

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