The Best Cow Feed In India

If you have cows in your cattle you must be worried about the matter how to feed them or which food will be suitable for their growth. In this case, you will get some best companies that manufacture these types of food. They are good for the growth and development of the cows. But before buying a cattle feed, you must check about which one is the best one for the cow. It should have natural ingredients that will help in body development. You must also be sure and well-aware about the quantity of the cow feed to be given to the cow. If required you can also consult a veterinarian about the same. They will furnish you with all the details.

Many times, it is found that the cow feed manufacturing companies often mix various harmful ingredients with the food. This needs to be checked and verified as much as possible. In this part, you will learn about the top cow feed manufacturing companies that are engaged in the work of making cow feeds. You can select the best one from the long list and provide your cow with the same. It will be good for the cows.

Cow Feed

List of Best Cow Feed In India

How to choose the best cow feed:

The dairy cattle require more than the other cattle. Moreover, the lactating dairy cattle vary in feed formula from others. The nutritional requirements also vary based on the varied trimester of their pregnancy. A heavily pregnant cow requires more nutrients as the fetus requires more energy to grow inside the womb. Moreover, post-delivery, the cow will suffer from nutrition deficiency for over 3 months. Therefore they require a complete and balanced feed.

The quality of the feed can be determined by the smells and appearance of the feed. They shouldn’t be dusty, mouldy, or smelly; such qualities show that they are of poor quality. The growth of fungal moulds over the feed can lead to the production of mycotoxins, which might lead to infertility and abortions of the cattle.

Pasture or hay forage or fodder is considered the best feed for the cattle as they possess the higher nutritional value that your cattle require.

Budget-friendly feed:

A recent study says that over 50% of cow feed contains grass, which is technically called hay and silage. Unlike the popular myth that cows are fed with high-grain diet, they prefer to be fed on grass, leaves, wheat, oats, and stems of Corn. Very rarely do they feed on corn kernels.

Grains for the cattle:

Dairy cows are more likely to feed on grains, covering less than one-quarter of their diet. Some grains are grown specifically for the dairy cattle; the rest are recycled in the food and beverage industries. Especially grains like barley are utilized to feed the dairy cattle after they are thrown out from the beer industries. Most farmers prefer oats as they are enriched with higher fibre content and don’t cause any digestive disturbances; therefore, they are the safest grain option for pregnant cows.

If you are looking to feed your cattle with higher energy value, Corn is the best option; if your locality produces Corn for the cattle, it might be the economical option too.

Also, look for processed grains if you are too concerned about digestibility. The mechanical processing of the grains, which includes rolling, and grinding to break off the coat of the seeds, is helpful.


Dairy farming can be crucial when choosing the feed and the period of introducing them to the cattle. Higher milk yields, tracking a balanced diet, and maintaining good health and body are some of the factors that dairy farmers must consider. Therefore, they must understand the requirements of the specific cattle, such as dairy and lactating ones.