The Best Tea [Chai] Glasses In India

The Indian community has ingrained tea in its hearts, where everyone likes to start their day with the perfect tea. But you can enhance this experience for the people by serving it in the ideal tea glass cups. Glass teacups come in all sizes and designs, which provide an attractive look to the tea drinker. Mostly where everyone prefers to start their day with tea, some people are so addicted to it that they drink many glasses a day. They form an emotional connection with tea, and this bond can be enhanced by having the perfect tea glasses for your tea session.

Drinking tea in an average glass can prove to be a turn-off for many people, but this can be checked by considering the many tea glasses and providing you with the best of them. To heighten the tea drinking experience and to feel its aroma all around, it is vital to have the perfect glass to pour it in. Therefore, below is a list of some of the best tea glasses in India which would help you have the best tea experience of your life.

Best Tea Glasses

List of Best Tea Glasses In India

How To Choose The Best Tea Glasses

Consider the following points when purchasing tea glasses.

Porous or Non-Porous

Porous means the tea glass has minute pores on its surface. Non-porous means the glass is covered with a glaze which fills up all the pores and makes its surface smooth.

The problem with porous tea glasses is that the pores retain the aromas and flavours of various drinks, thereby spoiling the taste of the tea served in them. The pores also tend to cause discolouration of the glass with regular use. Thus, a porous tea glass should be used only for drinking tea.

Non-porous tea glasses are well suited to serve all kinds of drinks in addition to tea. This is because the covered pores cannot retain the aromas and flavours of different drinks served in the glasses.

Heat retention

Good tea glasses do not allow the tea stored in them to cool fast and retain the heat for long periods. There is no point in purchasing tea glasses that cannot keep the tea hot for a sufficient time. A tea glass’s design and thickness determine its ability to keep the tea hot by not allowing fast cooling.

Tea glasses that are tall and have narrow rims keep the tea hot for long periods and concentrate its aroma. On the other hand, tea glasses having wider rims permit a faster cooling rate of the tea and cannot retain heat for long periods.

Greater the thickness of the tea glass is its ability to maintain hot tea. Thus, thinner tea glasses are inferior to thick tea glasses when retaining the heat of the tea stored in them.


Tea glasses come with or without handles. You need to decide whether you require a handle to hold the tea glass or you can directly hold the glass containing hot tea.

If you want to purchase tea glasses with handles, then there are many options before you in terms of the handles’ shape, size and design. Even though a tea glass and its handle may be eye-catching, it may not be comfortable to hold. The handle must be comfortable to hold and not just aesthetically appealing.

Thickness of the lip

The lip of the tea glass should not be very thick. A thin lip allows the tea to roll easily off the cup and into your mouth.


Choose the best tea glasses from a wide variety available online and offline by using the above mentioned points to make the best decision.