The Best Digital Drawing Pads in India

Due to advanced technology and less use of pen and paper, today everything has gone digital whether it is making notes on a laptop or drawing on a digital pad. This digital tool comes with several advanced features that allow you to showcase your level of creativity.

Plus, the screen is larger than the paper to encourage a wider draw. So, why carry a heavy sketchbook, paper or pen when you have the option of a lightweight drawing pad. There is a great convenience for you to carry it in a small bag, backpack or purse without any hassles.

Best Digital Writing Pads in India

Today, there are numerous digital brands available that manufacturers drawing pads with a pen and a screen at a reasonable price. If you are thinking of buying the best digital drawing pad in India, then check out the given top three options.

1. Ohuhu Electronic Drawing Board

Ohuhu Electronic Drawing Board

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On this drawing board, with the pressure-sensitive LCD screen, you will get a clear image and smooth writing. What’s better than having an eye-friendly drawing board that doesn’t strain your eyes? This drawing and writing tablet is a perfect outlet for your kids. Due to the lightweight and portable design, you can carry it anywhere you want hand writing pad.

It comes with three bonus nibs that allow your kid to create lines of different thicknesses for creating sketching, outlining and filling in areas. Even with your hands, you can draw directly. When you’re free, you can lock its button to keep the image on the screen for a long period of hours. By using the board, you can reduce the requirement of pen and paper.

Pros Cons
It features a one key lock that prevents accidental erasing. The drawing board is a bit expensive.
The eye-protection screen lets kids draw and write for several hours.  

2. SUPER TOY LCD Writing Tablet 

SUPER TOY LCD Writing Tablet 

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This 8.5 inches LCD Writing Tablet displays your files, notes until you erase them with the touch of a button. Their pressure-sensitive screens allow you to create thin and thick lines, and a one-touch button erases notes immediately. Super LCD table is safe for travel, school and home use due to lower-level screen and long-lasting case.

Furthermore, it comes with a writing pen, features erase button and a lock & unlock button which is very handy features. However, the specifications of the table are protection frame, writing pen, remove button, writing LCD panel, and button battery card slot.

Pros Cons
It is an ultra-slim, lightweight and handy device, thus easy to carry. Hands have to be given pressure to press its erase button.
The display is enough large for drawing and making notes.  

3. Ionix LCD Writing Tablet 

Ionix LCD Writing Tablet 

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On this list, the next writing tablet is from Lonix, which suits all purposes and all ages. On this device, you can do calculations, prepare notes and draw pictures with ease. This table is designed to use advanced pressure-sensitive technology with an LCD screen for no glare and easy viewing. It doesn’t harm your eye so you need not worry about vision loss. The ultra-thin and lightweight design makes it portable and easy to be taken everywhere. You can smoothly draw and write with a smart stylus.

Pros Cons
Low power consumption device. The tablet is too thin.
It features a smart lock function.  

Final Words

A digital drawing pad is a smaller version of a larger laptop the only difference is that a mouse is used on a PC but in this, its art is displayed through a digital pen with a very advanced experience. Hopefully, you’ll love the given below drawing pads after knowing their features, pros and cons.

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