The Best Drain Strainers In India 2023 [For Kitchen & Bathroom]

A holed metal net strainer, also known as Drain Strainer, is used to filter out solid debris in the water system. There are varieties of drain strainers used in residential places, commercial, or industrial areas. These are usually made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Some manufacturers offer plastic and silicone drain strainers. Depending on your often cleaning and requirement, you can either choose plastic or stainless steel strainers.

In the stainless steel, you’ll get a shimmering and stunning finish. They are made from high-quality or 100% pure steel for prolonged durability and superior looks. They help you to regulate the easy flow of water & collect the waste on the top by fixing it to sink.

It plays a major role in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen. People may use it as a container to collect waste or as a safeguard for the kitchen from cockroaches, etc. However, newly designed models come in a set of baskets with a cap that ensures advanced cleaning and helps to prevent blockages.

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It can also offer more straining surfaces area than traditional straining, improving water flow, or eliminating pressure loss through the strainer. After every use, you can empty it, and set it for the next use.

Best Buy Drain Strainers Online In India

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How To Choose The Best Drain Strainers


Drain strainers are best if it is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is rigid and durable. It is advised for longer use, durability, and obstacle-free cleaning advantage. The hard steel net filter refines every kind of waste passing through the strainer, starting from any chunky waste food to bit-sized rice grains. The durability of a stainless steel drain strainer may retain for decades without any corrosion if used properly.

There is also silicon drain strainers. It is a flexible material that is also used for harbouring waste. The netting on a silicon strainer is bigger. Silicon drain strainers are not as durable and efficient as a stainless steel one. Silicon strainers are less efficient in case of longevity and cleanliness. Waste like hair may escape from a silicone drain strainer and clog the pipe. Regular and improper usage may cause a tear.


The standard size of a drain strainer is between 10 – 12 cm. The inner diameter of the strainer is approximately 7 -8 cm, whereas the outer diameter, the double edge, is 3 -4 cm. The opening holes on the filtering net are approximately 2 mm diameter wide. The size is essentially not considered necessary, as it fits every sink style.


If you are choosing to buy a stainless steel product, the material should at least be 1 – 2 mm thick for strength and durability. It is the standard markdown of a stable purchase.


Your drainer should at least have double edging for hassle-free cleaning and usage. Other features include a drain strainer lid cover.


Both Stainless steel and silicon drain strainers are easy to install as the product is a mount top on the basin. You can install the net drain strainer without the help of a skilled plumber.


Cleaning the net drain strainers are easy nowadays with the added detail of double edging. The double edge is a 3 – 4 cm wide solid stainless steel extension encircling the dirt filtering net. It makes the strainer easy to hold, and it sits upon the basin outlet without leaving any tiny space to let any waste escape or get stuck.


Every household needs at least one drain strainer. Drain strainers make our life easier with their easy-to-handle features, letting the user discard the waste all at once without any mess. It is hygienic as it secures its user from cleaning the water pipe for any blockage. It remains to be an important part of our daily life.