The Best Dry Masala Grinder In India

Often in our kitchen we need to grind up the raw spices. But sometimes it really becomes tough and challenging to carry out the work. In such a case, you need to take the help of dry masala grinder. It will allow you to easily grind the spices and make it powder. Thus, with a masala grinder you can smoothly grind the raw spices and give it a powder form. Later you can use it in different items to enhance the taste of the same. In India various types of spices are added to the dishes so that people can relish the food. The taste of the food enhances with the adding of powder spices.

It is also easy and better to use a masala grinder and make the powder. All you have to do is to put the raw spices and shut the mouth of the grinder. Now you have to put the same on the machine and switch on the device. Within two to three minutes, you will find that the raw masala has turned out to be in powdered form. On the other hand, you can also use this grinder to grind the masala that has been left unused for some days.

Best Dry Masala Grinder In India

List of Best Dry Masala Grinder In India

How To Choose The Best Dry Masala Grinder?

Consider the following points prior to purchasing a dry masala grinder.

Electric or Manual

Dry masala grinders are available in both manual and electric models. Electric grinders are easy to use and most suitable for quickly grinding large batches of spices. However, they are bulky and need a considerable amount of space for storage.

Manual grinders are better at grinding spices as compared to electric models. However, they consume a lot of time and are suited for grinding small batches of spices only.

Depending on the amount of spices you need to grind frequently and your specific preferences, you can decide whether you want an electric or a manual dry masala grinder.


The capacities of dry masala grinders range between 40 to 90 grams. The capacities of electric grinders are more as compared than the capacities of manual grinders. The capacity should be selected based on the average volume of spices you grind. The greater the capacity of the grinder, the more its size. The countertop space in your kitchen and the storage space should also be suited for the grinder size.

The minimum amount of dry masala the grinder can handle is also an important consideration. A grinder with a large minimum capacity would need you to grind more volume of spices than you need. Thus, checking the minimum capacity is also recommended. This is especially crucial when you don’t need to grind more than a teaspoon of spices.


The speed of the dry masala grinder is an important consideration. Slow grinders take a lot of time to grind the spices and can also grind unevenly. Fast grinders grind the spices very quickly and evenly. However, very high-speed grinders release a lot of heat, adversely affecting the spices’ flavour.

The dry masala grinder should have a decent speed to grind the spices swiftly but without excessively heating the unit.

Blade or Burr

Blade or Burr controls the grinding process. The blade spins and chops the spices and seeds. As a result, small and large parts of the spices are in the bowl. In a burr-style dry masala grinder, the spices are lodged between 2 rough surfaces. This method produces a consistent grind.

Whether you need a blade or burr-type dry masala grinder is up to your needs.


There are multiple high-end models of dry masala grinders on the market. Select the best as per your choice and specific needs.