The Best Dustpan & Brush Sets In India 2023 [For House Cleaning]

The set of brushes and dustpan is a must-have tool, used for sweeping up tiny piles of dirt or smoke or other small spillages by hands. In a commercial or home setting, there are a variety of dustpan sizes to suit any need. With these sets, you can keep your home area clean and hygienic all day long.

The mini design and weight of the set is perfect solution for small solutions and requires minimal space in your home. However, the dustpan and brush set is made from premium quality plastic or metal. They are smooth, durable, and eco-friendly at the same time. The soft compact brush is easy and sufficient for small area cleaning.

Most sets come with a hanging hole for easy storage. Add a dustpan and brush set into your cleaning tools for eliminating dust, dirt and crumbs. It is a perfect tool for the kitchen area, car, sofa, and countertop cleaning. There is no specific type in these sets, but some sets have large handles while some are equipped with a small handle. People with back pain problems can choose dustpan and brush sets with large sets to prevent bending and makes cleaning up much easier.

Best Buy Dustpan & Brush Sets In India

Dustpan Brush Sets

How To Choose The Best Dustpan Brush Sets

Picking the best dustpan brush set from multiple options can make simple by considering the below mentioned factors.

Capacity and quality of the dustpan

The amount of dust which can be collected in one go depends upon the capacity of the dustpan. Dustpan having small capacity makes it difficult to sweep a large volume of dirt into it in one go, and you need more time to sweep out the entire dust from the room. However, a small dustpan is easier to handle. A large dustpan lets you sweep the entire dust into it at one go, making the process swifter. However, a large dustpan can be difficult to carry around.

A good quality dustpan does not need to be pressed excessively onto the floor to prevent the dust from passing underneath it. A rubber blade is also usually present on a good quality dustpan because a rubber blade increases the effectiveness of picking up dust from the floor.

Material of the dustpan

The dustpan can be constructed of either metal or plastic. Metal dustpans are robust and last for long periods. The drawback of metal dustpans is that they tend to damage the floors. Plastic dustpans, on the other hand, are lighter and do not damage the floors. But they are more susceptible to breakage.

Metal dustpans are suited for concrete or stone floors. Plastic dustpans are suitable for other kinds of floors.

Type of brush

The type of brush depends upon the kind of bristles it possesses. Soft-bristled brushes are suitable for collecting dust particles, hair, animal fur and other loose particles on the floor. Such brushes are perfect for sensitive surfaces such as hardwood floors because they do not cause scratches.

Hard bristled brushes are better at picking up heavy or stubborn dirt particles from the floor, such as wet dirt. However, such brushes should be used on hard surfaces and tiles only.

It is better to opt for sets having both soft and hard-bristled brushes.

Wide or Long brush

The brush you need depends upon your style of sweeping. Wide brushes are better at sweeping large amounts of dust. On the other hand, long brushes are more suited for removing dust from the corners as well.


There are sets in which the brush and the dustpan can be joined together and stored as a single unit. Many sets have collapsible brush and dustpan, which can be hung on the wall, making them perfect for small spaces. Pick the set as per the storage space available to you.


Dustpan brush sets make the task of sweeping easier. The key is to pick the best set per your needs, and this buying guide will help you make an informed decision.