The Best Winter Socks in India 2023 [Warm Woolen Socks]

Socks are a major necessity during the winter months. They are worn to keep the feet warm and cozy. The winter socks are available in various materials. Some of them are woolen, while some are available in other materials. You can go for the one that gives you a warm feeling and ensures that your feet remain warm for an extended period of time. You will also get woollen socks from reputed brands. It is better to go with those ones. If you opt for the woollen socks, make sure they are made of high-quality wool. This will allow you to use it for some time.

During winter, most of us love to carry out some activities. This is why woollen socks are mandatory. If you go with the best ones, you will easily carry out the winter activities. However, skiing, ice skating, and snow cycling are some of the best winter activities. You will also get winter socks in various sizes and designs. You will also get socks that are made in various designs.

In the next few lines, you will come across some of the branded winter socks. This will allow you to select the best ones from the Indian market. You must go with it.

Best Quality Warm Winter Socks in India

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How To Choose The Best Winter Socks

When shopping for winter socks, consider the below-mentioned points to make the best selection among a host of options.


Cotton is a good fibre but is not a suitable material for winter socks. This is because even though cotton absorbs moisture quickly, it dries very slowly. Wet cotton also loses its ability to provide insulation, exposing your feet to the cold. Moreover, wet cotton also makes the skin soft, thereby increasing the risk of the development of bunions, hot spots and blisters on your skin. Pure cotton socks are suitable for summers, not winters.

Merino is the best material for winter socks. This wool absorbs moisture up to a third of its weight and transfers it to its outer surface so that you do not even feel the sweat on your feet. Merino wool is much softer and finer than conventional wool and does not irritate the skin. The antimicrobial nature of Merino makes it more resistant to odour-causing bacteria than many other fibres. Merino wool socks are priced much more as compared to winter socks made of other kinds of yarns.

Synthetic winter socks are made of man-made fibres such as nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, polyester and rayon. They have many beneficial features such as high breathability, high durability, lightweight, moisture resistance and high strength. Synthetic winter socks are cheaper compared to other fibres. However, there are some disadvantages, such as odour retention, poor dimensional stability and heat shrinkage.

Silk winter socks are widely worn as a lining under winter socks. Silk winter socks are lightweight, absorb moisture swiftly and dry fast. However, they are not meant for repeated use. They are expensive as well but not as much as merino wool socks.

Cushioning effect

Winter socks should provide warmth to the feet and must act as a cushion between the feet and the shoes. The high density of the fabric in the sock increases its cushioning effect and enhances the wearer’s comfort. High-end winter socks have a different material density at various points, especially at the heels and the soles. Extra padding may also be present to improve comfort.

Cushioning protects the feet against friction and blisters. Hence, this is an important feature to consider.

Types based on length

Crew-style winter socks extend for a maximum of 12 inches from the ankle. Mini crew-style winter socks extending 7 inches from the ankle are also available.

Over-the-calf winter socks extend to the knee level. They are double-layered and padded. They are suited for winter sports such as skiing or mountaineering.


The most important factors in evaluating when looking for winter socks are fitting, comfort, moisture management, thermoregulation and abrasion resistance.