The Best Fountain Pen Ink in India

Writing something down on a paper is not only about just making the ink to write, but it is sometimes writing your emotions. You can put your emotions into words with the help of pen, and that is why the pen you are using and the ink which is inside the pen are pretty significant.

Over the past few years, the market has witnessed the expansion of the number of Best Fountain Pen Ink in India. It happened because people have started to regain interest in fountain pens which were earlier considered to be very traditional and old.

Today’s market has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to fountain pen ink. But, you can certainly not go with the first brand you come across because it could be the worst. So, you should research the market to get the perfect ink for your fountain pen.

Fountain pens have always been a sign of authenticity and writing of a gentleman. So, if you want to write like one, you must have the best ink quality. If you are confused about choosing the perfect one, do not worry, as we have made a list of the best fountain inks available in the Indian market for you.

Fountain Pen Ink

List of Best Fountain Pen Ink in India

How To Choose The Best Fountain Pen in India

Buying a fountain pen isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to take a look at various factors and consider many points if you want to buy a good one. Thankfully, we’ve here curated a list of best buying guides for the best fountain pen in India down below.

Size of Fountain Pen

Whenever you buy a fountain pen, you always need to take a look at the size of the fountain pen. The overall size of the pen causes a direct effect on the writing skillset. There are various types of fountain pens available in the market in different size frames. The right side of the fountain pen differs from one person to another. Ideally, the perfect size for you should be a similar size to a normal pen. Consider your hand size and the way it fits into your hand when buying one.

Weight of the Fountain Pen

Apart from the size, it’s the weight that matters when you use a fountain pen. The weight of the pen affects directly the efficiency of your writing. A fountain pen that is too light does not give you the right leverage to write your strokes properly. Similarly, heavy pens might not be useful for fast writing and can cause fatigue when used for a long time. Always make sure to buy the fountain pen that suits your hand movement and comfort when buying one. A good fountain pen should be lightweight and be able to support long stretches of writing sessions.

Width of the Nib

The nib is a major part of the fountain pen and one that allows you to write on the paper properly. A good fountain pen will always have a good quality nib with proper width on it. There are various types of nib available in the market from the bold one, fine nib, wider nib, and more. All of these types of nib are suited for a specific purpose. This is why whenever you buy a fountain pen, consider your needs and requirement and choose a nib based on that. The width of the nib will also directly affect the consumption of the ink by the pen.

Ink-refilling mechanism

Fountain pens use ink to write. This is why you also need to take the ink consumption and ink refilling factor into consideration. Normally the fountain pen comes with ink cartridges which can be filled with a converter device or piston-based ones or vacuum ones. Piston-based cartridges offer better efficiency than ink-based ones and are also less likely to cause spillage.