The Best Insect Killer Machine in India

Monsoon is pleasant as well as dangerous as many insects and mosquitoes develop during that time which can cause dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. The bite of an insect not only causes rashes and redness but can be painful for while as well as their constant buzzing sounds will irritate you. These annoying noises affect your precious time and quality sleep. Therefore, it is vital to get rid of them in the best way possible.

To restrict the passage of mosquitoes, more and more people often use liquid repellent. There are some other methods as well like homemade liquids for flies, mosquito nets, etc. But these chemical-based liquids can release dangerous chemicals that adversely affect your health.

If you don’t want to compromise on health, as well as get rid of insects, bring home a mosquito killer machine. Also known as the Mosquito Killer Lamp, the Insect Killer machine works on UV lights. The machine’s CO2 gas attracts mosquitoes and then is either pulled by a suction fan into a closed chamber, leaving them to die at the base of the machine.

 In simple words, an insect killer device passed electric shock to kill insects once they attract. The biggest benefit of using insect killer devices is they do not release and use harmful chemicals like other liquid repellent devices. Also, they work silently so no disturbance will create while doing other work or sleeping. Scroll down to check out some of the best Insect Killer Machines in India!

Insect Killer Machine

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How to Choose the Best Insect Killer Machine in India?

Before finalizing a mosquito killer device, you should consider certain factors. These include whether you use it indoor or outdoor, the dimension of a room, do you have a kid in your room, and many more elements.

  • Field of Use

Depending on the dimension of the space you want to protect from flies and insects, you need to finalize a mosquito machine. However, the machine varies depending on the size of the room. If you plan to keep the device in a spacious room that is enough large, make sure the product has a bigger size. The more the large machine, the cost, and the wattage will be high as well.

Pay attention that not all mosquito killer devices are suitable for indoor use some are designed thoughtfully for outdoor use, while some can be used outdoors as well as indoors. So, you need to choose it accordingly after considering certain aspects. Keep in mind that for outdoor space, the area also matters. In our opinion, you will need to seek one having a 20 percent wider area covering ability than the size of the indoor & outdoor area.

  • Durable and Harmless

You will see that the Indian market is full of different types of mosquito-killing machines, some of which produce harmful chemicals that are not good for health or may cause breathing problems or allergies. So, keep this aspect in your mind while you buy the product. In addition to the harmless potential, you need to make sure that the insect-killing device is durable and well-constructed. Also, check how long is its life. You also need to check the warranty and how fast the product will start working. Whether you buy killer devices online or offline, don’t forget to check buyer reviews. By going through the reviews, you will get a clear idea of the quality of the device.

  • Safe for Kids/ User-Friendly

Age is the major consideration that needs to be kept in mind. The use of these devices is recommended for people of a certain age. For example, if you have children and grandparents in your home, the appliance you choose should be compatible with them. Ensure the functions should be very easy and accessible as so many insecticides require proper protection while operating and at work.

Anyone who has children in their home should check that the device is safe for children. Some devices produce bright light and electric shocks to attract the insects, causing them to die inside. Incidentally, it can cause serious injury if your kids get their hands on it.