The Best Jet Spray for Toilet in India 2024 [Health Faucet]

A common issue faced by Indian’s living outside is using tissue paper instead of the faucet, that’s extremely unhealthy and unfriendly for the environment. In this case, a jet spray is an amazing alternative for every type of toilet.

When it comes to maintaining the self-hygiene and cleanliness of the washroom, using a healthy faucet or jet spray is the best option. It is designed in such a manner to give a good flow of water and helps you to clean the gantry area.

Various Jet Sprays are available in the Indian market with different functionalities and multiple options. Here we are going to discuss different Jet Spray brands in India that you can consider buying.

How Does a Jet Spray Work?

It is difficult to use a handheld bidet sprayer or Jet sprayer for the very first time. This is very simple and effective cleaning equipment that has become popular around the world. Installing a jet spray setup is quite simple with the help of a plumber. You should have T-adapter and shut off valve for proper connection, as both tools are required to connect to the waterline and toilet. This isolates the line so that it reaches both the Jet Sprayer and the toilet in which you want to install it. The jet comes out of a flexible pipeline connected to the spray and the device is ready to be operated.

How to use a Jet Spray(Health Faucet)?

Before going to use, make sure the water will come out with a great flow or pressure.For that, you can try pressing the nozzle or flushing the built-in spray. It’s just a mini shower that can be used after a bowel movement so that you don’t need to use soap or toilet paper.Before turning on the sprayer; make sure pants, tunic-style shirts or underwear are out of the way.After every use, shut off the T-Value to prevent leakages.

Best Buy Jet Spray in India

Here is the list:

1. ALTON SHR20855 ABS Health Faucet

ALTON SHR20855 ABS Health Faucet

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If you’re looking for a high-quality health faucet, Alton SHR20855 is one of the finest choices. It is made of premium grade and ABS material ensuring quality, durability and better use without having tarnishing, scratching and corrosion. Now it is time to say bye to the traditional bucket and mug. Health Faucet from ALTON offers higher water pressure.

ALTON sets are a good combination of reliability, beauty and innovation. It has a chrome finish, giving it the most sophisticated look and making it the first choice of customers. Also, the weight of this faucet is a plus point as it is lightweight and offer a strong grip. Another best thing that you will like about this faucet is its white colour, making it elegant for all types of toilets.

In the box, you will get accessories like a Wall hook, 1.25 Meter Flexible Hose Pipe, Installation Accessories.  The flexible hose pipe of ALTON is flexible and leak-proof, and made or mirror look technology, keep it long-term bright and useful. The company offer a 1-year warranty against manufacturing fault which is a great initiative to prevent customer’s loss.

Pros Cons
The material used to make it is heavy-duty ABS. The upper body of the faucet is made of plastic material.
It comes with a 1-year warranty.  
At Rs. 649 price point, you will get further accessories with it for best use.  
It ensures high performance, quality and longevity.  

2. Kohler – 98100IN-CP Cuff Health Faucet

Kohler - 98100IN-CP Cuff Health Faucet

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With Kohler Cuff Health Faucet, you can experience better cleaning. It provides maximum water flow and easy operation when you needed to use it. One of the best thing about this health faucet is its premium design makes you’re washroom classy and modern. It has a chrome finish which compliments other KOHLER products.

With the Kohler Cuff Health faucet, you can leave your traditional cleaning methods of the toilet. It is designed in such a manner to offer hygiene and cleanliness on every use. The handle of this faucet is convenient and effortless with just a single press. For easy grip, you can consider this health faucet as it has an anti-slipping feature.

Health Faucet from Kohler is made of good quality steel ensuring durability and maximum performance. The company is itself a top-notch brand that offers a wide range of toilet equipment for every type of washroom. In the packaging, you will get 1.2 m flexible pipe, chrome bracket, hooks, etc. Infect, you can install this faucet easily without calling a plumber.

Pros Cons
The design of this faucet is very simple and elegant. The nozzle holes are thin compared to other faucets.
The product serves the purpose without hurting. It takes a lot of effort while clean.
This faucet is suitable for low water pressure.  
 It is a bit expensive but ensures durability.  

3. Marcoware Heavy Duty Health Faucet

Marcoware Heavy Duty Health Faucet

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Another option on the list is the Macroware Health Faucet which is very affordable yet suitable for all types of toilets. It is designed in such a manner to avoid any accidents and injuries, hence it is free from any sharp edges. The thing you’ll like in this health faucet is its quality, as it is made of steel, making it sturdy and durable.

With Marcoware Health faucet, you can enhance bathroom luxurious aesthetics. Another best thing about this model is its superior finish, making it more resistant to scratches and corrosion. But it starts fading with regular use. One of the major benefits of having this faucet is that it is good for health, as its brushed finish is lead-free.

This effective health faucet from Macroware is very easy to clean after every use. You just need to open the mouth of the faucet and clean its sedimentation for better usage. Talking about functionality, this heath faucet provides adjustable temperatures and different water pressures. Overall, it is a suitable product for your toilet space.

Pros Cons
This health faucet offers both hot and cold water. The quality of the holder is slightly cheap.
It is built-up stainless steel.  
The handles are non-breakable which is ideal for long-lasting usage.  
It is very easy to clean this healthy faucet.  

4. Aquieen Health Faucet Set

Aquieen Health Faucet Set

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If you’re seeking a pocket-friendly health faucet, the Aquieen Health faucet Set is an excellent option. The health faucet Set from Aquieen is thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum falling and comfort. One of the major benefits of buying this faucet set is it is very affordable and elegant. Even, the company manufactures several styles in their faucet set, which suits user installation requirements.

An Aquieen Health faucet is equipped with the highest quality ABS material; ensure long-lasting performance. Even, it is drip-free and battles to high pressure. Another best thing about this faucet, it comes with pressure lock technology which helps in ranging life. The package contains a Shower tuber, hook with screw set that you can use to install this health faucet set.

The elegant and sophisticated design of this health faucet ensures compatibility with any bathroom design. This ergonomic faucet offer premium feels and effectiveness. You just need to spend Rs. 500 to buy this sprayer. Overall, it is a suitable option for every type of toilet. For cleaning, you just need to open their nozzle and can use a toothbrush to clean it well.

Pros Cons
The company offer a 1-year warranty against manufacturing damages. The plastic trigger switch can be damaged due to accidental falls.
This faucet is made from Superior quality ABS. At this price point, you can find other best options.
The faucet set ensures maximum showers and comfort.  
The design of this faucet complements your bathroom.  

5. SBD Safari Health Faucet Gun

SBD Safari Health Faucet Gun

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The Health faucet gun by SBD Safari is perfect for those who want average water pressure. It is a versatile product that can be used as a health faucet, bidet sprayer, and hand shower or in yards as well. Talking about faucet and hose tube inner material, the plastic material has been used to make faucet and stainless steel is used for hose tube.

The combination of plastic and stainless steel ensure better performance and durability. The design and looks of these faucet guns make your toilet appearance luxurious. The package contains a screw set and Teflon tape which enable you to prevent leakages and make installation easy. Also, the faucet comes with a 6-months warranty.

It is very easy to handle, as it is lightweight. The flow of water from this faucet is slightly better than other faucets. Even, you don’t need to spend a lot on this faucet. This multipurpose product comes with a faucet gun along with a hose tube and other accessories which help you install it DIY. In terms of quality, performance, build-quality, safety, health faucet by SBD is one of the best.

Pros Cons
This faucet gun is pocket-friendly and the chrome finishing is purely outstanding. The length of the pipe is a little inconvenient.
It is a versatile product.  
In the term of performance and looks, SBD health faucet is one of the best options.  
It comes with a 6-month warranty.  

How to Choose the Best Toilet Jet Spray?

Today, most of the Indian domicile has modern toilets instead of having traditional self-cleaning methods. They are equipped with a bidet shower which is also known as a bathroom health faucet and hand faucet. It is a very effective and simple cleaning alternate that can be installed easily. This hassle-free method of cleaning allows you to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness with ease.

As you read earlier, toilet jet spray has become an essential amenity for Indian bathrooms. You can see various bidet sprays in the Indian market, hence mainly two types of bidet sprays namely a detachable hand spray and an attachable butterfly spray. The hand spray is much popular than an attachable butterfly spray. A health faucet of Jet Spray is equipped with a trigger and has wide nozzles that deliver maximum airflow.

There are various aspects to keep in mind before buying a healthy faucet. Some of them include product material, functionality, features, colour option, etc. However, stainless steel and plastic materials are two common materials used to make faucets. A health faucet is used regularly, so it is important to buy it carefully. Here are some of the major aspects that you can consider before making any final decision:

Longevity and Cleanliness

If compared to plastic spray and metal nozzle, the metal nozzle is a far better option. Metal health faucets offer better hygiene and even provide premium quality. If using a plastic spray, you may notice the dust particles or remains have fixed on its opening.On the other hand with a metal health faucet, you can experience maximum water flows without breaks, deposits and clogs. You can consider choosing a metal health faucet, as it is a reliable, useful and ergonomic option for your bathroom. 

Supply Hose

It is one of the most important accessories to operate the nozzle. The second thing that you keep in mind is the length of the pipe. As it offers ease and approach. For better results of the faucet, you should check the flexibility and length of the supply hose. An ideal length of pipe is 15 cms to 1.5 feet. Moreover, you can check the distance between the wall hook and the toilet for accurate installation. Other than that, make sure the pipe is made of PVC and is leak-proof. For assistance, you can contact to expert or plumber. Or you can check DIY videos to know more about the Supply hose width and pipe length.

Wider Pore

The third element that you consider is the wider pore of the faucet which is stabled on the head of the nozzle. It allows steadily water flow throughout years of usage. It also prevents the hard water and dirt particles from getting stuck. This important element enables you to adjust water pressures and prevents regular leakages and clogging. For these reasons, you should always choose a non-corrosive metal. This will save you a lot of cleaning efforts and money too.


A good health faucet enables maximum triggers which makes it durable. A faucet can’t be operating without a trigger system. Since triggers are tested in such a way that they can be used for many years. The trigger enables you to control the water pressures. For getting different uses or pressure, you can test it personally to make sure whether it is limiting or not. In our opinion, the health faucet offers both high and low pressure is an ideal option for regular toilet use. You can also check the amount of force that will be offered in your health faucet.

Fixing or Setting Up

Before installation, make sure you have marked for a wall hook. Also, ensure you measure the length between the wall hook and surface. Don’t do hurry because sometimes measurement can prove to be wrong. So, you can read user manual instruction that comes with the product.The correct measurements make a rough idea in your mind when buying a healthy faucet for the bathroom.

That’s also a very easy way to pick the right faucet. Also, it will help you to figure out the length of the pipe. You should also make sure that you want a direct connection to the water source or you want to connect the bidet stray directly to a tap. You can find different pipes and nozzles with different lengths, sizes and types of your faucet.


Various manufacturers in India offers faucets with a different price range. You should choose the right faucet sprayer within your budget. Sometimes, a cheap quality product ensures long-lasting usage than a high-quality product. So be selective with your choice

Design and Colour

Of course, the colour and looks of the faucet should be perfect. As it offers a luxurious appearance and suits other bathroom amenities. Generally, you may find white and black colours in the health faucet. In our opinion, the black colour is perfect for all types of toilets. Talking about the design, the stainless-steel along with metal finish makes the faucet rust-proof, resistance-free and also prevent damages in the long term.

Repairs and Services

The last but not the list important aspect is companies after-sale services. Make sure, the faucet that you’ll choose come along with good services and repairing conditions. 


Always choose a health faucet that comes with a 1-year warranty period on manufacturing damages. A product with less than 1 year warranty period might be proof of loss after one use.

Ratings and Reviews

Previous ratings and reviews by users will help you to judge the product quality, after-sale services and performance of the product. Thus, you can check the customer rating and reviews at online shopping websites like amazon.


Health faucet becomes popular these days among Indians, as it is essentially used in every modern toilet. It allows you to maintain personal hygiene, self-cleaning without causing harm. It also reduces the use of toilet paper and saves you every month investment. It doesn’t require regular maintenance. If you’re seeking the best health faucet for your washroom then you can consider the above-mentioned products.

Toilet Jet Spray FAQs

Q: Is a toilet jet spray sanitary?

A: Yes, a toilet jet spray is generally considered sanitary when used properly. It’s important to clean the spray nozzle regularly and ensure that it is not contaminated with fecal matter. Users should also wash their hands thoroughly after using the spray.

Q: Do I need special plumbing for a toilet jet spray?

A: Installing a toilet jet spray may require some adjustments to your plumbing. You’ll need access to the water supply line of your toilet to connect the spray. Some models might require professional installation, while others can be attached using simple DIY methods.

Q: Is a toilet jet spray more environmentally friendly than toilet paper?

A: Yes, using a toilet jet spray can be more environmentally friendly than using toilet paper. It reduces the consumption of paper products and can also save water if used efficiently. However, the overall environmental impact depends on factors like the source of the water used and manufacturing processes.

Q: Is using a toilet jet spray better for personal hygiene?

A: Many people find that using a toilet jet spray provides a more effective and hygienic cleaning compared to using toilet paper alone. It can be particularly helpful for individuals with certain medical conditions or sensitivities.

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