The Best Kalonji Oil In India

You must have heard about the Kalonji oils. They come with multiple benefits and uses. It will be great to know about it. Kalonji is often known by the name of Kalojeere. It is also known by the name of black cumin. The botanical or the biological name of this plant is Nigelle Sativa. There are multiple uses of kalonji oil. You can use it to keep the skin glowing and also promotes in the reduction of weight. You can also use it for weight loss program. But you must also select the best company that manufactures this Kalonji oil.

This oil is also used for killing the pains in any part of the body. You can also improve the immunity level of the body with the Kalonji oil. You must always prefer to select the top companies that are indulged in the work of manufacturing this oil. If you have asthma issues, you can also try this oil. They will give you immediate relief from the pain. This is good to apply on the skin. But you must also check that the kalonji oil is added with other ingredients. This will also help you to get a better impact on the body.

Best Kalonji Oil

List of Best Kalonji Oil In India

How To Choose The Best Kalonji Oil

Look for the following features to ensure you purchase the best kalonji or black seed oil.

Slow cold pressed

The kalonji oil should be slow and cold-pressed. Cold-pressed means no heat is used to extract oil from the seeds. This is an important feature because kalonji oil contains multiple compounds that impart healing properties. Using heat during extraction causes many volatile compounds present in the oil to evaporate, lowering the oil’s quality.

Slow pressing is also an important requirement. This is because fast pressing during extraction generates heat which raises the temperature of the oil to about 80 degrees Celsius and harms its quality.


Colour of the kalonji oil is directly linked to its effectiveness. The active component of kalonji oil is Thymoquinone. Thymoquinone imparts a dark golden yellow colour to kalonji oil. Thus, ensure that the kalonji oil you are purchasing is dark golden yellow because it indicates that the oil is rich in Thymoquinone.

If the colour of kalonji oil is light or pale, it means either the Thymoquinone content is low, or carrier oil is also present. In both cases, the oil is not much effective.

Chemical free extraction

Many chemicals, such as benzene derivatives, enable more oil extraction from the seeds. Using such chemicals for extraction certainly helps the producer increase profits, but the oil quality is compromised. Kalonji oil which has been extracted using chemicals, should not be purchased.

Thus, opt for only those brands of kalonji oil which use chemical-free extraction processes.


The type of bottle in which the kalonji oil is stored is an important factor to be considered. Kalonji oil stored in plastic bottles must be avoided. This is because plastic leaches chemicals into the oil and ruins its beneficial properties. Moreover, the shelf life of the kalonji oil is reduced because it oxidises swiftly in a plastic bottle.

To this end, ensure that the kalonji oil is stored in a dark-tinted glass bottle. The dark-tinted glass can be cobalt blue or amber. Glass is inert and does not affect the quality of the oil. Moreover, the tinted glass protects the oil against the deteriorating effects of the sun’s UV rays.


It is better to purchase kalonji oil from a well-known brand even if you need to shell out more money than cheaper but unreliable brands. This is because a reputed brand is guaranteed high product quality.


Kalonji oil brands are abundant in the market. Pick the most suitable one by considering the above mentioned points.