Top 10 Best Lungi Brands in India

From family functions to casual wear at home, lungis are the most comfortable clothing for any man in the house. Mainly worn in the southern part of the country, the lungi is highly loved for its simple yet authentic style statement. This garment called a lungi, crafted from cotton fabric, is highly appreciated for its breathable nature and easy to wear features that make it very comfortable for men to spend their days in. Whether you wish to look simple or want to add modern spice to your Indian attire, you can easily buy this lungi and grab maximum attention at the event. Lungis are easily available on many online platforms, so customers can easily order them and get them delivered to their doorstep at affordable rates.

But choosing the right lungi brand is very important. Whether you love modern or traditional style, these lungi  are the best to wear on every occasion, depending on your needs and preferences.

Before proceeding further, lets have a look at advantages on wearing lungi

  • Confortable: If you are living in a tropical climate, these lungis are so comfortable to wear that you can manage any time of the day.
  • Easy to wear: lungis are very easy to wear. You don’t need any experts to help you wear lungis. You can simply take bath and wear it in morning by wrapping around your waist.
  • Cleanliness and odorlessness: When compared to other men’s clothing, lungis are clearly cleaner, more hygienic to wear, and provide odorlessness throughout the day. Your body produces less sweat after wearing lungis, leading to more clean
  • Easy to sit on floor: After wearing lungis, it is very easy to sit on floor.
  • Air flow: The air flow after wearing lungis is better as compared to any other garment.

Let us move on to the companies that provide the highest-quality lungis at affordable prices:

List of Top Lungi Brands in India


1. Mr.Lungi

When buying the best quality lungi online, you can easily rely on Mr. Lungi. They are the most popular and preferred brand, offering lungis in many fabric options and cost ranges to choose from. From daily wear to premium quality, Mr. Lungi has it all to offer its customers. They are available online as well, with amazing discounts to choose from. You can order it while sitting at home and get it delivered to your doorstep.  They claims to be the India’s first affordable online lungi shopping store offering  cotton lungis.

Brand Name Official Website

2. SBN Lifestyle

SBN Lifestyle is the next name on the list, as it is also very popular among customers buying lungis online. The range of lungis they offer is very affordable and breathable. The lungis are comfortable to wear and easy to wash, too. They are good in quality that last long. From classic design to modern prints, they have it all to satisfy the needs of customers. SBN Lifestyle has collections that can easily be selected to buy and wear. If you have a wedding at home, you can also place bulk orders from them. They offer good discounts on bulk orders too.

Brand Name Online Link
SBN Lifestyle

3. Kitex Lungis

Kitex Lungi offers the best quality lungis to its customers at very cost effective rates. From cotton to silk, they have it all. They have a very good selection to choose from, whether you want to style the lungis for a wedding or wear them at home.  Kitex Lungi offers an extensive selection of fashionable lungis that are ideal for any occasion and are made with premium cotton and skilled craftsmanship.

Brand Name Official Website
Kitex Lungis

4. Sangu Mark

Sangu Mark, which offers the highest quality cotton lungis at incredibly low prices and premium quality, is listed next. Sangu Mark offers stylish, understated cotton lungis that are suitable for everyday wear. Whether you wish to choose traditional or modern design, Sangu Mark has many options.

Brand Name Official Website
Sangu Mark

5. Dhrona Lungis

Dhrona Lungis offers premium quality lungis to customers all over the country at very good rates. Their offered lungis are designed from the best quality fabrics and craftsmanship. They are breathable, have long lasting colors, and are easy to wash and dry. If you wish to add maximum comfort to your life, then Dhrona Lungis is a good platform to buy.

Brand Name Online Link
Dhrona Lungi

6. Blue Leaf

Blue Leaf is next on our list, offering premium quality lungis in comfort at our home. Blue Leaf Lungis are available in many fabric options and price ranges. They are easy to wear and wash. They are breathable and have long lasting colors that stay with us for a long time.

Brand Name Online Link
Blue Leaf

7. Niranj

Niranj is also one of the best brands that offers good quality lungis to customers at affordable rates. Niranj understands that lungis are designed to offer comfort and style. They use premium quality fabrics to manufacture these lungis.

Brand Name Online Link
Niranj NA

8. Nandu Brand

You can also choose the Nandu brand to get the best-quality lungis for yourself. Customers can purchase them from the convenience of their homes by going online. The lungis offered by them are manufactured from the best quality fabrics.  They are easy to wash.

Brand Name Online Link
Nandu brand

9. Papaya

Papaya is another popular brand that offers premium quality lungis to customers in many fabrics at affordable rates.  They are high in quality, breathable, and easy to wear. The fabrics used in papaya lungis are so good that they last long and are easy to wash as well. They are breathable and very comfortable for day long wear.

Brand Name Online Link

10. Cotton Crown

Cotton crowns provide high quality lungis at very affordable rates. The lungis offered by them are crafted using the best cotton fabrics that are breathable, wearable, easy to wash and have long lasting colors. They are of premium quality and can last for years. The lungis offered by  Cotton Crown are best known for their colors and patterns.

Brand Name Online Link
Cotton Crown


In India, there are numerous brands that sell premium lungis. Ramraj Cotton, Kerala Dhoti, Cotton King, Bengal Handloom, and J. Hampstead are a few of the most well-known brands. These manufacturers are excellent choices for anyone looking to purchase a lungi because of their reputation for high-quality fabric, comfort, and durability. These lungi in India mark the diverse and most beautiful rich cultural heritage of India. Lungi brands in India have not only preserved the old culture of India but also offer these amazing pieces of clothing in modern finish.

With a continued focus on innovation, marketing, and sustainability, lungi brands in India are well-positioned to thrive in the ever-evolving fashion industry while celebrating the timeless charm of this iconic garment.

Whether worn for daily comfort or as a symbol of cultural pride, lungis remain an integral part of Indian fashion, and their brands continue to shape and redefine this enduring tradition.

Choose the best brand to choose your piece of lungi that is easy to order, and fast in delivery and high in quality. These lungis are available amazing patterns and color options. They are easy to wash. They must be breathable and easy on skin. Always look for customer reviews and website before placing your orders!

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