Best Men’s Watches Under 1000 Rs. In India 2023

Men’s Wrist Watches are not just pieces to watch time; they also help you make a style statement. Moreover, wristwatches help put your outfit together; hence, one must have choices in watches rather than just owning a single wristwatch. With advanced technology, watches are manufactured in such a way that other than serving as equipment that displays time, they also serve many essential purposes. These purposes are offered with unique features that may include: alarm, stopwatch, day-date display, and much more. Hence, watches are surely pieces that will help you in many ways. These days many watch brands in India are launching new editions and lines to suit the requirements of their customer bases. They have also started introducing new types and kinds of watches almost every year.

When it comes to the dial of the watch, it can be either analog or digital. However, there are also options where the buyer can enjoy both analog and digital features. The digital displays are sometimes backlit as well, so that time can be seen even in too dark environments. All of that with a wristwatch. Also, did you know? Almost 80% of watches sold these days are waterproof. Hence, you will not have to take off your watch and put it in your bag while it’s raining. But watches are very costly, and one cannot have many variations because of the high price of these watches in India. But we suggest you not to get disheartened as we bring you our list of 10 best men’s watches priced below Rs 1000 in India. We have put up every option that we personally found to be the best. If you are thinking of the quality, we assure you to have full trust in us for that.

Best Buy Mans Watches Below 1000 INR

Let us dive into discussing each of these men’s wristwatches and know everything about their features, specifications, and designs–

1. SKMEI Analog-Digital Quartz Men’s Watch

SKMEI Analog-Digital Quartz

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First, we want to mention the analog-digital watch by SKMEI that comes with a strap made from silicone. There are many colors that you can choose this wristwatch from. However, all of them are deep colors, and if you are someone who likes light-colored watches, you might not find the right option. The time in the watch is mentioned in the analog as well as digital way. Maybe this is the reason why there are many buyers of this product. It is also waterproof for up to 164 feet. But when you are in the water, you are advised not to press any buttons. Otherwise, water will simply enter the panel inside it and harm the functioning of the product. For better usage, store it in the case that comes with it.


  • The product’s strap is made from silicone and is hence very soft.
  • It remains waterproof for up to 50 feet.
  • The dial shape is round, and it displays analog as well as digital time.


  • We have found no cons of the product till now.

2. REDUX Analogue Men’s Watch

REDUX Analogue Mens Watch

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The best thing about the REDUX analog watch is that it displays the day and date along with time. Some people like to have the day-date feature on their watches as it is easier to take note of the dates for them. The strap of the watch is made of leather, and you can choose the product from red, black and blue colors. Additionally, this watch works on the Japanese quartz movement, which is why its whole functionality is excellent and smooth. You can wear the watch on formal as well as casual occasions. The manufacturing warranty that comes with the REDUX watch can also be claimed effortlessly. The watch will offer you a dynamic look, and your whole outfit will look integrated with this watch on your wrist. Buy the REDUX Men’s watch now.


  • The watch features colorful dials and straps.
  • You will make a style statement with the REDUX analog watch for men.
  • The quartz movement of time is exact and accurate always.
  • Its packaging is genuinely amazing and lovely.


  • This watch is not too resistant to water.

3. TIMEWEAR Military Series Men’s Watch

TIMEWEAR Military Series Mens Watch

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Out of many different options, the TIMEWEAR men’s watch truly stands out. It is a part of the military series of the brand and comes with a silicone strap. The strap is why the watch feels very comfy on the wrist and does not cause any itch to the skin. However, it is costlier than the two watch options given above. It features dual timezone, calendars as well as alarm. Such special features are never seen in watches that are priced under Rs. 1000. You will also enjoy using the LED screen of the product as much as thousands of its buyers. You can also choose the 12-hour and 24-hour format as per your choice. Even when it looks bulky, it is light in weight. If you wish, you can also check the size beforehand. We are suggesting this because the radius of the dial may feel big to some people.


  • The colors of the product are very bright and catchy.
  • The watch has special features like alarm and calendar.
  • The strap of the watch is very soft.


  • The radius of the product may feel and look big on the wrists of some people.

4. Sonata Super Fibre Men’s Watch

Sonata Super Fibre Mens Watch

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Next on number four, we have added the Sonata Super Fibre Men’s round dial watch. For up to the depth of 30 meters in the water, this product remains safe. However, deepness more than that may cause harm to the dial. The clasp of the product is of the buckle type, which is why it remains more secure than other watches. To start using the watch, you must remove the plastic at the crown. For people looking for a watch with small dials, this watch will prove to be amazing. Since Sonata is known for producing only quality watches, you will also be amazed by its life and functioning. Like other watches that we have added, you can use this watch on formal and casual occasions. The dial color of the product is white; hence time is always displayed clearly on it.


  • It remains water-resistant up to 3 ATM pressure.
  • Men who like small watch dials can use it.
  • The accuracy of this watch is truly exceptional.


  • The strap of the watch may start getting damaged if you do not use the product appropriately.

5. Fastrack Casual Dial Men’s Watch

Fastrack Casual Dial Men’s Watch

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The dial of this Fastrack watch is white so that you see the analog time clearly. For a comfortable and snug fit, you must adjust the buckle strap well. If you don’t, the watch won’t look elegant on you. The watch is powered by quartz, and there is a resistance feature in it, which lets it be waterproof for up to 3 ATM pressure. The silicon band allows the watch to be more flexible and optimum. It will prove to be one of the most stylish watches you ever own once you wear this watch. It will also help you display your amazing sense of fashion at all times. This watch simply oozes sophistication every time you use it. It will never get spoilt or damaged if you store it in the case that comes with it.


  • You will get a warranty for one year with this Fastrack watch.
  • It offers excellent value for money and will last many years without getting broken or damaged.
  • It displays analog time clearly as it has a white dial.


  • The product does not have time numbers on the dial. Some people find it difficult to see time in such watches.

How to Choose Best Men’s Watch in India

The Indian market is full of local and branded watch manufacturers that produce great looking men’s watch for the customers. However, to get the best-valued product, it is extremely important to choose the watch after keeping a few important things in mind. These points will not only help you get the better value for money, but will also help you buy the best men’s watch in your budget.

  • Brand value

The first major thing that you should be looking for while purchasing a new men’s watch is the perfect brand value. Like many other men’s accessories, the men’s watch is also should be chosen with utmost care. And to make sure that you have invested your money to the best men’s watch, you should take the brand value as a crucial thing. By choosing a perfect brand, you can be assured of getting the best-in-class build quality and performance. Additionally, there are numerous other plus points that you can only get by choosing a reliable brand. 

  • Battery life

Battery life is another crucial thing that you should be looking for while purchasing a new men’s watch. Especially, if you are after a digital watch. Digital watches require more battery power than analog watches and thus you should always keep the battery life in mind. The analog watches also need good battery life. And if you have chosen a good brand, you can easily find a watch whose battery lasts for over a year. So, if you are looking to buy a perfect and performance-oriented watch for yourself, you should look for a better watch with reliable battery life. 

  • Efficiency

Efficiency is something that you should not ignore while purchasing a new men’s watch. Regardless of the features you are looking for, your watch must handle them well. So, instead of falling of price, we will suggest you to try on a more efficient men’s watch for yourself. 

  • Water resistance

Most modern watches offer great water resistance. And this is an important aspect to consider if you are looking for a watch that you can wear throughout the day during any season. The splash-proof capabilities of the formal watches and underwater abilities of the sports watches make them a perfect all-day wearable and if you are after a reliable watch for yourself, you should consider buying a watch that provides good water resistance. 

  • Strap quality

Apart from the machine and usability, there is one more important thing that you should consider while purchasing a new men’s watch and that is the strap of the watch. The two major options that men often choose are leather and silicone. Apart from providing the different usability and feel, these straps serve different purposes too. The leather straps are typically chosen for formal watches where men want to look professional and decent. On the other hand, the silicone straps are great for the users who are looking for a sports watch that can be used in different weather conditions. 


We have always kept the interests and likings of our reasons in our minds, and that is the reason why this list of ours has a variety of wristwatches. From simple wristwatches to sports watches, we have provided everything here. Along with men, there are also a few options for boys here. Additionally, we have given our best to add the products that go with all types of outfits. You can go with a casual look with them on your wrist or wear them with your favorite business, attires. And since everything is priced below INR 1000, you will be easily able to afford them. Many of you might even be able to buy more than one watches from this list. Having different watches is always a good idea as you can pair them with different dresses from your entire wardrobe. Also, you must not forget to check out the pros and cons of each product before selecting any wristwatch. Once you are done with that, you might also try landing at the reviews to understand the wristwatch of your choice in an even better sense. Good luck with your wristwatch purchase! We wish that you buy the watch that suits your personality in the truest sense.

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