10 Best Messenger Bags In India 2023 [For Office & Travel]

Who doesn’t want to feel free while traveling somewhere? We think that no one wants to get into carrying lots of stuff in their pocket and hands. Notably, Indian people love to bring lots of their essentials, so they can use them wherever they want. If you are also struggling with this kind of situation, then don’t worry because here in this post we have a perfect solution to this common problem. We are talking about messenger bags that will help you to solve these essentials carrying issues. A messenger bag allows you to keep your hand free while traveling. Its because you can hang it on your shoulder.

From the past few years, the messenger bags gained a reputable amount of popularity in India. And Nowadays many Indians recommends buying a messenger bag if you don’t want to get into the lots of stuff carrying problem. Not only this, but a messenger bag has popularity because of the classy plus elegant looks as well. Also, there are many students, and women are using this type of bag. And one more thing, that’s why these types of bags are famous in India because these are very lightweight but compact bag options for people. Ultimately, the lightweight supports the portability of a messenger bag.

Best Buy Messenger Bags Online In India

So now if you have decided to buy a messenger bag for yourself, then you need to know several things first. It is because in the market, you will find out too many types of messenger bags. But the main question is, how will you come to know which messenger bag will be a perfect choice for you? Right. In this case, you don’t need to worry about it because here we have listed ten best messenger bag options that you can buy in India.

1. K London Messenger Bag

K London Messenger Bag

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On the very first spot, we have an excellent but elegant looking messenger bag on our list. But remember it is not a sling bag, it is a full messenger bag. This one is perfect for office going men and women to help in carrying their essential work-related stuff. This bag has a specific compartment or pocket to keep your laptop safe. The other pockets are for taking things like tablets, power banks, smartphones, diary, some books, etc. But don’t worry because it is not a big messenger bag; the overall size of this bag is very compact. The weight of this bag is also very minimal that supports the portability of this bag.

It’s an artificial leather material built messenger bag. So, the durability of this bag is on the next level. In other words, you will not be going to get any issue regarding this messenger bag’s durability. Not only this, but there you will find out the fabric lining as well. This fabric lining is here to provide the maximum strength to the messenger bag.

Things we liked

  • The dimensions are perfect for this bag that helps you to carry it without any problem. The overall design is very compact; it is also a very lightweight messenger bag.
  • This bag looks stunning because of the colour combination of artificial leather material. And the lining of fabric enhancing the overall look.
  • Its a perfect messenger bag for the person who is looking for a bag for office going purposes.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

2. The House Of Tara Messenger Bag

The House Of Tara Messenger Bag

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If you are looking for a messenger bag option that can provide you with the cotton material, then you should try this one. On the second spot of this list, we have The House Of Tara Messenger Bag. This manufacturing company is providing value for money bags for Indian people. That’s why this messenger bag of this list got higher ratings on the online stores. The other big plus point of this bag is that you don’t need to spend too much money to buy this cotton built messenger bag.

Now let’s talk about the biggest highlight of this bag, and that is its construction material. So, the manufacturing company claims that they have used 100% cotton material to make this messenger bag. This is why it is going to be easy for you to clean this bag without any issues. We know that cotton is far lighter than the leather material. It means this messenger bag is very lightweight and easy to carry, as well.

Things we liked

  • First of all, this is a messenger bag that has a very comfortable cotton material in the build.
  • The strap of this bag is also a cotton strap for look enhancement; the company provided some designs on it.
  • This cotton messenger bag comes with two magnetic snaps closure that makes it easy to open or close the flap of this bag.
  • Also, it is a very lightweight plus compact messenger bag because of its construction material.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

3. Hammonds Flycatcher Messenger Bag

Hammonds Flycatcher Messenger Bag

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Again we have another leather messenger bag on out list. But this time, we have Hammonds Flycatcher Messenger Bag on the third spot. But remember it is a premium quality of messenger bag that comes with lots of premium features. So, it is apparent that you need to spend a bit more money to buy this bag. But don’t worry, it will be worth spending money on this bag because it can fulfill all your requirements that you are expecting from a good messenger bag. It comes in a one-colour design that looks very stunning because of the surface of leather. The company provided an excellent finishing to this bag that plays a significant role in giving a better look at it.

Now let’s talk about the build quality of Hammonds Flycatcher Messenger Bag. So, here you will get the pure and premium quality of the real leather. Yes, you got it right that here the company is providing actual leather material. It means you can get any firm idea about the durable and long-lasting performance of this bag.

Things we liked

  • It is the first messenger bag of this list that comes with real and pure leather material. So, you will get the top-notch durability from it.
  • This messenger bag is a perfect fit for people who are looking for a messenger bag to carry their office work’s essentials.
  • The overall looks of this leather bag are very premium and elegant. In our view, you will not be going to miss anything in this design.

Things we don’t like

  • It is slightly expensive as compared to other messenger bags of this list.

4. Handcuffs Men’s Messenger Bag

Handcuffs Men’s Messenger Bag

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This is a messenger bag with a very compact design. Or you can say that its the first of itself that have a minimal design or dimensions. The width of this bag is only 8 inches, so you can get an idea of how compact this bag is. The same applies in the case of the tallness of this bag as well. In the build, the company used foam leather material. That’s why it can give you a fluffy type of feel because of the foam material. But don’t think that it is not durable, the company focused on providing every buyer maximum durability. It means you can expect a pleasant and long-lasting performance from this Handcuffs Men’s Messenger Bag.

The manufacturing company suggested that this bag is only for men’s use. But it is not mandatory; even an office working woman also can use this messenger bag. It is a perfect bag if your primary purpose is traveling, and you want to carry your essentials like a smartphone, power bank, tablet, charger, tickets, passports, etc. It will be best for you if you hand it on your shoulder for easy carrying. 

Things we liked

  • This messenger bag has many storage compartments. But the main chambers are three, where the two present inside and one is present on the flap part.
  • The main highlight of this messenger bag is that it is offering you a very compact and easy to carry design.
  • For more durability, the company provided the nylon thread sewing around this leather material messenger bag.

Things we don’t like

  • The design part of this bag is not that great looking.

5. Storite Nylon Messenger Bag

Storite Nylon Messenger Bag

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We all know that the leather material messenger bags cost very high if you have decided to purchase one of them. But there are some alternative options also available for the leather material. We are talking about nylon messenger bags; even a good nylon messenger bag can provide you with high durability as compared to the leather. So, if you don’t want to buy a leather messenger bag, then you should try this one. The first and most significant plus point of this bag is that you can buy it at a very minimal price. And this nylon bag is capable of providing you far better performance than you think.

The size of this nylon messenger bag is very compact. This makes it a perfect bag for traveling purposes. And it’s lightweight is also supporting the portability of it. There are a total of four pockets or compartments present in this bag. One is present on the outside of this bag, and the remaining three are present inside of this bag. These pockets allow you to store/carry too many things that you want with you while traveling.

Things we liked

  • It is not a leather messenger bag; it is a nylon build bag that is perfect for people who want to buy a lightweight but durable bag.
  • The best thing is that you don’t need to spend too much money on buying this nylon messenger bag.
  • The design of this bag is stunning and compact as well. It seems a perfect bag for students and traveling purposes.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

6. AS Grabion Polyester Messenger Bag

AS Grabion Polyester Messenger Bag

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Polyester is another excellent alternative if you have deiced to buy a messenger bag. You can go with this option of the polyester build option if you don’ like the bulky leather bags. So, on the sixth spot of this list, we have added a messenger bag that offering you polyester as the primary construction material. And because of the excellent build quality of this messenger bag, so many people gave a good rating to it on the online stores.

It is a perfect option for an office going man or woman because of the storage capacity of this bag. First of all, if you are a laptop user, then there is good news for you. This polyester messenger bag is offering an additional pocket or compartment to keep the laptop inside. There is a bit cushion also present on the layer of this laptop compartment to keep the laptop safe from typical impacts. Other than this, there are a total of three separate compartments or pockets present.

Things we liked

  • The most loved plus point or highlight of this messenger bag is that you will get an excellent alternative of leather material for maximum durability.
  • In this messenger bag, you will not be going to feel any lack of storage, because there are a total of four small and main compartments present.
  • The strap part is also very long and adjustable, this means you can adjust it according to your choice and uses.

Things we don’t like

  • The design of this polyester bag is not that great.

7. Trajectory Elegant Black Messenger

rajectory Elegant Black Messenger

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If you want to buy a professional-looking messenger bag, then you should take a look at this one. On the seventh spot of this list, we have added Trajectory Elegant Black Messenger. Do you know what the best part of this bag? This is the only messenger bag of this list that not manufactured by machines. It’s a handmade or human-made messenger bag that is perfect for professionals. If you an office of a business professional then we want to suggest that you keep this bag to buy first. The manufacturers used the premium quality of PU leather material to make this handmade messenger bag.

There you will find out lots of zipper pockets in this messenger bag. These all pockets present both inside and outside of the bag. Also, to keep your laptop, you will find out a separate pouch or compartment as well. The strap of this messenger bag is also very long and has excellent quality. You can adjust this long strap according to your use, and the company suggests that you should hang it on your shoulder for the best carrying experience.

Things we liked

  • It is a handmade product that is an excellent considerable point about this messenger bag.
  • For storage purposes, you will not be going to get any issue because there are lots of pockets or compartments present inside and outside of the bag.
  • One year or 12 months of the extended product warranty is also present on this messenger bag.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

8. Balachia Cotton Canvas Messenger Bag

Balachia Cotton Canvas Messenger Bag

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If you are reading this post from the starting point, then you know that we have added a cotton messenger bag on this list earlier. So, again we have another cotton canvas messenger bag on the eighth spot of this list. But this time it is Balachia Cotton Canvas Messenger Bag. But the difference is that this messenger bag is much taller than the previous one. But do you know about the best part of this cotton canvas messenger bag, you can buy it at a slightly lower price than the last messenger cotton bag.

The storage capacity of this messenger bag is quite large. It is perfect for keeping books and a laptop insider because of the taller design. Not only this but you can also keep other important stuff in it. For this, you will get an external pocket as well on the backside of this cotton bag.

Things we liked

  • The cotton can be another best alternative to the leather material. It is durable and robust enough to provide reputable durability.
  • The company claims that they have used a water-resistant fabric on the outer layer of this cotton bag.
  • Also, there are two colour options available, the first one is in brown, and the second one is the black colour option.

Things we don’t like

  • This cotton design comes in a simple-looking design, and there are no other design options available.

9. Trends Lightweight Sling/Messenger Bag

Trends Lightweight Sling/Messenger Bag

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It is the cheapest messenger bag of this list that you can buy in a meager budget. This is the only thing that’s why so many people recommend purchasing this bag if you are on a strict budget. But there are not too many sectors where you need to make compromises in this messenger bag. First of all, it is a beautiful looking bag, and it doesn’t look like a cheap bag. This is only possible because of the more straightforward but elegant design.

This messenger bag doesn’t contain too many pockets on the outside. You will only find out a single zipped pocket externally. Also, inside of this messenger bag, you will get a main compartment or pocket for keeping your stuff inside it. These are some best parts of this messenger bag that will provide you with a better experience if you have decided to buy it. Not only this, but there are six different plus attractive colour options also available for all buyers.

Things we liked

  • The most significant plus point of this messenger bag is that this is the cheapest bag of this list, but it has some quality sections as well.
  • It has a polyester material in the build quality for a durable but lightweight experience to you.
  • It comes with an attractive plus straightforward looking design, mainly the colour options look very eye-catching.

Things we don’t like

  • The build quality of this messenger bag is not that great because you can’t expect a good build quality at this price point.

10. Widnes Synthetic Office Messenger Bag

Widnes Synthetic Office Messenger Bag

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Are you looking for a messenger bag, especially for carrying a lot of cash with you? Then you should try this one. On the last spot of this list, we have included Widnes Synthetic Office Messenger Bag. It is a tiny bag that you can use for multi-purposes as well. It is not mandatory that you only need to use it for carrying the cash. You can use it for smartphones, power banks, and other small stuff.  This is because there are several small plus main pockets present in this bag.

The material of this bag is a synthetic type of content. But don’t worry, you can expect above-average performance from this small bag. This is the most portable messenger bag of this list because of the lightweight design, that is why too many people recommend this to buy to keep small stuff with you. The manufacturing company mentioned that this little bag has four compartments, but the main compartment is only two. These primary or central compartments or pockets present inside it.

Things we liked

  • It’s a perfect choice for office going professionals to keep extra small stuff and cash with them.
  • The synthetic leather material is suitable for this type of small messenger bag. This type of content can provide you with a longer life span.
  • There are a total of four small plus main pockets present in this messenger bag where the two pockets are present outside for keeping coins like stuff.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

How to Pick the Right Messenger Bag

Most of us use the messenger bag daily, and that is why it has to comfortable carrying around. It should be chosen by keeping important factors on our minds and not just by pleasing our eyes. So here’s a buyer’s guide for messenger bags. We hope this will leave you with a clear vision of what you need, here are five key factors we must pay attention to-

1. Strap

When it comes to bags, the strap or the handle is the most important part of it. Messenger bags come with a long strap that is hung around on your one shoulder, making all the load inclined towards a single side, not balancing the weight on the body. First of all, you should make sure the straps are adjustable so we can change the length according to our height and comfort. Secondly, the strap should not be too hard, so that it doesn’t hurt much and rest well on our shoulder.

2. Weight and Size

Make sure your bag’s size should neither be too big nor too small. As bigger size will increase unnecessary weight and will also take up much space. And a smaller bag will not fit all your necessary files and important things you need to carry. So make sure you have a clear thought of what size you require. Whereas the weight of the bag totally depends upon the material and size of it. Your documents’ weight will already be too much, so make sure the bag doesn’t add much to it.

3. Material

The material of your bag depends upon its usage and the atmosphere it is going to be in. Try to buy a waterproof bag so that it can withstand all types of weather. The durability of your bag depends upon its material, it should have the tendency to last long. For messenger bags, the most preferred material is leather, as it gives the required professional look.

4. Color and Design

Your bag’s appearance says a lot about you, believe it or not. The color and design we choose to describe our personality. Since the messenger bags do not come in a variety of colors but choosing a distinct color with a unique design will make your bag stand out. Most people prefer darker shades so they don’t have to wash it more often. It would be great if you find a bag with more partitions inside so that every item inside your bag has its section and does not mix.

5. Brand and Cost

If you are someone who has no issue with the budget, you should go for the big known brands because they provide a warranty that others might not. But if you are looking for something at a reasonable rate, then you have to do a little research and get to know the reviews of smaller brands. With putting just a little bit of effort you will get a vigorous bag at a reasonable rate.

How To Care And Keep Clean Your Messenger Bag


The classic style of messenger bags has never gone out of style. Messenger bags have long been a favorite among fashionistas around the world because of the high perceived value they provide.

The main differences between messenger bags for men and women are their colors and, in some cases, their designs. However, women should own a leather messenger bag regardless of whether or not they purchase one.

How to properly take care of your messenger bag?

Leather messenger bags for men and women are available on the market. Men and women can both benefit from these trendy unisex bags. However, people who are considering purchasing a leather messenger bag or any other leather bag should be aware of how to properly care for them.

Although leather goods are known for their toughness and sturdiness, they can last much longer if they are properly cared for.

But what about the upkeep of a leather messenger bag? Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure that your leather bag is properly cared for. Leather messenger bags can be cared for in a variety of ways.

Perform a quick clean daily

When we say “cleaning,” we don’t mean using soap or detergent to wash the bag. It’s a matter of scrubbing and cleaning off any accumulated dust and dirt from the messenger bag. Keep your leather messenger bag clean and healthy by following these simple steps.

Use good fabric

Be sure to use a piece of cloth to pat and strike the bag’s exterior. No need to wash the fabric and then gently press it on the pack’s exterior. You could end up damaging the product if you’re not careful with cleaning. To clean the bag, use a soft cloth slightly dampened with water. If the bag gets wet, make sure to dry it right away. This isn’t because leather takes a long time to dry.

Use coconut oil

Because coconut oil has such an excellent effect on leather, this is the best hack tip for you. Many have tried utilizing coconut oil to wipe down the black shoes to make them shine like never before. Applying coconut oil to a messenger bag is a good way to polish the bag’s surface, as the same concept can be applied here.

When it comes to messenger bags, proper care and maintenance are just as important as the purchase itself.

Final Words

Are you have any interest in buying a messenger bag for yourself? If yes, then you should read this post till the end because here we have listed ten best messenger bag options that can fulfill all the expectations that you want in your desired bag. And we have covered every single point that a messenger bag buyer should need to know before making any buying decision.

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