The Best Microfibre Dusters In India 2023 [For Home and Car Cleaning]

Another important cleaning tool is a microfiber duster which helps to trap dust particles and offer effective cleaning. This is easy to clean corners and tiny dust particles. It is easy to use and washable, also provide scratch less cleaning.

They are considered one of the best dusters on the market as it cleans better than other materials. Dust is negatively charged so it is attracted to the charged microfiber duster materials. With dusters, you can lift and get rid of the dust. Dusters that have microfibers on the top hold the dust until it is rinsed out or washed.

However, keeping a home or workplace clean is a never-ending job but with these dusters, you can have an effective and faster cleaning. The dusters will keep your workspace of home spick and span, and help you with your cleaning griefs.

Best Buy Microfibre Dusters In India

Microfiber Dusters

This cleaning tool is perfect for any delicate surface. The long plastic handle and soft microfiber filaments help you dust roughly to reach areas that keep surfaces scratch-free. Its head is like a cherry on a cake as it is great for both, large and small spaces.

How To Use, Clean and Care for Microfibre Dusters

Dusters made of microfiber are composed of polyester and contain small filaments that trap dust within them, in contrast to cotton dusters, which merely move dirt from one area to another. Microfiber dusters also have a longer lifespan than cotton dusters.

There are a few fundamental things you need to keep in mind in order to maintain the integrity of these filaments.

  • Before you wash your microfiber duster, give it a proper shake. This will cause any excess dirt and dust that is on the duster to fall off. This will make cleaning the duster much simpler.
  • Never use hot water. This causes the synthetic fibre in the duster to become damaged. You should wash with either warm or cold water instead.
  • When it comes to your microfiber dusters, you should avoid using any products that contain bleach or fabric softener. The granules of the fabric conditioner fill up the voids that are naturally present between the duster’s threads. Because of this, the duster is completely ineffective at accumulating dirt and dust.
  • Make use of a gentle detergent, preferably one that lacks aroma if at all possible.
  • Need not wash the microfiber duster with garments made of cotton or organic materials because the duster will gather all of the lint and, well, that won’t leave it very tidy, will it?
  • After you have washed your microfiber duster, do not put it in the dryer. The fibre of the duster will become ruined if it is subjected to the high temperatures of the dryer. This is also true for the process of drying the microfiber duster in direct sunshine.
  • Instead, allow your duster to air dry in a gentle manner so that it can keep its shape.

It is true that microfiber dusters could be used more than once if they are properly cleaned after each usage. As a result, they provide an option to paper towels that is both significantly less expensive and less harmful to the environment.