The Best Gokshura Powder in India

Gokshura is popularly known as a dietary supplement in Western Countries, such as Southern Europe, Northern Australia, and Southern Asia.  People consume it to boost their testosterone and libido. In ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, people have long used its fruit and roots to aid an array of health conditions.

These include kidney disease, urinary tract disorders, chronic coughing, inflammation, asthma, and erectile dysfunction. Due to its various health benefits, it comes in the form of powder, tablets, and capsules. Many research associated gokshura says that intake of

Gokshura powder may reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, treat kidney stones, provide pain relief, and treat kidney stones. A pack of Gokshura powder acts as a herbal kidney health supplement and healthy urinary tract supplement.

This kidney health-supporting herbal supplement may contain amino acids, alkaloids, beta-sitosterol, astragalin etc. Furthermore, it may contain resins, iron, Vitamin C, saponins, tannins, potassium and a lot more to promote healthy kidney functioning.

Intake of Gokhru powder for kidney care may exert electrolyte balancing, liver tonic, detoxicant, adaptogenic, liver tonic, analgesic, etc, Further, it may possess antiviral, blood purifying, digestive, astringent, stimulant, etc. If you are looking for the best Gokshura powder in India, do check out the given list.

List of Best Gokshura Powder in India

How To Use Gokshura Powder For Good Result

Gokshura can be used for several benefits. Learn below how to use it for best results:

Boost libido:

Women who suffer from (HSDD) may find that taking gokshura helps to increase their sexual drive. Additionally, it helps men keep their testosterone (the sexual hormone) levels stable, which is a benefit.

 As a result of its ability to fortify the penile tissue and improve erection, gokshura is also believed to reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction occurring.

All you need to do is:

  • Take a powdered half of a teaspoon of gokshura.
  • Bring it to a boil in one cup (250 millilitres) of milk.
  • You should drink it twice day after bringing it down to room temperature.
  • Maintaining this routine for one to two months will yield the finest outcomes.

Prevents the kidney stones formation

Gokshura is beneficial for preventing the development of kidney stones and ensuring that the kidneys continue to function normally.

How to use:

  • Take a powdered half of a teaspoon of gokshura.
  • Combine it with one teaspoon of honey and mix well.
  • You should take it twice every day.
  • For best results continue taking it for 1-2 months.

Control diabetes

Saponin is an active component that can be found in gokshura. It possesses anti-oxidant qualities, which aid in reducing the amount of glucose in the blood.

How to use

  • Take a powdered half of a teaspoon of gokshura.
  • Mix it thoroughly after adding it to some water in a glass.
  • You should consume it two times in a day.
  • Continue its consumption for two days


Gokshura should be avoided during pregnancy since it has the potential to cause an abortion and interfere with the normal development of the brain of the fetus

If you have an enlarged prostate as well as prostate cancer, you should steer clear of gokshura since research conducted on animals suggest that it may cause the prostate gland to become heavier.

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