10 Best Mouthwash In India 2023 (For Bad Breath & Germs)

Are you tired of searching for the best mouth wash for you and your family? Well, your search ends here. You must already know that when it comes to oral hygiene, only brushing your teeth isn’t enough. This is because your toothbrush cannot reach all the corners of your mouth. Due to this reason, we all tend to suffer from common oral problems like bad breath, mouth ulcers, cavities, and plaque build-up. A mouthwash is here to prevent all these problems of yours very efficiently.

In this below-given list, we have come up with our top ten picks of best mouthwash available in India. The number of choices of mouthwash is limited in the Indian market. Still, we have come up with the best products exclusively for you. We have mentioned all these products individually and in extra detail. We have also mentioned what we liked and didn’t like about the product. Additionally, at the bottom of the list, we have mentioned some factors that you need to consider before you make a purchase.

Our Top Picks

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Let us now start our discussion of these mouthwashes –

1. Listerine Mouthwash

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On number one of our list, we have the famous brand Listerine it is one of the best mouthwash for bad breath in India. This mouthwash is available in a 250 ml bottle. There are also certain offers on the product through which, if you buy two bottles of the product, you will get one bottle free. The mouthwash is very affordable and can be used daily for preventing many oral diseases. It cleans unwanted germs after brushing. These germs can cause bad breath, plaque, and even bleeding gums. It contains a blend of four essential oils, which are – oil of wintergreen, eucalyptol, menthol, and thymol. If you have any pre-existing gum problems, this mouthwash will reduce it in just a matter of 2 weeks. It has a mild taste that does not feel stingy on the tongue. Additionally, you are advised to use the mouthwash twice a day after brushing your teeth.

What we liked:

  • The price of the product is very affordable, and there are also offers on it.
  • It can kill up to 99.9% of germs.

What we didn’t like:

  • Even though the taste of the mouthwash is mild, it can still feel a little strong initially.
  • You cannot eat or drink 30 minutes after using the mouthwash.

2. Closeup Mouthwash

Closeup Mouthwash

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This product is available in a 500 ml bottle and is formulated with Tulsi as well as cardamom. It gives you a long-lasting mouth freshness and also helps in preventing bad breath. It is also proven to fight 100% germs in the mouth for up to 24 hours a day. Additionally, when you use this mouthwash, your mouth does not burn. This is because the product does not form any alcohol. It is very gentle on gums and teeth and helps you in deep cleaning your mouth after brushing. The mouthwash is also claimed to prevent plaque formation and helps you maintain your bright smile. We advise you to use the mouth wash twice a day to get the best results. Also, make sure you do not swallow the product as it can cause sore throat if you do.

What we liked:

  • You get a bottle of 500 ml of product, which is a considerable amount.
  • The product is well-rated and reviewed by many customers.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some buyers reported that the mouthwash is extremely sweet.
  • If you have sensitive teeth and gums, this product might sting a little.

3. Colgate Mouthwash

Colgate Mouthwash

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The third position in our list has been secured by the Colgate Mouthwash. It is available in a pack of three, and each bottle has a capacity of 250 ml. The product does not contain alcohol and does not give you any burning taste in your mouth. It is also claimed to provide better cooling than routine brushing. The Colgate Mouthwash prevents 99% of oral germs. You can use the cap for measuring the amount of mouthwash you need every day. Additionally, the mouth wash helps your gums to strengthen and also prevents the formation of cavities. It has a fresh mint flavor that will stay with you for up to 24 hours.

What we liked:

  • The quality of the product is commendable.
  • The price is less while the amount of mouthwash is more.

What we didn’t like:

  • The effectiveness of the mouthwash is less when compared to the Listerine mouthwash.
  • It will irritate your gums if you use it too often.

4. Crest Mouthwash

Crest Mouthwash

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The Crest Mouthwash comes in a bottle that has a capacity of 1 Liter. It has a peppermint flavor that offers you long-lasting mouth freshness. It keeps your breath fresher and gives better results when compared to brushing alone. It has been tested that this mouthwash kills up to 99% of oral germs. It is made in the United States and is claimed to be a quality product. It will also not cause any burning or stinging sensation when you are swishing. Additionally, the product will prove to be the best for you if you have sensitive teeth and gums. The product also has excellent reviews from buyers all across the country. It can be shipped to anywhere in India.

What we liked:

  • The product is well suited for people with a sensitive mouth.
  • It also does not have a strong taste.

What we didn’t like:

  • Since the product is imported from the United States, its price is quite high.

5. Oral Mouthwash

Oral Mouthwash

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This mouthwash is the most effective mouthwash on our list. It is exclusively made for people with sensitive teeth and comes in a 470 ml bottle. The bottle weighs 499 grams and has dimensions of 7.6 X 6.3 X 16.5 cm. The best part about this product is that it is made from highly potent minerals found in the Dead Sea Salt. These minerals help in sealing the root of teeth and strengthen the gums. Additionally, the Dead Sea Salt is rich in Potassium, Magnesium, and calcium, which are known to prevent tooth decay. This mouthwash is also alcohol-free and is made using aloe vera juice and essential oils from France. It has also been certified to be non-toxic and can be used daily. It has excellent reviews by buyers on many e-commercial platforms.

What we liked:

  • The Dead Sea Salt used in the product is rich in minerals.
  • This mouthwash is a lifesaver for people with extremely sensitive teeth.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price is high, but the amount of product you get Is less.
  • The product contains sodium because of the Dead Sea Salt.

6. SmartMouth Mouthwash

SmartMouth Mouthwash

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Next on our list, we have this fantastic mouthwash by the brand called SmartMouth. It is available in a pack of 470 ml and contains zinc ions. When the liquid is poured, the zinc ions are activated and help the mouthwash in acting in a faster way. This helps you in achieving fresh breath all day long. The product weighs 572 grams and has dimensions of 6 X 12.3 X 22.5 grams. Additionally, the product is safe to be used by children above the age of 6. The best quality of the product is that it is 100% safe for use by diabetic patients. It will never stain your teeth and help in preventing cavities and gum diseases.

What we liked:

  • The product incorporated zinc-ion technology for better results.
  • Children over the age of 6, as well as diabetic patients, can also use this mouthwash.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the bottle of this mouthwash needs improvement.
  • The price of the product lies in the very high-end.

7. Biotene Mouthwash

Biotene Mouthwash

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The Biotene Mouthwash comes in a bottle of 470 ml. It has a potent formula that kills germs very efficiently. On the other hand, it is very mild and soft to your mouth. It does not irritate tender tissues and helps in healing. The formula of the product consists of four enzymes that help in boosting the natural defense process in the saliva. Additionally, the product does not cause any allergy and also helps in strengthening gums. It moisturizes and soothes the inner lining of your mouth for up to 4 hours. It is free of all kinds of alcohol and sugars. Moreover, this mouthwash is here to provide you with a well balanced oral pH. It is so mild that you can use this mouthwash for a maximum of five times a day. The product weighs 295 grams and has dimensions of 8.9 X 3.8 X 21.6 cm.

What we liked:

  • This mouthwash has many enzymes that help in boosting the natural defense system of the mouth.
  • It is very mild and does not contain any sugar or alcohol.
  • If you have a dry mouth, this product will work wonders for you.

What we didn’t like:

  • Everyone cannot afford the product.

8. AMFLOR Mouthwash

AMFLOR Mouthwash

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This mouthwash is available in a bottle that has a capacity of 450 ml. The bottle is easy to open and prevents any leaks of the product at any time. This mouthwash is known to stop tooth decay by remineralizing the tooth enamel. It also enhances the toughness of the enamel by preventing it from acid attacks in the mouth. The product can be used by men, women, and children above six years of age. It does not stain your teeth. Additionally, this mouthwash will also not cause any damage to orthodontic appliances in your teeth. The formula of the mouthwash is exclusively created for people with braces. Moreover, this mouthwash provides better protection from germs than your regular toothpaste.

What we liked:

  • This mouthwash is specially formulated for people who wear braces in their teeth.
  • It helps in protecting the tooth decay as well as weakening of the enamel.

What we didn’t like:

  • The germ-killing capacity of the mouthwash is not very high.
  • The mouthwash contains alcohol.

9. FRESHCLOR Mouthwash


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This product is the best when it comes to oral hygiene. It is claimed to provide you with long-term oral wellness and fresh breath. You can safely use this every day. Additionally, it also helps in controlling and protecting from gum diseases. It comes in a 200 ml bottle, which is priced at a very affordable price. It has a mint flavor that is known very well to be great in preventing Halitosis. Moreover, this mouthwash also reduces plaque build-up as well as the growth of bacteria in your mouth. It starts working in just a matter of 30 seconds and does not cause any sharp burning pain or sensation. We would also like to inform you that this product is entirely free from alcohol. You just have to rinse your mouth with this mouthwash for a whole minute to get the best results.

What we liked:

  • This mouthwash does not alter your taste buds.
  • The price of the product is cost-effective.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some buyers have claimed that the product is very mild.

10. Dr. Morepen Mouthwash

Dr. Morepen Mouthwash

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On number ten of our list, we have the affordable yet effective mouthwash by Dr. Morepen. This mouthwash has an in-built measurement cap that helps you use this mouthwash conveniently. It contains mint for flavor enhancement and helps in controlling bacterial infections in your mouth. Additionally, this mouthwash also helps in preventing and treating bleeding gums. You can buy this mouth wash if you have the problem of bad breath, and it will work wonders for you. Moreover, this mouthwash is known to prevent cavities and plaque in the teeth. It will reach every corner of your mouth and give you the best oral hygiene experience.

What we liked:

  • The cap of the product can be used to measure the amount of mouthwash for each use.
  • This mouthwash comes at a very affordable price and also helps in healing mouth ulcers.

What we didn’t like:

  • The product does not have many reviews on the internet.
  • The sodium content of the product is high when compared to other products on our list.

How to Choose the Best Mouthwash In India

The following points will help you with your choice of the right mouthwash –

1. Chlorhexidine

The mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine is the one that helps in preventing the growth of bacteria in your mouth. In short, these mouthwashes are anti-septic. These mouthwashes also help in healing and preventing oral ulcers. If you have these issues, buy the mouthwash that has chlorhexidine.

2. Plaque-inhibiting capacity

The biofilm formed on teeth by colonies of bacteria is called plaque. Plaque makes your teeth look paler and darker in colour. If you have this problem, you should buy a mouthwash that has essential oils and some amount of alcohol. The plaque-inhibiting capacity of such mouthwashes is exceptionally high.

3. Disease preventing mouthwashes

These are the mouthwashes that have the sole purpose of prevention and not healing. These mouthwashes generally contain fluoride and are best suitable for children above eight years of age. You will get prevention from tooth decay and cavities with such mouthwashes.

4. Sugar

Mouthwashes generally contain sugars. Sugars are added to enhance the bland taste of the mouthwash. Also, adding sugar is a widespread practice and is also incorporated while manufacturing toothpaste. However, if a person is diabetic, we recommend you choose a mouthwash that does not contain sugar and is safe to be used by diabetic patients.

5. Cost

When it comes to mouthwashes, we surely know that they have become a basic necessity. We all use them regularly, and hence it is essential to find a mouthwash that fits your budget perfectly. Before you choose a mouthwash, always consider its price and make a purchase only if it suits your budget. This will enable you to use it for a long term without worrying about a dent in your pocket.

6. Amount

It is often seen in buyers that they tend to ignore the amount of the product and only check its price. This is a very careless practice because, in some cases, the cost of the product is less, but the amount is not that much. This will only make you feel cheated. We urge you to always check the amount of the mouthwash before you buy it.

7. Read Reviews

People read this aspect a lot of times on different websites, and they still ignore it. According to many buyers, reading online reviews is the most crucial part of making a purchase. Reading reviews from many buyers across the country helps you to get the first-hand experience of the product well before purchasing it. Consider reading the reviews before you buy a product, and thank us later.

How to Use Mouthwash Properly

Below it will be mentioned a few steps on how to use the mouthwash properly.

  • You should always try to use the right amount of mouthwash. The dispensers are the best way to get the right amount of mouthwash. They ensure that you get the exact amount. It also prevents spilling and wasting of mouthwash to a great extent.
  • It is always better to use a mouthwash after brushing the teeth. This will give the user a better feeling. You will rather get a refresh feeling inside the mouth.
  • Always read the label that is attached on the back of the bottle. You should dilute the amount of mouthwash in the water properly. It is fine if you go through the concentration level of the mouthwash. Different brands have different levels of concentration level. If the level does not recommend diluting the mouthwash then you may not get the benefit of using the product.
  • Once you put the diluted mouthwash inside the mouth you should keep a watch on the clock. It is always recommended to keep the mouthwash inside the mouth from 30 seconds to one minute. Soon after this, the mouthwash must be thrown from the mouth. Hence you must split out the mouthwash within that time.
  • Most of the mouthwash bottle comes with a measuring cup. You can measure the amount of mouthwash and put it inside the solution. This is the best way to get the exact measurement of the mouthwash that is prescribed by the dentist.
  • You should strictly keep in mind that mouthwash is the process through which you can keep the teeth healthy and good. It is better if you use the mouthwash that is prescribed by your dentist. In the case of other dental problems, it is better to consult a dentist.

Mouthwash Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I use mouthwash even when I brush every day? 

Yes, it is strongly recommended by the dentists that you use mouthwash even when you brush every day. It is essential to keep your mouth fresh for a long time, which may not be possible with just brushing. It will help in enhancing your oral health. With brushing, you will be able to clean the mouth only up to 25 percent. But germs will be left in the mouth. You clean above your tongue, but you don’t clean under the tongue. So, how is that area going to get cleaned? Your mouthwash is going to reach every corner of your mouth and help you keep it clean and fresh every day. 

  • Which is the best mouthwash in the present market? 

Many people think that mouthwash is right just for improving your smile. But that is not true. There are many other benefits using mouthwash. So, you should go to anti-gingivitis and antibacterial mouthwash. This kind of mouthwash is recommended by the top dentists. This kind of mouthwash will help in making your gums healthy, you get fresh breath, the bacteria in the mouth will be killed, and also you can stay away from gum problems and cavity issues. 

  • Does mouthwash reduce bad breath? 

Yes, mouthwash can be very helpful in removing bad breath. The main reason for the bad breath in your mouth is due to the food that we eat or the food particles that are left out in the mouth and in between the teeth. So, you will not be able to remove it with brushing. But with mouthwash, you can remove everything that is stuck at any corner of the mouth. Most of the mouthwashes remove 99.9 percent germs from your mouth. 

  • Is it ok to replace brushing with mouthwash? 

No, this is not at all recommended by any dentist. You should always brush your teeth first and then use mouthwash. You will not be able to remove the dirt that got stuck to the teeth with mouthwash. 

  • How many times should I use mouthwash? 

It is always good to use mouthwash at least two times per day. You can use it after brushing your teeth. 

  • How to use mouthwash?

You should use 20 ml or as specified on the package and dilute it in water. Now take this mixture and wash your mouth for at least 30 seconds. This way, you will be able to clean the mouth without any extra efforts. 

  • Is mouthwash good for kids? 

Mouthwash is not suitable for kids under the age of 12 years. Some mild mouthwash is suitable for kids as well, but you should check the packing for further information about it. You should follow the instructions on the package. Also, you can get in touch with your dentist to get more information about which is the best mouthwash for you and your kids. Kids usually do not pay attention to brushing their teeth, and hence mouthwash can be very beneficial for them.


Mouthwashes are lifesavers when it comes to oral hygiene. However, we also have to inform you that you should not let your children use it if they are below eight years of age. In our experience, we have noticed many adults struggling to choose the best mouth wash available in India. This may be because there are not a lot of mouthwashes available in our country. But don’t get disappointed because in our list all the mouthwashes are a quality product and will never disappoint you. We have come up with this list after hours and hours of research and experience. All these products are the top mouthwashes that have been loved dearly by many people. The buying guide that we offered at the end of the list will surely help first-time mouthwash buyers in a significant way. We have been exceptionally just while describing the product details. If we have provided you with the things we liked about a particular product, then we have also provided what we didn’t like about the same product. We hope that our list helped in ending your quest for the best mouth wash for you and your family members.

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