The Best Plastic Shuttlecock in India

Do you have any ideas about the shuttlecocks? These are balls used for playing badminton. They are made of plastic and have less weight. You can easily carry or lift it to any place. They are mostly found in conical shapes. With the advent of the Olympics, the demand for shuttlecocks increased considerably. This is why the shuttlecocks can be used by every kid. Most of these items are available in white color. You can now get shuttlecocks in other colors too. Because it is made with feathers, it can be thrown at a great speed and height. This helps the players to play conveniently.

Another important part of using shuttlecocks is that you can use them at any temperature. They are resistant to high temperatures. Most of the training camps rely on using these shuttlecocks. They are much more convenient for these training camps and tournaments. If you have a kid, you must try these shuttlecocks. They are much convenient for the little ones. These shuttlecocks are durable and you can use them for an extended period of time. However, you can also get shuttlecocks made of nylon material. This is the shuttlecocks and you must use it.

Plastic Shuttlecock

List of Best Plastic Shuttlecock in India

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How to choose the best plastic shuttlecock in India?

When it comes to shuttlecocks, there are so many options to choose from, which can leave you confused as to which one will best suit your sporting needs. Furthermore, all are made from multiple grades and materials. To help you choose the best one, we have mentioned some aspects that you need to know to make the right decision.

Key aspects to consider: following are the crucial aspects to be taken into consideration

  • Consistency – How reasonable is the shuttle park in the same spot when hit the same way
  • Durability – how long it can be used to play badminton before replacing it.
  • Flight Path Quality – This is how close to the final shuttle flight path of flight.
  • Level of Play – This includes training, tournaments, senior tournaments, recreational, or international matches.

Shuttlecock Speed

Shuttlecock speed depends on climate change and the area you live in. And, it is affected by three aspects: temperature, the humidity of the environment and altitude. For example: If you live in the UK, then 78 speed would be the right choice for you to play with a shuttlecock. However, Speed ​​78 is the most ideal shuttlecock speed in this country. If you are not able to select the right one, then take a deep look at the following details regarding speed

Looking at the adequate speed of the shuttle is important so that it flies the correct length of the court from a standard degree of force. They are classified in a speed classification of 75 to 79. The smaller the number, the slower the shuttlecock will fly. Shuttlecocks with 75 to 76 speeds are less likely to be of use, especially in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Level of Play

The use of shuttlecocks will vary by your level of play. Depending on when you’re playing with multiple shuttlecocks or what you expect from them, you can choose a shuttlecock. However, there are numerous types of shuttlecock which suit different levels of playing. Making a selection between several options can sometimes be helpful.

Regular Practice

When choosing a plastic shuttlecock for regular use, you need to make sure that it is comfortable and reliable as well. As your badminton skills increase, you will be attached to your shuttlecock. And, always choose a plastic shuttlecock with a cork head.

Passionate Practice

Plastic shuttlecocks are not ideal for those who have mastered playing badminton. While feather shuttlecock with a cork head will give you more comfort and control.