5 Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball In India 2023

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India and across the globe. People from all parts of the world either love to watch or play this sport. If you are someone aspiring to become a sportsperson interested in cricket, you need to first understand how to pick your bat and ball. For the best batsman, having the right cricket bat is almost like winning half of the match. Earlier, the cricket bats were thinner and heavier. A batsman has to put a lot of effort to hit the ball out of the boundary. But now it has changed completely. The bats are lighter and thicker. That makes it easy for the batsman to play the match. But again, you will have to make sure that you are picking the right bat based on the type of ball being used. Leather balls are the most common kind of balls used for practice and playing.

Usually, bats are made using either English Willow or Kashmir Willow. Players who play with leather balls prefer bats made of English Willow. They are strong and can handle the pressure of a leather ball. But there are so many different bats available in the present market that is perfect for leather balls. Which is the best bat for the leather ball is the major question. Another major concern is the cost of the bat. People who are just getting started with cricket practice may not be interested in spending too high on a cricket bat.

Best Buy Cricket Bat Online In India

So, we have come up with a list of the best five cricket bats for leather balls. These bats are under Rs 1000, and that makes it easy for everyone to purchase. Many parameters like its size, height, the material used in its making, and the style of bating have been considered before making a list. This list of best bats can be used for a newcomer and also a professional player. Just check out the list and make the right choice.

Have a look at some of the best Cricket bats for leather balls:

1. Lycan Kashmir Willow Cricket bat for Leather Ball

Cricket bat for Leather Ball

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The first product on the list is the Lycan Kashmir Willow Cricket bat for Leather Ball. Choosing the right cricket bat is very important for any Cricket player. This is one of the perfect bats that you can try to play cricket or get trained in cricket. It is made using Kashmir willow. It is a ghost full-size cricket bat and can be used by anyone.

The cricket bat is light in weight, and the balance is perfect. The weight of the cricket bat is around 1150 grams to 1200 grams. You will receive an anti-scratch sheet along with the bat. Also, you will get a full cricket bat cover for free. The price of the bat is very affordable. It comes in blue color and is perfect for leather balls.


  • It is perfect for any level of players.
  • The weight of the bat is 1150 to 1200 grams.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It comes with an anti-scratch sheet.
  • You will receive a cricket bat cover and perfect for leather balls.


  • The product is made using cheap material.

2. MRF 1CT16110 Champ Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

MRF Cricket Bat

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When we talk about the cricket bats, it is impossible to complete the list without a MRF bat. MRF is a very popular brand for many people. Here we have MRF 1CT16110 Champ Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat. It is a size six cricket bat. It is made using Kashmir Willow material. It is a strong and durable cricket bat. It is shaped very well for excellent pick-up. You are going to love this bat if you are a new player.

It is a lightweight bat that can be used by anyone. You will receive just one bat in this pack. The bats need to be strong and light in weight for playing with a leather ball. This is a strong and thick bat but is light in weight. The price of the bat is quite affordable and lasts for a very long time.


  • It is a thick and lightweight cricket bat.
  • MRF brand is a top brand.
  • The bat is made using the best quality Kashmir Willow material.
  • It has excellent pick-up.
  • It is a size six cricket bat.


  • Bat cover is not provided.

3. JLG Kashmiri Willow Cricket Bat with Leather Ball

Kashmiri Cricket Bat with Leather Ball

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JLG Kashmiri Willow Cricket Bat with Leather Ball is another good product that you need to consider. It is a basic and standard cricket bat for any kind of player. The bat is made using wood and the willow type of Kashmir willow. The JLG bats are strong and popular in the Indian market. The handle of the bat comes in green color with a perfect grip to handle it.

The bat’s weight is just 1150 grams to 1200 grams, which is perfect strike the leather ball. The pick-up is also light. You will receive one leather ball along with the bat in this pack. There are two more colors available in this bat, and hence more options for you to choose from. Mostly, kids looking for a training bat will prefer this bat as it has the perfect balance.


  • It is a standard cricket bat,
  • The weight of the bat is 1150 grams to 1200 grams.
  • The pick-up of the bat is light, and the balance is perfect.
  • You get a leather ball along with the bat.


  • The quality of the bat is very poor.

4. CW Millennium Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Cricket Bat Under 1000

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When looking for bats for your kids cricket practice or cricket match, you should consider CW Millennium Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. This bat is also made using Kashmir Willow for durability and sturdiness. It is available in three different sizes – 4, 5, and 6. You can pick one size according to the age of your kids. Your kids cricket trainer can guide you about which is the right size for them.

It is a perfectly crafted Kashmir willow bat that can hit even a leather ball. It is good for long-lasting performance and perfect balance. The rubber grip to the cricket bat’s handle is of high-quality, and hence you can enjoy a perfect grip. Your hands will not be strained even when you are on long practice sessions. You will receive a full bat cover in this pack, which helps store the bat in the right way.


  • The bat is available in three different sizes.
  • It is very well crafted using Kashmir willow.
  • The rubber grip gives optimal support and grip while playing.
  • It comes with a full boat cover.


  • No cons so far.

5. Amico Plain Kashmiri Willow Cricket Bat for Leather Ball 

Cricket Bat below 1000 rs

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The next product on this list is Amitco Plain Kashmiri Willow Cricket Bat for Leather Ball. The price of this bat is under Rs 1000, it is one of the bestselling bats for those looking for bats on a low budget. The bat is available in three different sizes like size 5 for 10 to 12 years old kids, size 6 for 12 to 14 years kids, and size seven or full size for 15 and above kids. The weight of this bat is only 1000 grams, which means it is very light in weight.

The lightweight of the bat makes it perfect for any kind of leather balls. It is made using Kashmir Willow material and has a toe guard as well. You can also use this bat with tennis balls, cork balls, or rubber balls. There is a good grip rubber, which provides good grip while you are playing using the bat.


  • It is available in three different sizes.
  • It is just 1000 grams in weight.
  • The lightweight bat is perfect for kids.
  • It is suitable to play with any kind of ball, including leather balls as well.


  • The balance of the bat is not good.

How to choose the best cricket bat for a leather ball in India?

Choosing a bat to play with a leather ball can be difficult, especially for cricketers or children in the learning period. In addition, there are a lot of options here that can lead to an unfair choice and put you in a dilemma. While choosing the right bat is one that aids in fast pick up, is easy to handle and features a smooth and wide edge. Here are some aspects you need to follow while choosing a cricket bat.

  • Types of Wood

The wood used to make the bat is the primary but biggest aspect that must be considered. However, cricket bats are made using two different types of wood: Kashmir willow and English willow. Cricket bats made from Kashmir willow are highly durable and heavy, while English willow has good bounce and is lighter. If you are a newbie to the field or you are in the learning period, it is recommended to choose Kashmir willow bats, as they are more reliable, strong and dependable.

  • The Handle

The handle of the bat as a wooden type is essential, as it will be used for playing with a leather ball. This is the dedciated place where a strong grip is maintained during the batting.

A firm grip on the handle is important because a leather ball is heavier than a tennis ball. It can also affect the pickup of the ball. In addition to this, it is also significant to reduce the vibrations one experiences while hitting the ball.

When choosing a bat, you’ll find different kinds of bats with different handles over them. These include oval, round, and triangular. 

  • Sequence of Wood

When it comes to choosing a cricket bat for a leather ball, you should examine the many sequences involved in the quality of the wood. Both types of wood, including Kashmir willow and English willow, are stamped with a hardwood called willow. A thin crumb willow will offer you better performance but will eliminate the overall durability of the bat. A bat with a wider grain, on the other hand, will last for long. At the same time, it will take time to arrive at its optimal performance.

  • Height

The bat you will choose must choosing according to the player’s height. It would be uncomfortable for the player to swing it without considering the height.

Bottom Line

When so many different kinds of bats can be very confusing, our list can be helpful. It will save you the time of going through all the bats under Rs 1000. You can just go through the best five bats for leather balls and make your choice. As this is the list of the best bats, you need not have to worry about the bat’s quality. So, it is now time for you to get the best bat for leather balls. Buy one today!!!

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