The Best Portable Folding Chairs In India

A chair is essentially used in every modern and traditional home. When it comes to buying a chair for limited space or small houses, folding chairs are always come in handy. Due to the fast growth of the population, folding chairs have come in high demand. Once you’ve placed folding chairs in your home, you might find that it takes less space and you got benefits for adding the maximum amount of furniture in different areas of the home. Having the right kind of furniture for regular use will help to maintain an atheistic appearance. You can be in love with your home if it is equipped with the limited but right furniture.

Whatever you choose, but make sure it will suitable with your preference and choice. Because the right furniture includes chairs enhances the elegance and décor of the house and making it look impressive in every aspect. Moreover, it will allow you to save space as much you needed. There are various benefits of having foldable furniture when you looking for an ideal option to make your house appear commodious. For example, if you have small rooms in your house you need to have such chairs that can be fit easily and can be adjusted when not in use.

However, folding chairs offer complete comfort with the much needed back support.If you keep your house even large and smarter, you would choose foldable furniture. These chairs come in different sizes, colours and qualities. Which one to choose, solely depends on you. But make sure, a chair should be strong enough and best in use for the long term. Also, it gives you the right size and design that suits your requirements and needs.

List of Best Portable Folding Chairs In India

1. Home Centre Emma Folding Chair


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The Home Center Emma chair looks stylish. The white color old chair is easily foldable and can be placed in a limited area of your home.  The foldable chair is available with a DIY design. The ergonomic make of the chair remains well- built and durable for long. The white color chair has a grand look & it can easily grab the attention around the house also outside when used outdoors. The chair can easily accommodate even in a small place and it also saves a lot of space in your home or office. The chair offers strong leg support and it allows holding more weight easily.

The chair has a protective design for the legs with the help of PP bush. It avoids scratches for any damages to the floor while using the chair. The ABS seating remains soft and very comfortable while the chair is used to sit how to work or to relax for long hours. The nicely designed chair can be used by the students to study for long hours and also it can be used by the professionals while working day and night. The chair can be assembled easily but sometimes it requires having a carpenter to assemble the chair properly. The chair is in white so you need to clean it using cloth and water to make it look polished.


  • The chair offers a simple and easy sitting structure.
  • It protects the floor from getting scratches or any other damages.


  • The metal of the chair looks very thin.

2. Ikea Nisse Folding Chair


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The LkeaNisse Folding chair is easy to fold and can be placed in homes or offices. It has a nice design and nicely polished finishing. It is mainly made of strong and durable material. The entire framework is of metal, remains shiny and has a stylish backrest. But it should not be bleached or tampered or rubbed using a brush by cleaning it. The chair can be easily foldable and it saves a lot of space around your home or office easily. The chair offers a stable base and it protects the floor from getting damaged while moving the chair. The chair can be easily cleaned with damp cloth. It remains shiny and rust free. The children will also love the chair while working or playing games on computers.

The chair looks delicate but can hold the weight without having any problem. The chair is most comfortable to sit while using a laptop or computer. The entire design and finishing of the chair is eye-catching. The chair is portable. It is easy to fold without much problem. The chair is easy to carry indoors and outdoors. The folded chair occupies limited space and can be easily held in the hands while carrying it for picnics or outings.


  • The chair is strong & can be used at home or office.
  • The stylish chair looks like a showpiece in the decorated home.
  • The chair offers complete backrest and hand rest while sitting for long hours.


  • The chair doesn’t have a cushion at all.

3. STAR WORK Folding Chair


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The STAR WORK Metal folding chair is the best chair to be used inside the house or outside. It can also be used for the office. The folding chair is made of 100 percent superior quality metal that lasts longer. The chair is the best to rest at home while placing it on the balcony or in the garden. The chairs are suitable to be carried out doors while sitting over the beach or for sunbathing. The chair can be done as back to get complete rest to the body. The chair has a removable padded pillow which offers you support headrest while you sit in the chair for a long time.

The ergonomic design of the chair with a metal frame is a multipurpose chair and can be adjusted into multiple positions. You can change the position of the chair and you can fold it easily. The chair offers complete support to the spine, shoulders and arms allowing you to relax. The chair can be placed on the beach garden, balcony or on the terrace. The chair is available in different colors and it has an option for reclining and to make the adjustments. It can be easily folded and it takes less space while carrying during a journey.


  • The best quality chair used for multipurpose.
  • The chair is easy to fold and lightweight to carry.
  • Most ideal chair for young and old to sit, rest and enjoy.


  • The chair is too low and not suitable for older people.

4. Streetup India Iyengar Iron Chair

Streetup India Iyengar Iron Chair

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The Streetup India Iyengar chair is an easily foldable, space saving chair. The chair is purposely designed for the people who are interested in doing yoga. The chair is backless and can be used for all types of people. The chair is made of sturdy and durable iron. The quality of nature is very hard and can be used for doing all types of yogasana easily. The chair helps you to stay longer in one particular pose and remain in one position for a long time without having pain and helps you to do yoga perfectly well. The surface of the chair is flat and it offers complete stability while doing various postures.

The chair also helps you to practice standing asanas, bent legs and move forward & backwards easily. The chair is mainly designed to do other asanas like trikonasana, dwipada, dandasana, adhomukha-sana, etc. The chair has a load bearing capacity and it offers a stronger base. The chair remains stable and doesn’t allow the floor to get scratched. The specially designed chair for yoga is highly popular among the yoga enthusiastic. The chair is strong enough to hold weight and remains stable while practicing yoga. The innovative idea of the chair has allowed more people to do yoga comfortably.


  • The most suitable chair is easy to do various asanas and yoga comfortably.
  • The chair is strong, portable and durable.
  • The yoga chair helps you to remain in good health.


  • Delivery takes a long

5. Scizor Beach Chair Folding Leisure Chair


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The Scizor beach folding chair has triangular support and sturdy support. The chair is home and stable values in the Indoor or outdoor activities. The chair is very lightweight and can be easily foldable while caring from one place to another. It has a tubular Steel frame that remains stronger and durable during long usage. The chair also offers a shoulder bag which is designed to carry while spending your time on the beach, or in the garden.  The chair design is optimal and highly comfortable with padded panels. The folding chair is mainly designed using breathable mesh which keeps the chair clean and airy.

A person can sit and relax in the chair for long hours enjoying the atmosphere around. The chair is designed using Tsebin fabric and remains tear resistant. The chair office is stable and remains rust free. The chair is easy to fold and can occupy a very small space. The chair plays an important role in family reunions, celebrations and parties. It is also useful while going on picnics, vacations or camping. The chair doesn’t require any assembling and it offers a complete relaxation to the body.


  • Most convenient chair to get relaxation during outdoor activities.
  • The lightweight chair is highly functional and long durable.
  • The chair is easy to fold and easy to manage.


  • The product is not easily available.

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