Gambling in India

The gambling market in India is enormous. A large number of players encourages large companies to open online casinos in this country. Despite the fact that gambling is illegal in India, every year the number of customers in Indian online casinos is increasing. 

Due to the high competition, there is a convenient infrastructure for players on Almost any online casino accepts deposits in Indian rupees, so players do not need to lose money on currency exchange transactions. Technical support is most often available around the clock and can be contacted not only through live chat or email but also through an Indian phone number. Customers are getting better and better service at Indian online casinos. 

The high competition of gaming platforms also leads to the fact that at the moment Indian online casinos are offering very large bonuses to customers. Most often, the first deposit bonus at online casinos is measured in tens of thousands of Indian rupees.


The Indian gambling market is expected to grow to a whopping 280 billion rupees by 2024. This is due to the fact that India has a large number of young people interested in this type of entertainment. Of course, such growth will be reflected in the number of online casinos – there will be many more operators. Therefore, it is important to understand how to choose a good online casino and not to become a victim of online scams. 

The Advantages of Online Casinos

Now let’s take a closer look at the advantages of online casinos in India over street casinos. You may have already encountered the latter in your life. Of course, the undeniable advantage of a street casino is the atmosphere – glowing slot machines, smiling staff and pleasant company. However, online casinos have much more powerful advantages, which we are now going to discuss.


One of the obstacles to the development of the gambling market in India is the legislation. As noted above, gambling is illegal in the country. This makes it difficult for traditional street casinos to operate legally. From this comes the first disadvantage of the conventional street casino – its illegal status. This puts customers in a dangerous position. In such casinos, customers are not protected by the law because they violate it themselves. Even if you avoid problems with the police, you can become a victim of fraudsters, because you can not be sure of the honesty of the casino. 

Modern online casinos in most cases have a license from a strict regulator, so their customers are protected from scammers. It is very easy to check the fact of the license and it will be a guarantee of your safety. Moreover, playing at online casinos, you will have no problems with the law. 


The high level of competition between online casino operators leads to the need to attract customers with high bonuses and generous gifts. Many online casinos in India offer a welcome bonus on the first deposit ranging from 100% to 200%. For example, if an online casino offers a welcome bonus of 200% on your first deposit, then for every one thousand Indian rupees of deposit you will receive an additional two thousand rupees. 

Another popular type of bonus is the referral program. It’s much more interesting to play with friends, isn’t it? Thanks to the referral program, you can get more money for each friend you invite. Playing with friends can be not only fun but also profitable.

These are not all the bonuses from Indian online casinos. You can get daily cashback or play the jackpot. Cashback is very profitable for regular customers because in a month you can collect a decent amount of money. Jackpot is most often free daily entertainment, where you can test your level of luck. Of course, expensive prizes fall out of it rarely, but the more often you try – the higher the chance. 

Mobile Apps

We spend more and more time with our cell phones. The cell phone is with us everywhere – at home, at work, while travelling, and so on. Most online casino developers already have their own mobile apps that can be downloaded for free. 

An online casino mobile app will allow you to play gambling anytime and anywhere. You no longer need to sit at home at your computer to enjoy the game. A whole world of gambling can fit into your mobile device. 

Mobile apps usually do not have high technical requirements to download and install. Mobile online casinos retain all the necessary features and have hundreds of different games. Good online casino apps are secure and virus-free. It is expected that the majority of online casino visitors will soon be playing from mobile devices. 

Free Online Casino Games

Do you want to try a game at an indie online casino, but are not yet ready to make a deposit? There are two ways to test the games you like without depositing money. 

The first way is a demo game. The essence of it is that the online casino gives you a virtual balance that you can play with. Thus, you do not spend your money, but you can not get the winnings, as the balance is virtual. At the same time, the game itself is no different from playing with real money. 

The second way is to get a no deposit bonus. Some online casinos give money to customers simply for registration, without requiring a deposit. These bonuses are not always big, but they do give you the opportunity to play for money without making a deposit. If you are lucky enough to win a large amount, you will be able to withdraw your winnings without any problems. 

Technical Support 

If you have any problems with the work of the online casino, most operators have technical support, which works around the clock. Technical support can always help you with online casino registration, making a deposit, withdrawing winnings or can solve a more complicated problem. 

Technical support can be contacted in different ways – through live chat, messengers, email or by calling the phone number. Usually, customers get an answer as soon as possible.

How to Choose an Online Casino

As the number of online casinos grows day by day, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the right site. Sure, you probably know two or three popular casinos you’ve heard about in the ads. But in fact, the number of criteria for choosing an online casino is much larger. Below we will look at each criterion individually.


It’s best to choose an online casino that has at least two years of experience. This is the time it takes for developers to communicate with customers and troubleshoot online casino issues. Over two or more years, a sufficient amount of feedback, suggestions and wishes from customers is accumulated, thanks to which developers make adjustments to the online casino. For example, during this time, the list of payment systems with which the online casino cooperates increases the convenience of making a deposit and withdrawal. Extensive experience is also a guarantee of the integrity of the casino because crooks could not for a long time attract customers with their good reputation. 

Payment Systems 

A good online casino works with a large number of payment systems. In this case, all payment systems should be reliable and trusted. If an online casino only works with two or three little-known payment systems, you should choose another operator. 

Popular and convenient among Indian users are Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay and so on. These are payment systems known around the world, which guarantee the reliability of transactions. It is best when the online casino works with ten or more methods of deposit and withdrawal. 

Also, pay attention to the possibility of playing for Indian rupees. If the online casino does not accept this currency, you can lose a lot of money on currency exchange transactions. Do not forget that the payment systems can also charge transaction fees. 

Player Reviews

One of the main indicators is player reviews. Look for an online casino that has a large number of reviews. This indicates its popularity. Of course, there is no online casino, about which there are no bad reviews. So it is worth carefully read the pros and cons of an online casino, especially about its reliability and safety. It is better to choose a casino with smaller bonuses, but with a better reputation and better ratings. 

Customer Bonuses

We’ve already talked about bonuses – there can be a lot of them, and they are often huge. But it’s worth paying attention not only to the size of the bonuses but also to the conditions under which they are received. It may happen that you received a bonus, but you can’t withdraw it until you win back a large sum of money. In such cases, pay attention to online casinos with smaller bonuses, but with clearer and easier conditions for obtaining them. 


The license of an online casino is a guarantee of the integrity of the operator. The license must be issued by a strict regulator. However, it does not necessarily have to be issued in India. The problem with getting a license in India is that gambling is generally prohibited by law. Therefore, many online casinos have foreign licenses, which does not make them any less safe. Moreover, some online casinos operate not only in India but also in other countries, where they could get a license for their work. 

How to Register at an Online Casino

The process of registering at an online casino is not complicated. More often than not, new users are asked to come up with a game nickname, specify an email post and come up with an account password. There you can also enter a promo code if you have one. Next, you need to go through the verification procedure, this is an important stage of registration.


The verification procedure is important to confirm your identity. Do not trust online casinos that do not ask for verification, it is possible that they are scammers. As part of this procedure, you will be asked to provide a photo ID (passport or driver’s license), as well as to confirm your place of residence (the place of registration is specified in your passport, and to confirm you can provide a check from the payment of utilities or something similar). 

The verification procedure may vary slightly, depending on the selected online casino, but on average it takes from 5 to 30 minutes. This procedure is done only once. Note that most online casinos allow their users to have only one account per person. 


Now is the best time to start playing online casino games. As long as the competition remains high, customers get very big bonuses and good offers to start playing. This area is already quite developed and stable. Online casino sites have good design, easy navigation and hundreds of games. New gambling games are regularly released to satisfy absolutely all customers.

Unfortunately, the number of online scammers is not decreasing. Therefore, it is necessary to remain vigilant when choosing an online casino. It is best to take advantage of the tips in this article. Choosing the right online casino will help you avoid negative experiences and get a good mood and emotions from the game. 

We hope that this article was useful for those who want to find a good online casino in India. We wish you good luck in the game!

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