The Best Razor in India

A man’s personality and good looks defined by how well they dress and his beard. Whether it’s a special occasion, a business party or your special day, men need to look dashing, and a quality razor can help you achieve those fine beards define lines. While choosing a razor for you, you will have noticed that there are four types available out there. These include straight, cartridge, electric, and double edge.

Straight are the common type probably used by barbers and your father in their younger days. These types of razors need to be loaded with a ½-cut razor blade and are usually foldable. Another most common used razor by Indian men are cartridge that comes with replaceable cartridges once their blades become dull. These types of razors don’t cause any burn or cuts over the skin and are very easy to use.

Electric razors, as the name suggests, are best for effortless shaving because they work themselves, just require perfect hand directions. Lastly, double-edge safety razors offer the smoothest and cleanest shave. They can last a generation, if used properly. However, so many options make your selection difficult, and why we have handpicked some of the best. let’s take a look.


List of Best Razor in India