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Kolkata was earlier known as the Calcutta which is one of the best places where you can taste the flavors of the Indian food. The various fares of Bengali and Persian including the English tea are few famous things which you can enjoy. This part of India is also affected by the impact of the English culture to some extent. The rich restaurant of the Kolkata is constantly varying, so the below we are providing you the list of ten best restaurants in Kolkata where you can enjoy the best food:

10. Flurys

Flurys is an English tea shop which was built in Kolkata in the year 1927 when India had not got its freedom. The fresh cakes, delightful pies, rich desserts, fuzzy cookies are one of the few food that makes this shop was famous. It is also renowned for its special drinks including tea, Belgian hot mocha as well as the widespread Viennese coffee. It also looks very historic in the design and structure.

Address of the restaurant: Flurys, 18 Park Street, Kolkata.

Phone number: +91 33 4000 7453

9. Arsalan Park Street

The next name in the lists is of Arsalan Park Street which is quite popular for its historical connection. The most parts of the India were quite influenced by the Mughal culture and food and that can also be seen in this place. It offers traditional and delectable Mughlai food along with the superb varieties of biryanis. The options like beef and fish and also some vegetarian dishes.

Address of the restaurant: Arsalan, 191 Park Street, Kolkata.

Phone number: +91 33 2284 8558

8. Barbeque Nation

This is also series of the Indian restaurants which deliver an amazingly one-of-a-kind eating experience. Here every single table is prepared along with a grill which visitors can utilize to for keeping their starters glaze or warm with the complementary steeps and sauces. All the widespread varieties of food offered here are influenced by the global cuisine along with the little India’s local taste of the food.

Address of the restaurant: Barbeque Nation, K 1, RDB Boulevard, Block EP&GP,

Sector 5,  Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Phone number: +91 33 6060 0000

7. Banana Leaf

This restaurant offers fresh and delightful staples of South India to the foodies of the Kolkata from the year 2002. You can enjoy the tradition food stuffs like idlis, cakes prepared from the fermented black lentils and rice, vadas, fried pastry, doughnut, dosas, wonderful uttapams, etc. You can also consume the food on the banana leaf which also provides an authentic effect to overall experience.

Address of the restaurant: Banana Leaf, 73 And 75, Rash Behari Ave Road, Lake Market, Opp Big Bazaar, Kolkata.

Phone number: +91 33 2464 1960

6. Bhojohori Manna

At this restaurant, the emphatic and traditional meal of Bengal regularly initiates with an assortment of cooked starters and trails with the dal, rice, potatoes and vegetables, etc. You can relish here numerous kinds of recipes that can be selected from the 5-page menu of non-vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties, dals, curries, rice and pulao, desserts and chuttneys.

Address of the restaurant: Bhojohari Manna, 18/1A, Hindustan Road, Kolkata.

Phone number: +91 33 2466 3941

5. Dum Puhkt

Dum Puhkt restaurant is the first one in the Asia which has received the prominent Golden Fork Reward for revitalizing the antique skill of dum pukht panache of food preparation. The techniques in the dum pukht need the food to be unwearyingly cooked on the slow fire in a firmly sealed jar such as Handi. This is basically a royal way of preparing the food which offers the ethnicity of flavors and spices.

Address of the restaurant: Dum Pukht, ITC Sonar, 45/1A, JBS Haldane Ave,

Gobra, Ko1lkata.

Phone number: +9 33 2345 4545

4. James Hickey Street

If you are fond of eating the street food, then Kolkata will be the wonderful choice for you in this context. One of the commended places for the delicious street food is the James Hickey Street. You can taste the iconic phuchka, jhal muri or a kathi roll here at very reasonable price rate.

Address of the restaurant: James Hickey Sarani, Chowringhee North,

Bow Barracks, Kolkata.

3. Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta rewards its visitants with a delicious menu which analyses the numerous shades of the Bengal’s rich cuisine. This is the best place to relish the sea food like fishes in several form of mouthwatering recipes that are available at this place only.

Address of the restaurant: Oh Calcutta, Silver Spring, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass,

Dhapa, Kolkata.

2. Zen

A person who wants to give treat to him with a luxurious meal in a distinguished atmosphere the Zen restaurant is the perfect option for them. This is located in the five-star hotel i.e. The Park which fetches delicate and nimbly prepared Asian food. The fashionable atmosphere i.e. calm and seductive impeccably matches the excellent food.

Address of the restaurant: Zen, The Park, Kolkata, 17, Park Street, Kolkata.

Phone number:  +91 33 2249 9000

1.  6 Ballygunge Place

6 Ballygunge Place

The top name in the list is of 6 Ballygunge Place which is located in an era-old bungalow. If offers the traditional and the authentic Bengali food. The menu offers the food for the vegetarian as well as the meat lovers. The famous food of this place is kasha mangsho, and the daab chingri.

Address of the restaurant: 6 Ballygunge Place, House n. 6, Ballygunge Place Rd,   Ballygunge, Kolkata, India,

Phone number: +91 990 399 6731

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