10 Best Rucksacks Backpack For Travelling in India 2023

Indian people love to travel and engage themselves in various kinds of outdoor activities. These travellers know the importance of bags very well. While making ways through the milestones in the journey, a traveller carries the whole world inside his/her bag. Every traveller desires the best travel backpack as a travel buddy. A bestselling backpack can hold various items that are needed for the trip.

In India, there are numerous options of bags available in the market, such as duffle bags, suitcases, totes, rucksacks, and so on. People choose the types of bags depending upon their needs. Rucksacks are the ideal travel backpacks for trekking and hiking or road tripping purposes.A rucksack can either make your trip or break your trip depending upon its quality.

If you have questions like – ‘How to choose the best backpack for yourself?’ We have the answer here in this article. An ideal backpack should have enough sections and space to satisfy your requirements. It should be durable enough to withstand in all types of rough & tough conditions. A medium-sized backpack having 30 to 50 litres of capacity is suitable for camping, hiking and overnight trips while people who go on for backpacking, travelling and expeditions will definitely require a larger-sized backpack having more than 50 litres of capacity, if the trip is expected to be longer than one weak then a backpack having 7o to 80 litres of holding capacity is highly recommended for the travellers irrespective of the gender. Most of the above, Ease in carrying and holding the backpack is a must for a comfortable and stress-free travel, especially in India.

Indian subcontinent terrain throws some of the harshest and most demanding conditions on the travellers, especially if the trek or hike turns longer than expected. People who trek through the forests of the southern area or hike through the Himalayan winters need the best quality backpacks.

Best Rucksack to Buy in India

If you are looking forward to buying a suitable rucksack bag in India, then you are reading the correct article. In this article, we have listed some of the best rucksacks; each of them has different features and sizes. Rucksacks can be convertible, technical, top-load type, front-load type; different brands offer different qualities of the rucksacks.We have also included some of the things that we’ve liked and didn’t liked in these rucksacks. Go ahead and give it a read.

1. Mufubu Rucksack

Mufubu Rucksack

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When it comes to quality, the Mufubu bags have always been a sure bet. This Mufubu 55 Litre rucksack from their unbarred collection ticks all the right boxes. This bag does not only comes with features that provide comfort to the users, but the style of this bag makes it stand out from its peers.

Mufubu unbarred rucksack bag features a super light yet sturdy construction material; the polyester fabric is not only durable but is waterproof as well. The bag also consists of a separate compartment for shoe present below the front pocket, ensuring you peace of mind while carrying shoes for the trip.

The bag has a padded waist belt, which can be adjusted according to the convenience of users. It also comes with a buckle for comfort in fitting and balance while moving. The Mufubu unbarred rucksack offers an ample of packing threshold to its users.

This rucksack is best for you if you are one of those people who loves camping, hiking, trekking or overnight trips, the bag serves all of the above purposes religiously. The back straps are padded and honeycombS-shaped which ensures proper circulation of air for better comfort.

Things we liked:

  • The rucksack offers ample storage room to accommodate all the essentials.
  • It is durable and has a long-life usage.
  • The design is ergonomic.
  • The zippers run smoothly and are easy to open.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The rucksack does not withstand long and rough handling.

2. Wildcraft Rucksack

Wildcraft Rucksack

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Wildcraft is a trendy brand in the world of bags. Wildcraft rucksacks are created especially to help people on long journeys even through challenging terrains and conditions. These bags have ergonomic construction that increases the comfort of users and also reduces the weight of the pack.

Wildcraft rucksacks reduce the burden of long journeys, such as during hiking and trekking. These adventurous trips demand to carry heavier loads of items. The bags are very comfortable because of the presence of an excellent back system. They are versatile and multi-functional, allowing travellers to enjoy their hikes and treks. There are numerous pockets fitted in the bag to help people easily pack and access all of their outdoor essentials. The bag is made using such fabric, which is resistant to abrasion and has high tensile strength.

The Wildcraft rucksacks can withstand some of the harsh conditions of long hikes or treks. These bags are suitable for all kinds of terrains, including the Indian subcontinent terrain, which throws a lot of difficulty on the ways of travellers.

Things we liked:

  • The Wildcraft bags offer sufficient space for longer trips.
  • The straps are adjustable so that the bag can fit perfectly.
  • The design is trendy and attractive.
  • The brand offers a five-year warranty to the customers.
  • The quality is worth the price of the bag.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Waist support is not provided.
  • There is no separate space to carry shoes.
  • The bag has only two zippers.



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This rucksack could be the right choice for people who like hiking in the showersof rain. Polestar Xplore rucksacks come with a free rain cover, the rain cover is made using a durable fabric that provides long-lasting protection to all the items kept inside. Moreover, the bag is spacious. It has one large compartment, a front pocket, a top pocket and two net pockets at the sides for easily accessible items.

The bag also provides an outside compartment so that users can carry shoes without any difficulty in storage. As the shoe compartment is present out, users can access their shoes without disturbing other things kept inside the bag.

The padded, breathable mesh technology in the back panel of this rucksack makes the journey even more comfortable, providing an all day long peace with sufficient air circulation. The straps are S-curved and brilliantly ergonomic; this spreads the weight and gives an extra movability and flexibility to the arms.

The dual straps present in the rucksack are adjustable and can be used to carry those things that cannot be kept inside the backpack, such as foldable tents or yoga mats. This feature allows the rucksack to be used both by men and women for various adventurous activities, including trekking, hiking, camping, biking, or overnight trips.

Things we liked:

  • The rucksack comes with a rain cover.
  • The bag is spacious enough.
  • The overall quality of the bag is fantastic.

Things we didn’t like:

  • A few customers have reported a problem with missing rain cover.
  • A lot of effort is required to keep shoes in the shoe compartment.

4. Impulse Rucksack

Impulse Rucksack

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Using the impulse 65 liters inverse U rucksack, you can smartly organize all the things that you need to carry while trekking. This rucksack comes with a single main compartment along with one front pocket (with zipper), two side straps, and two side mesh pockets. The back is padded with mesh that provides comfort to the person who carries this rucksack. There is a separate pocket with a zipper to carry the rain cover (complementary).

The shoulder straps (S-Shaped) are designed ergonomically; they are padded for support and have soft edges so that the user does not feel uncomfortable while carrying the bag. The straps can be adjusted according to the need of people.

This rucksack comes along with an auxiliary support system for multiple things such as -the rain cover can be kept in the hood zip pocket, the bag can be made compact using the two side compression straps. The hip belt present in the rucksack can help distribute the weight of the rucksack and provide ease in carrying the bag and last but not the least- The specially designed main straps can hold the yoga mat giving comfort to the people who do not like to skip their yoga.

Things we liked:

  • The rucksack has an affordable price.
  • Space is enough for a 15-day trip.
  • It comes with a rain cover.
  • The rucksack can hold up to 12-15 kilograms of weight.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The design of the bag is not too attractive.
  • Overall, stitching is not perfectly fine.

5. POLESTAR Rucksack


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The 55 liters Camo rucksack by polestar, by all means, is a perfect bag for carrying all the essentials, whether you are a female or a male. Thanks to the high-quality polyester material that is used in the construction, it ensures greater comfort and durability to the people who are on travel for like weeks. The material is lightweight, and shoulder straps are cushioned/padded, breathable and adjustable, this guarantees an optimum comfort even when the rucksack remains on the back/shoulders for a more extended period. The rucksack is large enough and can be used ideally for purposes of hiking, trekking, camping, and day/night trips.

The complimentary rain cover makes it convenient for travellers to continue their journey even during the showers of rain. For increased durability, the stitching of the rucksack is done using bonded threads. The multiple compartments present in the rucksack makes it easy for people to carry items of different sizes in separate pockets for easy access. Plus,all thezippers are of high quality and do not tend to break easily.

The Polestar Camo rucksack is easy on the back as well as pleasing to the eye. Polestar provides some of the best rucksacks all over India.

Things we liked:

  • The rucksack is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities.
  • Zippers are sturdy.
  • The rucksack is comfortable to carry, thanks to breathable padding.
  • The price is reasonable.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The structure of the rucksack is quite unstable.
  • A few customers were unsatisfied with the quality of the product.

6. Aristocrat Rucksack

Aristocrat Rucksack

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If you prefer to own a rucksack with a compressed profile, the Aristocrat 45 liter rucksack got you covered. It is a sleek looking backpack that is perfect for tripping. The bag is light enough so that people of all age groups can carry it easily. The bag is not too oversized and is made to carry all of your essentials. The bag is suitable to be used by women, as it has a very trendy and cute look.

A product of premium coated polyester, the bag is not only stylish but is also durable and long-lasting. The material of the bag is firm and does not gets torn easily. It offers multiple numbers of compartments, which makes it easy to organize all the stuff according to their sizes. It has three compartments and is also compatible to hold a laptop of the size- 17 inches.

This rucksack is typically black, which makes it look elegant. It’s just perfect to be called as a hiking bag. It features comfortable padded straps for the shoulder. The zippers are utterly reliable and remain viable for a long time. The bag does not shrink or get wrinkles as it is made using special fibers. You can use it daily without any fear of unwanted damage.

The aristocrat rucksack comes with a unique logo, the logo stands out, adding a unique classiness to the bag.

Things we liked:

  • The quality of the bag is excellent.
  • The bag is compatible with the laptop.
  • The price of the product is appreciative.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The shoe compartment is unnecessarily large.
  • A few customers did not like the quality of the product.

7. TRAWOC Rucksack

TRAWOC Rucksack

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If you are not new in the world of backpacks, then you might be familiar with Trawoc rucksacks. The Trawoc rucksacks are known for their ergonomic designs. These bags are designed and structured scientifically and are best for trekking and hiking purposes. The bags are structured in such a way that they never impose pressure on the person carrying the bag. This is because the straps are air padded and equally distributes the weight in all areas. 

The bag even allows its users to carry many items as it consists of multiple chains and pockets. The bag is perfect for carrying all the essential stuff for sports.The bag is specially made to withstand all the extreme situations during trips. Additionally, the bag is resistant to water, which makes it a top pick during monsoon seasons. The water-resistance quality also lengthens the lifespan of the product.

This 60-liter rucksack by Trawoc has a combination of black and red colours that makes it impactful and smart in terms of appearance. The brand offers a one-year manufacturing warranty to the customers, making it a significant investment.

Things we liked:

  • The bag can be washed easily at home.
  • The bag is spacious and can hold many items.
  • The bag has a lightweight.
  • The pricing for this product is affordable.
  • There are numerous colour options available.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The durability of this bag could have been improved.
  • There is no frame present inside the bag to keep the back stiff.
  • The laptop compartment present inside the rucksack has not been cushioned; this keeps the safety of laptop at risk.

8. Tripole Rucksack

Tripole Rucksack

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The Tripole colonel, 95 liters rucksack, is best suited for all hard-core adventurers. The backpack promises a trip free from hassles. It will stand through climate changes and challenging journeys. The backpack comes with a detachable day pack that can be used for carrying small items such as water and snacks; this feature of the backpack is remarkable. The presence of breathable padded straps makes the journey even more convenient.

The rucksack is specially designed for a more extended period of travelling or hiking. The rucksack provides the maximum capacity to load weight. The rain cover provided with the rucksack offers the chances of hiking or tripping even during rainy seasons, the rain cover not only protects from rain but also prevents the dust particles from entering the rucksack.

The brand offers a three-year warranty to the customers that makes the product more reliable and trustable for customers.

Things we liked:

  • There is an easy-to-access compartment at the bottom for storing sleeping bags, shoes, soiled clothes, etc.
  • The rucksack comes with an internal frame that supports the heavyweight.
  • The rucksack comes with a detachable day pack for one-day trips.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Straps are weak in quality.
  • Stitches in the straps are not very strong.

9. Wildcraft Rucksack (Orange)

Wildcraft Rucksack (Orange)

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There is a reason why another rucksack from Wildcraft has made it to the list of top rucksacks.Its simple yet functional design can best highlight the Wildcraft 60 liters orange rucksack. It is one of the fantastic picks for hiking/trekking and other leisure excursions.

The rucksack has handy compartments that are designed specially to facilitate quick access and seamless organization. Every section is individually customized to hold different essentials.

The rucksack offers dual straps; they both are padded and can be adjusted according to needs. The padding technology provides excellent comfort and convenience to the users. The zippers are easily accessible and made using durable quality material. The rucksack also has a lining sleeve separator, which tends to keep everything organized and neat.

Things we liked:

  • The side pockets (dual mesh) allows for quick access to the water bottle and other items.
  • Adjustable and padded sternum strap provides s snug fit.
  • The waistband is also padded to offer an equal distribution of load.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The rucksack is not entirely waterproof.
  • The brand does not provide a free rain cover.

10. TRAWOC Rucksack

TRAWOC Rucksack

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Possibly, one of the most stylish rucksacks on the list of best rucksacks, this Trawoc rucksack is glammed up and attractive. The rucksack is very spacious and fulfills the needs of people who are looking for larger sizes. The laptop sleeve allows you to carry your laptop even during the journey. The laptop remains safe as the laptop sleeve is present securely inside the main compartment. There are multiple pockets, straps, and buckles that make the rucksack suitable for carrying a lot of stuff for travelling.

The rucksack is made using high-quality material, which makes it suitable to be used during different climatic conditions, including scorching heat and heavy rainfalls.This rucksack will complete your mountaineering experiences and hiking trips with a higher level of satisfaction.

The rucksack can be used for a longer period without any issues of tearing or damaging. The water-resistant property of the sack effectively increases its lifespan. A complete warranty of one year from the brand makes it a good buy.

Things we liked:

  • Numerous, eye-catching colour options are available.
  • The quality of the rucksack is excellent.
  • The quality of the zipper is noticeable.
  • The price of the sack is reasonable.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Buckles are quite fragile looking.
  • Back support is not too good.
  • Stitches are not up to the mark.

How to Pick the Right Rucksack Bag

Rucksack bags are the most crucial when planning for a trek. Here, we are about to provide you with brief information on the purchase of rucksack bags. Given below are the essential pointers that a person should keep in mind while buying a rucksack bag. Consider reading each point carefully.


It is probably one of the most important things to consider while purchasing a rucksack bag. A good quality rucksack bag tends to last for a longer period. It will never tear off, causing you inconvenience while you’re travelling. Be wary of the stitch quality as well as of the thread which is used for stitching the rucksack bag. If you do not want to end up purchasing a rucksack bag within less than six months, then we suggest you to only for the high-quality bags.


The second pointer is co-related with the pointer, quality. The quality of the rucksack bag also depends upon the type of material that is used in the construction of the bag. Always make sure you purchase such material that is more durable and less flimsy. The Nylon and polyester materials are known to be a durable choice for rucksack bags. However, Nylon is known to be better than polyester. But most people choose polyester because of its low price range. We would suggest you buy a nylon rucksack bag if you do not have any issues with the pricing.


Always and always buy the rucksack bags which are labelled waterproof by the brand. Most people do not know the difference between waterproofness and water-resistant. A waterproof bag will keep your belongings protected even in the rain while a water-resistant bag does not work in heavy rain. Make sure you do not confuse yourself, ask the bag manufacturer before making a purchase.

Straps and Belts

When it comes to the rucksack bags, the bag straps and belts play a very important role. They help manage and distribute the loads equally on our backs. Make sure the rucksack bag you’re about to purchase has padded straps and belts. This will help remove the strain and provide comfort to the backpackers. Apart from padding, the belts and straps should also be adjustable. Padding and adjustable nature of the belts and straps will make your trip much more convenient and comfortable. But, keep one thing in mind, do not buy a rucksack with extremely thick padding on it. Otherwise, it would create trouble for you while trekking.


A rucksack bag should have a breathable construction. Not only should the body of the bag be breathable but also the straps and belts. A rucksack bag made up of a breathable material will provide you comfort in the longer run. Consider this pointer and thank us later. Finding a comfortable rucksack bag will do wonders for you, believe us.


A rucksack bag is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs. You will always find your favourite colour and pattern available in the market. The pointer is more of a personal choice. Choose the rucksack bag based on your likes and dislikes.


There are numerous brands that manufacture rucksack bags. From a low-priced rucksack to a high-end rucksack, you will find hundreds of them in the market. Do not always go for too expensive pricing but instead, check the brand reputation before making a purchase. Sometimes, a high-end product has a very bad reputation, and a reasonably-priced product is loved by everyone because of the quality. Therefore, we suggest our readers read the product reviews and check the rating before investing in a rucksack bag.


Rucksacks are considered good partners of travellers. Whether the person goes into an adventurous wild trip or travels the world, rucksacks can be trusted in both cases. Rucksacks make the journey trouble-free and comfortable. You can carry all of your essential stuff in the sack, including food, water bottles, keys, foldable tents, yoga mats, etc. Moreover, some rucksacks are compatible to carry laptops.

Just like other products, there are immense options for rucksacks available in the Indian market. They come in different styles, colours, qualities, and features, so regardless of people’s preferences, there is always one option that suits their requirements. If you are feeling burdened after seeing all the limitless options, our article may reduce your burden. We have listed some of the best rucksacks that are available in India. If you have read the article, you might be able to choose the best rucksack according to your choice. We hope you enjoy your journey!

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