10 Best School Bags in India 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

During the months of March to July of every year, most of the Indian parents get their kids a new school bag. The new session of schools in India starts during the month of March, and most school bags manufacturers stay one step ahead by offering great variety and great design during this period.

Who doesn’t love to get a new bag with new books of the next session and checking how to fit all the books and notes in a single section. When the bag has so many pockets, the real fun begins for kids because they love figuring out that which one to use for geometry box, which one for new stuff, and more.

Considering the variety, design, style, capacity, number of pockets, and price factors, you might feel confused about which bag to prefer, and why should you look after the same? To help you out, we are here with the top 10 best school bags in India that are highly reliable, better to consider, and seems legit.

We made this list after talking to experts, people from the forum, a bunch of school kids’ choices, color patterns, and a few more factors. The durability and ergonomic design is the primary consideration. Looking at these factors can help in grabbing the right product of choice. It might seem a bit tricky, but looking at your needs can help here.

Best Buy School Bags Online In India

Apparently, we are also looking at the affordability factor so that you don’t have to reconsider due to the price factor. Let’s start by exploring the whole list and figuring out the perfect product of choice –

1. Polestar Hero 32 Lt Sky & Navy Casual Backpack

Polestar Hero 32 Lt Sky & Navy Casual Backpack

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Sky-blue is an eye-catchy color, and it can help to find your bag in class with a single glare. It is also easy to notice in public. Due to the premium-looking design, eye-catchy color, and great features, our first product of choice is POLESTAR Hero 32 Lt Sky & Navy Casual Backpack. It is a made in India product to look after.

The manufacturer is using high-quality polyester fabric, which can provide great durability throughout the year. It doesn’t matter that if a 3rd standard child is using this bag or a 12th standard teenager. This bag provides enough storage and three different compartments to organize all the essential things effectively. 

The hardy zipper closure ensures the safer use, and there is a positive quote printed on it. The two key things we love about this bag is, it has padded straps and bottom so that the user doesn’t feel any pressure on shoulders while carrying this bag. The bottom pad helps to protect books, notebooks, and other important stuff from getting crushed or ruined. 

Things We Liked –

  • Padded straps to use the bag safely.
  • The built quality is highly durability.
  • A number of positive reviews about the design.
  • Strong closure and high-quality chain closure.
  • Organize important stuff with a number of pockets.
  • Enough storage space to fulfill the need.
  • It comes for an affordable price point here.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • It could have more pockets or slightly better organizing closures.
  • Available in single color choice only.

2. POLESTAR”Noble Blue 32 Ltrs Casual backpack/School Bag/Laptop Backpack

POLESTANoble Blue 32 Ltrs Casual backpack

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Versatility always adds up into the effective usability of a bag, and our second product of choice from Polestar is offering similar functionality. The purchase of POLESTAR”Noble Blue 32 Ltrs Casual backpack is a great choice for school as well as office use due to the design it has. The capacity of this bag is 32 litter, perfect for school and college use for sure.

This polyester bag is also great during travel, and it can handle heavy weighing clothes without any problem. The durability is not a concern due to the build quality and the use of polyester to manufacturer the same. This can help you expect prolonged use and better functionality from the same product.

The design is simple, and the dark navy color makes it a perfect product to consider. There are three large pockets, and organizing all your daily stuff for school seems easier. There is a water bottle pocket at the side to help you use this back conveniently. The design is highly reliable and better to take into consideration over the other ones.

Things We Liked –

  • A number of pockets to organize stuff effectively.
  • Versatile product of choice for school, college, office, and travel.
  • Premium built quality, polyester is used in manufacturing.
  • Water bottle pocket at both sides for convenient use.
  • Padded straps and bottom for safety to insider stuff like a laptop.
  • The zipper is of high quality, and they offer perfect closure.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • Cleaning the top surface is slightly typical. Washing is the only option here.
  • No color choice available except for the dark blue color.

3. Fur Jaden 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack 25 LTR Bag for School

Fur Jaden 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack 25 LTR Bag for School

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Needless to mention that school and office going students usually carry their laptops and smartphones on a daily basis. Having a smart pocket and the USB port help with connectivity and enhance the overall convenience during the use. This is the primary quality and key feature that you will love about Fur Jaden 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack 25 LTR Bag for School.

Versatility is essential these days, and you can use this 25-litter bag for school, office, college, travel, and several other purposes. There is one large spacious option to help you fit a genuine number of school and office books. On the other hand, you can also fit a laptop and all the accessories in this bag without having any kind of problem.

The black color base with a minimalistic color strip enhances the style, and the affordability for such quality ensures a quality deal. It is a polyester made product, and the design is worth appreciating. The only issue we found so far is, few people had a concern with the durability of the chain. So, you have to use this bag with a little care to avoid damaging the closure.

Things We Liked –

  • Effective spacing columns for books and laptops.
  • Smartphone connecting USB port at the side part.
  • Fits a water bottle without any problem at both sides.
  • Padded base, back, and straps to prevent any external damage.
  • Design is highly reliable to consider over the other ones.
  • Plenty of color choice is available in the same option.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • The durability of closure is the primary concern so far.
  • Thin padding at the back, so you have to use it carefully.

4. Sassie Grey Polyester 41 Ltr School Backpack

Sassie Grey Polyester 41 Ltr School Backpack

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Going through the variety and design part, you can find the style of Sassie Grey Polyester 41 Ltr School Backpack much more pleasing to eyes. It is a smartly designed product with properly organized sections that can fulfill the need in an effective manner. The use of an orange color stripe on the grey base gives it a minimalistic but premium look at the same time. 

Looking away from the design and style part, you can find large storage to love about this backpack. This polyester made bag has long-lasting durability, and the reviews are heartwarming about the same. Apparently, durability isn’t the only section to look after. So, we started digging more into the organizing factor and safety features.

It has all the essential organizing columns and the safety factor to ensure the best purchase. Well, you have three main pockets to organize everything effectively. But, if you look at the safety, padding isn’t that good here. It could have better padding at the top so that you don’t have to worry about the ergonomics of this product.

Things We Liked –

  • It provides great built quality and prolonged usability of the same.
  • Effectively organize your books, laptop, and other important stuff.
  • It provides effective protection due to the padded back.
  • The genuine capacity of 41 ltr, enough for school, college, and office use.
  • Water bottle pockets are available at both sides of this bag.
  • Design is really premium, and minimalistic looks make it a perfect choice.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • Available in single color choice only.
  • Padding at the straps isn’t that good in quality.
  • The design pasted on top starts losing after a while.

5. American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack

American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack

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American Tourister is not only the premium brand but also the best in after-sale services and warranty. Grabbing American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack is good to go choice here because you can expect plenty of advantages during the use of the same that’s why you can rely on the same for sure. 

The built quality is extremely premium, and you can find it way more pleasing due to the dual-tone design, which can make you expect a way more pleasing option. The green color zip closure enhances the design and adds up glory into the same. You have lots of pockets to keep all the important stuff in this bag for sure.

It has plenty of pockets along with a mesh water bottle section at both sides of the bag so that you can use it without any problem. You can use this bag for school, college, and office purposes due to the design, and it will make you expect better functionality from the same. Most of the buyers are loving this product over the purchase of other ones.

Things We Liked –

  • Adjustable straps to find the perfect height.
  • Design is premium and way more pleasing to eyes.
  • Built quality is up to the mark and effective to opt for.
  • A number of pockets to organize important stuff with ease.
  • Side pockets for water bottles and umbrellas.
  • It comes with a warranty period.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • It isn’t an affordable product of choice.
  • The cleaning part of the black color is not that easy.

6. SALUTE “CAPACITY ” 38 Ltrs Black Grey Casual Backpack

SALUTE CAPACITY 38 Ltrs Black Grey Casual Backpack

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Due to the simplicity and quite a reasonable price, the purchase of SALUTE “CAPACITY ” 38 Ltrs Black Grey Casual Backpack seems like the perfect deal over all others. The black color looks way more pleasing, and the white color quote is a lot more impressive, and it can make you love the same.

Keep it in mind that the design is always the most important factor, and you have to look after several things. Here, you are getting 38 liters of capacity, which can fulfill the need in an effective manner and provides enough space to put your laptop and books at the same time. You can use the same back during a travel trip.

The build quality and the stitches at strap can easily handle the higher weight, so you are not getting any trouble with the usability. There are plenty of storage compartments that can fulfill the need in an effective manner, and you can rely on the same.

Things We Liked –

  • It has one of the simple but genuine-looking design.
  • Built quality is premium, so durability is not a major concern.
  • A number of pockets to organize all your stuff effectively.
  • It provides enough storage to keep your important stuff.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • After washing this bag, color start fading.
  • Hard to clean the upper material as it has a matte finish.

7. Reelay mee 18 L PolyesterLight Weight school bag

Reelay mee 18 L PolyesterLight Weight school bag

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Girls love to prefer using bags with bright colors and the use of pink or sky blue. If you are willing to grab an eye-catchy bag of choice, then going with the purchase of Reelay mee 18 L Polyester Light Weight school bag seems a reliable deal. It has one spacious pocket and one small pocket to keep important stuff.

Even you can find a very small compartment at the front side, which can help to keep geometry boxes, pens, and such other stuff without any problem. If the design is not the major issue, then you can look after features like the lightweight design. No doubt, it has a small capacity, but the material itself is very lightweight.

Carrying this back seems easier, and the closure is very tight and perfectly sealed. The extra padding at the back and strap help you pick it without adding too much pressure on your back. Safety is not the major issue here, but capacity might be a major concern for a few people.

Things We Liked –

  • Lightweight product of choice.
  • Built quality is reliable and up to the mark.
  • Durability is not a major concern here.
  • Looks unique and premium in all kind.
  • Perfect for girls who want a bag for the coaching center.
  • There are three color choices available on the same.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • Capacity might be a major problem.
  • Stuff is hard to clean and requires a proper wash.

8. Chris & Kate Big 42 liters Comfortable Blue-Red Casual Laptop Bag

Chris & Kate Big 42 liters Comfortable Blue-Red Casual Laptop Bag

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If you want something unique, then going with Chris & Kate Big 42 liters Comfortable Blue-Red Casual Laptop Bag is a perfect choice. It has a great looking design, and the built quality is up to the mark. The use of red and navy blue strips enhances the overall look and provides a better finish to the overall look of the same. 

There is a quote written on the bag which says “Step Your Game Up,” and it looks inspiring. The capacity of the bag is good enough to take into consideration, and you are most likely to feel better toward the use of the same. There are four different compartments that can easily fulfill the need and make you rely on the same.

The pockets at the side help you keep a water bottle as well as an umbrella. This will help you fulfill the need in an easier manner and take advantage of all the features without any problem. The only issue is, there is only a single-color choice which might make you consider any other product.

Things We Liked –

  • Affordable price as compared to the other choices.
  • It has a section for a water bottle and umbrella at sides.
  • It provides 42 liters of storage; it is good enough to fulfill the need.
  • Built quality is highly reliable and better to consider.
  • There are four different pockets to organize stuff in an effective manner.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • Available in single color choice, it might be devastating.

9. DREAMZ STYLISH 28 Ltrs Grey + Red Casual Backpack

DREAMZ STYLISH 28 Ltrs Grey + Red Casual Backpack

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The last-second product is DREAMZ STYLISH 28 Ltrs Grey + Red Casual Backpack, and it has all the essential features that you are looking after. It has one of the most affordable prices in all kinds, which can impress you toward the purchase of the same. There are two large spacious pockets to keep your important stuff.

On the other hand, you can find two small pockets to organize stuff in an effective manner and keeping everything that you need in the right place. This can easily help you grab the right product and avoid getting into any issue. The use of red and grey color makes it look unique and better over many products mentioned in this list.

Coming to the durability part, it seems less durable considering the built quality. It is made up of polyester, and the closures are also good, but after a while, they are not effective and good looking as they were during the time of purchase. So you should be careful with the built quality and durability. For temporary use or short-time use, you might like it. 

Things We Liked –

  • Plenty of chain closures to keep all the important stuff.
  • Padding to help you feel comfortable during the use.
  • Capacity is quite reliable, considering the price.
  • Design is premium and looks great during the use.
  • Side pockets to keep a water bottle.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • Durability is a major concern here with this deal.

10. BLUTECH Waterproof, Laptop College School Bag for Boys

BLUTECH Waterproof, Laptop College School Bag for Boys

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In case you want something safe and secure, the purchase of BLU TECH WaterproofLaptop College School Bag for Boy is perfect. It is a waterproof bag, yet! It is splash resistant mainly. You might like it based on the design and aesthetic look, but there are way more things to explore about the same.

Polyester is used in the manufacturing of this bag, which ensures a safer and reliable use as compared to the other options. The quality is not a major issue with this product, and it comes with a small LED watch, which adds glory to this deal. You are most likely to consider this as a great deal.

There is three zipped compartment, and you can find this bag versatile due to the same. You can keep a laptop in this bag, and it is also a good choice to add other important stuff. For school and college-going students, this bag covers all the essential requirement so you can consider it a better choice.

Things We Liked –

  • One of the simple but genuine-looking design.
  • A number of pockets with enough storage for students.
  • Design is simple but highly reliable, considering the features.
  • It comes with a small LED watch to enhance the quality of the deal.
  • Price is affordable here for sure.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • Durability might be the major concern during the purchase of this product.

How to Pick the Right School Bags for Kids

We are going to bring you five different factors that every parent must be aware of before choosing and picking a school bag for his/her child. All these factors are pretty basic, but we have still seen many parents ignoring them as soon as they reach the market. Let us shed light on each of these five crucial factors below –


For kids, you must stick not to buy school bags, which are huge. Because if you do, so they won’t be able to carry it. Instead, the carrying of the bag will be too problematic for them. Generally, you should look for different sizes of the schoolbags and choose the one that will suit best to their height and overall weight. The size of the bags can generally be seen in their description. However, if you are buying the bags from the local store, you will get a better idea. Choose the bag that will fit their books, notebooks as well as a lunchbox.


For many parents, we suggest to go with school bags that are made from waterproof material. Many kids go to school with bicycles. This is why, in the rainy season, their bags can get wet. If the water enters the bag, all of their books and notebooks will also get wet. This is never a good thing, and situations like these only ask you to go for a waterproof bag. Additionally, you should also check the durability of the material so that the school bag lasts for the entire school session and does not give up easily. You can also look for cartoon prints on the material as young kids love some of the cartoon characters a lot.


The number of pockets in the school bag must be decided according to the number of subjects that your kid has. If there are more subjects, you must go with a bag that has bigger sections as well as pockets. You should also check for the tiffin section in the bag. If this section is not there, your child will have to carry his lunch box separately. This will increase the chances of him/her leaving it somewhere my mistake and losing it. Other than this, you should also check the sewing in the pockets. Better and string sewing will help the school bag in lasting longer.


Some kids like buckle closure on their bags. However, we have also seen kids who are happy to see chain closures. The type of closure should be decided as per your child’s preference and ease of use. There are also school bags that come with hard to close buckles. Some children may also get their fingers hurt while opening and closing them. Therefore, choose the buckles that are easy to open and close in a smoother manner. As per the chains are concerned, you have to make sure that they run well without getting stuck at any place.


Generally, we have noticed a lot of times that kids like to switch to their bags every school session. This is because they love having the feeling of newness as they reach school after the long summer vacation. Therefore, we will suggest you not to buy an extremely costly school bag for them. They will only end up not using it as long as it is supposed to, and you will only end up wasting your money on the bag. Instead, go for affordable options and ask them to decide the look of the bag so that they can’t stop using it.


Make sure that you look after the design because if you are buying this for a discount or any offer, you might not use the product for long. There are so many people who end up buying things they don’t need, but the discount is so convincing that they can’t deny.

Apparently, the focus on design is primary, and like/dislike is totally a subjective part. All the products we mentioned have a simple design, and they have a minimalistic color touch to improve the overall look. We hope that this guidepost will come in handy, and it will let you grab the right product of choice.

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