10 Best Sports Bras In India 2023 [For Girls and Women]

Are you thinking of joining a gym or start jogging? Or are you someone who recently got interested in yoga, horse riding, or pilates? No matter the case, we know that you are looking for a sports bra. And we also know that you are extremely tired of searching that sports bra from a variety of options available in the Indian Market. But don’t worry as we are here to help you and end your quest once and for all.

In the below-given list, we have come up with our top ten picks of high impact sports bras available for purchase in India. Additionally, if you are a first-time buyer of sports bras as a teenage girl or woman, we are there to make your skepticism go away as well. Our enhanced buying guide with many aspects will help you choose your first sports bra. Without further ado, let us start our discussion of these products one by one –

Best Choice Premium Choice Value for Money
Jockey Sports Bra Enamor Sports Bra – Best Padded Sports Bra Dilency Sales Sports Bra
Jockey Sports Bra India Enamor Sports Bra Dilency Sales Sports Bra
Why we selected it

  1. Super combed Cotton
  2. Elastane stretch fabric
  3. StayDry treatment
  4. Evaporation properties
  5. Non-padded seamless cups
Why we selected it

  1. Hand Wash Only
  2. Racerback power mesh
  3. Keeps you fresh
  4. Ensure bounce control
  5. Wide keyhole back
Why we selected it

  1. Machine-Wash
  2. Seamless cup
  3. Support for indoor and outdoor sports
  4. Free Size Sports bra
  5. front closure zipper
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What are the Type of Sports Bras?

Sports bras are designed in such a manner to offer extra support handle moisture well and minimize breast movement. They are thoughtfully designed for women physical activities thus they are differing from regular bras. A good quality sports bra prevents your breasts from moving in all directions while playing sports. Generally, they are divided into three types- Compression, Encapsulation and Encapsulation-Compression. Let’s it discuss separately:

1. Compression Sports Bras

Compression sports bras or smooshing bras are considered one of the best options for sportswomen. They hold women’s breasts in place by compressing and stop uneven bounces during physical activities. Using A, B or C cups with this type of bra is cheery on the cake. This type of bra is generally wire-free and is made of high-quality material. Some bra companies manufacturers sports bras especially for large busts.

2. Encapsulation Sports Bras

This type of bra comes with an underwire and makes your breast stable. These are best suited for those women who are into intense workouts. As. they prevent bounce and reduce strain.

3. Encapsulation compression sports bra

A mix of the first two categories that keep you’re each breast in their cups. They are suitable for athletes of all sizes.  These bras offer support and structure through their underwires.

Best Buy Sports Bras For Girls & Women In India

Here you go:

1. Jockey Sports Bra

Jockey Sports Bra India

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This seamless sports bra by Jockey has secured the first position on our list. You can choose this sports bra from many colour combinations. These colour combinations are – Black, Grey & Black, Purple Glory & Black, Ruby & Black, Skin and white. The fabric consists of cotton (92%) and elastane (8%). Due to the fabric constitution, this sports bra has an excellent stretchability. Additionally, the back of the bra is a racerback type, which gives it a modern design. The cups of the sports bra are seamless and cannot be seen if you are wearing a t-shirt over it. The armholes are wider to provide extra movement, and the bottom band has elastic. The hook of the bra is soft cushioned, and the straps are wide. You are advised to wash this sports bra with hands. Also, we recommend you not to iron or dry clean the product.

What we liked:

  • Wide armholes provide better movement.
  • The cups are double-layered and seamless.
  • The compression is excellent and prevents bounce during any type of sports.

What we didn’t like:

  • The cups of the sports bra are not padded.
  • It is only suitable for medium impact.

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2. Enamor Sports Bra – Best Padded Sports Bra

Enamor Sports Bra

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You can buy this sports bra in three colours. These colours are – Grey, White, and Black. You can also select your size from – small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The fabric is made from cotton (92%) and spandex (8%). Due to this reason, the bra gives excellent breathability as well as stretch. Additionally, the design does not have any wires and hence does not cause any kind of discomfort while you are training or exercising. It is a medium impact bra that will prove to be your best workout partner. It consists of removable pads and a racerback. The mesh in the design helps in making you feel fresh and dry. The back also has a keyhole that is wide enough to slip the bra off afterward easily. The straps are also adjustable and allow you to train without worrying. You can follow the size chart to understand your size and make a purchase quickly. Buy this sports bra now to make workout sessions even better.

Things we liked:

  • This sports bra is padded, and the pads are removable.
  • The keyhole helps in slipping the bra off after workout or sports sessions.
  • The mesh design helps in efficiently drying the sweat.

Things we didn’t like:

  • There are not many colour options as compared to the Jockey sports bra.
  • Buyers have reported that the bra gets loose after some months of usage.

3. Dilency Sales Sports Bra

Dilency Sales Sports Bra

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This affordable yet long-lasting sports bra by Dilency Sales has secured the third position on our list. It has a double racer back and is available for purchase in many colours. These colours include – Black, fresh green, light pink, orange, grey, and many more. It comes in breast sizes between 32 and 36. It is a padded bra, and the pads are easily removable. The pads will help you wear even the thinnest tank tops over the sports bra without worrying about the seams. The pads also help in giving shape and comfort. The inside of the cups has an opening that can be used to place or remove these pads conveniently. This bra can be worn even in the most intense workouts and running sessions. Additionally, the bra has a front closure that can be closed or opened with the zip provided there. The material of the bra is incredibly soft and stretchy.

Things we liked:

  • It is a high-impact bra that you may wear during intense training sessions.
  • The shoulder straps are easily adjustable.
  • The stitching is perfect and gives the sports bra an extended life.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It can only fit you if you have breast size between 32 and 36.
  • The sweat-absorbing feature of the bra needs improvement.

4. Mysha Sports Bra

Mysha Sports Bra

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This sports bra is even more affordable than the product listed on number three of our list. It is available in many colours which are – blue, grey, peach, purple and sky blue. You can buy the product in a pack of two or as an individual unit, as per your liking. The sports bra is made from premium quality material, that is – the nylon cotton fabric. It can fit in small and large breast sizes between 30B to 36B. It comes with seamless cups that give support all the time. The material is such that it absorbs sweat fast and easily. The racer back design of the bra allows a wider range of body movements. Additionally, this sports bra is very comfortable to wear and touch. Like many other products on our list, this sports bra also has pads that can be easily removed. The front closure has a zipper that allows you to put the bra on and off very quickly.

What we liked:

  • The bra does not have any wiring and also provides you with full coverage.
  • It has a zipper closure to make putting the bra on and off very easily when you are in a hurry.
  • This bra also helps in excellent sweat absorption.

What we liked:

  • The size range is limited (30B to 36B).
  • Buyers have reported that the quality of the pads is not great.

5. CHKOKKO Sports Bra

CHKOKKO Sports Bra

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This bra is suitable to be worn during a variety of physical activities like – jogging, tennis, horse riding, and even step. When you work out, you can trap sweat that will lead to rashes. Luckily, this sports bra provides you with the best sweat absorption and prevents any kind of skin irritation. It is designed to keep you comfortable during your workout or training sessions. It has body wrapping features that make the bra fit perfectly. This bra is available in different colours. These colours are – mustard, white, black, hot pink, maroon, and many more. You may also do pilates and yoga wearing this bra. The hem is elastic and is great in preventing shocks. Additionally, the mesh back provides extra breathability to your skin. The size range of the product is between extra small to triple XL. Buy this affordable sports bra now for your cardio sessions.

Things we like:

  • The size range of the product is very wide.
  • The elastic hem helps prevent shocks.
  • You can wear it in any type of cardio session, and it will never cause any discomfort.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The colour of the product starts coming off after washing.
  • You cannot wash this sports bra in the washing machine.

6. ALBATROZ Sports Bra – Best Push up Bras


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This push-up sports bra by Albatroz can be worn at the gym and comes with cross straps. You may wear it while you are going for a run, doing yoga, and even casually. It looks like a crop top and has a seamless finish. The cups of the bra provide full coverage to your breasts, and the size of the product ranges from 30 to 36. This racerback bralette is here to offer you comfort as well as style. Its elegant design makes it an eye candy. You may buy the product from many colour options, which are – black, aqua, pink, gajri, grey, deep pink, navy blue, white, and skin. It has a couple of chest pads that can be easily removed and placed inside the cups as per your convenience. This sports bra is highly resilient and is well-rated and reviewed by customers all across the country. Additionally, the product can be shipped to anywhere in India.

What we liked:

  • This sports bra gives full coverage.
  • The chest pads can be easily placed and removed through the holes in the cups.
  • You can buy the product from a variety of colour options.

What we didn’t like:

  • The size range is not wide as compared to other brands.
  • The straps of this sports bra can cause stress on the shoulders if worn for a long time.

7. Pipal Sports Bra

Pipal Sports Bra

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This exclusive dancing workout sports bra is available in sizes between 30 and 34. It covers your body up to your waist and resembles a crop top. Its price is also such that it is affordable for everyone. You can also buy this sports bra in different colours like – red, blue, black and sky blue. The fabric used to manufacture the sports bra has 5% elastane, which helps in ensuring a perfect fit without being too tight. This fabric is also very soft to wear and touch. Additionally, this sports bra is lightly padded and gives better shape to your upper body. You can wear this sports bra every day for your dance and Zumba workout sessions. The straps are broader than a regular bra. These straps are also adjustable and help you achieve a customized fit. The product also has great reviews on many e-commercial platforms of India. Buy this product now to make dancing sessions better.

What we liked:

  • This bra covers the area up to your waist.
  • You can choose the colour of the four colour options.
  • You can also wear this as a crop top

What we didn’t like:

  • This bra is only suitable for light physical activities like dancing and yoga.
  • The padding Is very light, and the fitting may get loose after some time.

8. Waooo Sports Bra

Waooo Sports Bra

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Next on our list, we have the sports bra by the brand called Waooo. It comes in a multicolour pattern is available for purchase in sizes between 30 and 38. Additionally, you have to know that the bra comes in a pack of three, which makes it extremely cost-effective. The straps of this sports bra are wide enough to relieve any stress and pressure from your shoulders while you are working out. You can easily jog, run, and do boxing wearing this sports bra. It is made from very high-quality fabric and has a very durable internal stitching. The sports bra does not have any padding and can even we worn when you are dancing or doing yoga. The colour of the product will not vary even after many washes. Moreover, this item can be shipped all across the country.

What we liked:

  • The fabric of the sports bra is incredibly soft and comfortable.
  • You can choose the size of the product from size 30 to size 38.
  • The straps are wide and help in reducing any discomfort in the shoulder.

What we didn’t like:

  • This sports bra does not have a zippered or hook closure.
  • It also does not have any padding in the cups.

9. Dermawear Sports Bra

Dermawear Sports Bra

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On number nine, we have the sports bra by the brand called Dermawear. This sports bra is available in many colours. These colours are – black, white, skin, black-grey, and black-pink. You may also choose the cup size from variants – B and C. It is light in weight and is known well for reducing the stress in your shoulders. The material used to make this sports bra consists of spandex, which is known to provide stretchability to fabrics. The design is such that you will have an unrestricted arm and shoulder movement all the time. It has great fitting and is available in many sizes. These sizes are – medium, large, extra-large, XX-large, and XXX-large. The bra also has a placement area for pads, which makes it convenient to be worn under your tops as well, like a regular bra.

What we liked:

  • The size range of the product is huge.
  • You can wash the bra in the washing machine.
  • It takes some load off your shoulders.

What we didn’t like:

  • It does not have a hook or zippered closure and has to be worn like a t-shirt over your head.
  • The straps of the sports bra are also not adjustable.

10. Lovable Sports Bra

Lovable Sports Bra

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You may buy this sports cum t-shirt bra from Fuschia, black and a printed option. It is a T-shirt sports bra that looks extremely elegant as well as provides you with the best comfort. You may also use this sports bra as well as a T-shirt bra under your tops. It is made from cotton (94%) and spandex (6%). The spandex makes the bra a little stretchable and gives it an excellent fit. It does not have any wires and is available for purchase in many different sizes. These sizes are – small, medium, large, and extra-large. It is lightly padded, but unlike other products, the pads are not removable. Due to this reason, you are strictly advised to wash this sports bra with hands and not send it to dry clean. It is very comfortable and can be worn for up to 18 hours a day on hectic days. Since it has two-in-one use, you can also wear this bra during your workout sessions at the gym. However, we do not advise you to perform extreme cardio exercises when you are wearing it.

What we liked:

  • The seam of the bra is perfectly stitched, and the overall look is exquisite.
  • It has two-in-one use, i.e., as a t-shirt bra and as a sports bra.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of the product lies at a high end.
  • You cannot wash the product in the washing machine.
  • The sweat absorption of the bra needs improvement.

How to Choose a Sports Bra For the First Time

Consider the following aspects and features before you buy a good sports bra –

1. Compression

The bras that have compression help in compressing breasts in the wall of the chest. Due to this, their movement is restricted, and no discomfort in caused no matter how heavy the exercise is. The sports bras that give compression are best suited for medium-impact physical activities.

2. Fitting

Fitting of a sports bra depends upon the lower band as well the cup size. Before buying a sports bra, consider taking breast measurements using a measuring tape. After your analysis, find a standard size guide. This will help you choose the sports bra that fits best and isn’t too loose or too tight.

3. Closure

Some sports bras have back closure, while some may have front closure. In some cases, there is no closure at all, and you are supposed to wear the bra like a crop top. Closures often have a zip or hook. Consider this aspect and check the closure before buying the product. You may select the sports bra with the convenient closure as per your liking.

4. Straps

Another aspect that you should never ignore a sports bra is its straps. Straps can be wide or narrow. In our experience, we have noticed that broader straps provide better comfort. Straps can also be adjustable or non-adjustable. Adjustable straps help you get a customized fit while the non-adjustable straps do not give you that choice.

5. Fabric

Generally, sports bras are made using stretchable fabrics that contain some amount of spandex or elastane. These materials help you provide better body movements while you are exercising. Additionally, the fabric of such bras is also sweat absorbing. This helps the sweat to dry easily from your skin and prevents rashes. Read the details about the fabric of the bra that you have shortlisted.

6. Band

The band of a sports bra is the part that provides primary support to your breasts. Hence, it must be of the perfect size i.e., not too loose and not too tight. To know the fit of the band, simply wear the sports bra and raise your hands. If it moves, it means that it is too loose. If it is causing any marks in your skin after some time, then it is too tight. In both cases, it needs replacement.

7. Reviews

When buying a product, reading reviews can prove to be extremely useful. Reviews from many buyers all across the country will help you know all the aspects mentioned above in a better sense. After you have shortlisted your top three sports bras continue reading their reviews. You may then purchase the one that has the best overall reviews.

Sports Bra Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I come to know that a particular sports bra is the perfect fit for me or not?

Getting perfect fighting of a sports bra is the most confusing factor for buyers because you can’t just buy the sports bra as you would buy a normal bra for regular usage. While choosing the normal bra, you don’t need to worry about the size or fitting factor, but because you are not going to wear anything else on a sports bra, it ultimately becomes essential if you have heavy breast. And almost all the girls and women want the perfect fitting of the bra, so it doesn’t look unusual. Right? So, the fitting of a bra depends on factors like the support provided, size, and design.

If you are willing to buy the perfect fit sports bra, then make sure that after wearing the bra in the first place, your breasts shouldn’t bounce too much. It’s because it can be awkward for you, and it can be painful plus harmful for your breasts as well. Many users, experts, and manufacturers suggest that you should go with one size smaller sports bra to ensure the perfect fit and avoid looseness.

2. Do I need to take extra care of my sports brand, and how much maintenance effort it requires?

Yes, it is a pretty obvious thing, and you shouldn’t ignore to wash your sports bra, which ultimately is the most important maintenance factor for a sports bra. If you regularly go for jogging, running, and gym, then inevitably your bra gets wet because of the sweat. Right? And if you don’t wash your sports bra regularly, it might cause bacterial build-ups, which can be a very stinky and smelly experience for you.

That’s why it is a recommendation for you to wash your sports bra after each workout session. By doing this, you can ensure that your bra always looks fresh and clean. However, if you want to take care of your sports bra, then do make sure to use the suitable detergent as per the material of your sports bra.

3. Why do people usually suggest using the sports bra instead of the normal bra or any other regular wearable?

As the name suggests that sports bras are perfect for sports activities, and a sports bra differs from the regular bra or any other type of bra based on different factors. A typical sports bra offers excellent comfort and support to the breast, and it looks stylish compared to a normal bra. But anyone can’t deny that most users use the sports bra to prevent the bouncing breasts while jogging, gym, and exercising. Not only this, but comfort is another big reason why girls and women prefer to wear a sports bra.

4. Does the sports bra reduce the breast size by the time?

It is a complete misconception that the sports bra reduces the size of the breast by the time because it is the compression that makes you feel like this. And most of the time, the beginner users ask this type of question because the sports bra seems a bit tight compared to the normal bras. The short and sweet answer to this question is that the sports brand doesn’t prevent the growth of girls’ or women’s breasts.


Women have started participating very much in sports activities. Some of them have also begun considering their overall fitness and are thinking of joining a gym. If you are one of these women, then you may need a workout partner that is – a sports bra. There can be a lot of discomfort while doing physical activities if you are wearing a regular bra. It can also lead to tissue damage and sagging. Due to this reason, we recommend you purchase at least a pair of sports bras. These bras are specially designed to provide you with the best experience whatsoever. Whether you are doing yoga, pilates, or cardio, a sports bra will never disappoint you. You can also wear this if you are going to activities like horse riding and rock climbing. After a lot of research, we have come up with the above-given list, and we hope that our list helped you in choosing the best sports bra.

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