The Best Sugar Free Biscuits In India

It will be not wrong to say that most of us love to have sugary and yummy snacks. But sometimes it may not be the right choice for your health. In such a case, you need to consult a physician. In most of the cases, the physicians will suggest you to have sugar free biscuits. It would help if you include these biscuits in your daily diet. These biscuits are always good for your health. At the same time, they can also solve various health issues apart from lowering the diabetic level in the body.

Most of the sugar free biscuits come with essential cereals. These can help to keep the body active and fresh for a long time. These biscuits can be easily digested and comes with other features. They are mostly made of organic whole grains, cow butter, jaggery and other essentials. You can have them with a cup of tea. In this part, you will learn about some of the best sugar free biscuits that are available in India. These biscuits are also effective in building a good health. These biscuits are good and perfect for people of all ages. It would help if you include it in your diet.Best Sugar Free Biscuits In India

List of Best Sugar Free Biscuits In India

How to choose the best sugar-free biscuits in India?

Not all biscuits or cookies are fat-free & sugar-free, regardless mentioned on their packs. After checking the label, if you find the biscuit that contains 50% less sugar or fat, you may find something in the other ingredients added to make it delicious and crunchy. So, always consider the following factors before buying a packet of biscuits that claim to be sugar-free.

  • Check the label for Ingredients

When you are waiting for the best sugar-free biscuits in India, the most important thing is that you check the ingredients involved. Most biscuit packs contain chemicals in the form of preservatives, colouring, acidity regulator, colouring agent and emulsifier to increase the shelf life of biscuits and protect them from bacteria. Also, ensure that the biscuits are free from benzoic acid, bromates and sulfites, which can interfere with the function of digestive enzymes and lower blood pressure.

Hence, go with a pack free from sugar, artificial flavours, and maida. Those who are fitness enthusiasts should go with such a biscuit pack having a high amount of protein. All vital nutrients will come from various ingredients such as cashews, peanuts, almonds and wheat.

  • Check the Sodium Bicarbonate levels

The level of sodium bicarbonate in a packet of sugar-free biscuits means that the biscuits and salt are often heavy on sugar and salt. People with blood pressure problems or those on a low-salt diet should strictly check sodium bicarbonate levels.

  • Check the fat Content of Biscuits

Biscuit also contains a high amount of fat. Most manufacturers use either palm oil or butter. These oils contain saturated fat, which can cause heart problems. Whereas quality sugar-free biscuits are prepared using sunflower oil with less saturated fat. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your blood sugar levels, eliminate the amount of fat in the diet.

  • Consider the flavours and Taste

When it comes to sugar-free biscuits, taste matters. Some ingredients make biscuits tasteless. But, there are many top-notch food brands available that offer a variety of packs with different flavours. This way you will not compromise on your health as well as the taste.

  • Large or Small packs

If you’re on a strict diet or frequent health-conscious, a large pack is worth it. However, sugar-free biscuits are quite expensive compared to biscuits with high sugar content. So, it is advised to choose accordingly.