The Best Gym Supporter in India

Regular running in the gym and workouts are effective ways to keep the body in shape. It also helps in keeping you active and fit always. If you want to indulge in fitness activities, prepare for an army exam, or participate in the competition, you need the best supporter for comfortable & interrupted exercise.

Wearing a supporter during physical activities helps in preventing the disturbing movement of testicles. In addition to this, it helps prevent the unwanted formation of your private body part. Even, most fitness and coaches also recommend wearing a gym supporter during sports or gym activities. By wearing the best gym supporter, you can avoid any sort of issues belonging to the private body parts like injury, muscle strain and unwanted testicles movement, etc.

Several gym supporters are available under sleek design, colour and fabric that offer great comfort and wonderful physical movements. If you are also looking for the best supporter for running, physical activities and gym, then you must check this article. These supporters are not only made of good quality fabric but also available at an affordable cost. So, what are you waiting for? Go and quickly check it out.

Best Quality Gym Supporter in India


How to choose the best gym supporter in India?

In most training sessions, in the gym and fighting, gym supporters play an essential role for men and boys. Before making a final decision, know what type and size pro you need to ensure you have the right protective apparel for your needs.

  • Choose the right Supporter type

A supporter is a vital accessory for many sports, and they have a variety of versions. The most common type includes:

  1. Compression Shorts

Compression shorts with form-fitting and flexibility have gained immense popularity these days. Some compression shorts have a fixed design enabled for a safety cup, and they are more comfortable than other pro types.

  1. Jockstraps

Jockstraps are one of the popular types of supporters that have low loops and an elastic waistband. It also has a fabric pouch at the front to keep the cup in place.

  1. Pelvic Protector

A pelvic protector, also called Jill is a kind of jockstrap for female athletes. As compared to the male jockstrap, its design is flatter. It wraps up the lower part of the groin area and abdomen.

  1. Impact Shorts

These shorts are very similar to compression shorts. The only difference is it features pockets for thigh guards and hip guards apart from a pouch for the cup.

  1. Pick the right size

Measure your waist using tailor’s tape to get the best possible fit. Locate the tape at the top of the hipbone, which is near the level of the navel for the most adequate measurement. Accurate waist measurement helps in determining the right size of a supporter to suit your body type. However, the size varies between manufacturers. So always check the label. Sizes are usually in between the ranges given for male supporters.

  • 20-21 inches for youth small
  • 22-23 inches for youth medium
  • 24-25 inches for youth large
  • 26-32 inches for small
  • 34-38 inches for medium
  • 40-44 inches for large
  • 46-50 inches for extra large
  1. Comfort and perfect fit

The supporters you choose should be tight and comfortable enough to elevate the genitals and secure them in place. A small cup often causes pinching, and may not protect all genital effects. So, it is good to go with the bigger size. Make sure the supporters should not be too big as they can give the cup a lot of room to move during the exercise. It can also slip and rub against the genitals, causing rashes or other problems.