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One state which has seen tremendous development in the last decade is Odisha and that has attracted a lot of people to invest in the state. There are some of the world class universities in Odisha like KIIT University and the land in Odisha is also very fertile. It is one of the states which supplies rice to many other states in India. Even for the purpose of setting up industry, Odisha turns out to be an ideal state and this is mainly because of infrastructure, coastal belt and the friendly government policies.

All these factors have spiked the property purchase in Odisha and with the rise in demand, the price has also increased. Today, if anyone wants to purchase the property then it is really important for him to check all the details about the property to carry out due diligence.

This saves the person from fraud. Earlier, people had to stand in long lines at government offices to check the land records but today, all the information is available on the public portal which makes it easy for you to check details. Let us now have a look at other details regarding Bhulekh Odisha

Advantages of Checking Land Records

The main advantage of checking the land records is that you are able to induce transparency in the deal. With the help of all these details, ma people are also able to avoid land frauds which could have otherwise wreaked havoc on these buyers. Checking the details also ensures that you are getting a legit detail while you are purchasing the property.

Since you are now aware of the advantages of checking the land records, let us move to the next section where we have talked about the exact procedure to check the land records in Odisha

Online Procedure – Odisha Land Records

You can follow the steps listed below to check all the details.

Step 1: The process starts by visiting the website for the Bhulekh Odisha. The official website for this task is and once you visit the website, you will be able to start the process of checking the land records.

Step 2: There are two major options on the website and these are Map View and RoR View. We would recommend you to click on RoR view here but you can toggle between the two modes easily.

Bhulekh Odisha Khatiyan Number

Step 3: Under the RoR view, enter the details such as District, Tehsil, Village, Khatiyan and the RI Circle. You will need to enter the same details even if you get into Map View. You would also need to make a selection between Khatiyan, Plot or Tenant. This option is available in the form of a radio

Step 4: Once you have entered all the details, click on the RoR Front Page button. You will be redirected to a new page and all the details will be displayed here. You can then move on to RoR back page and you will be able to fetch more details regarding the same.

What are Other Services Offered?

Land Record Web Portal of Odisha is a very basic portal which offers information only about the land records. The portal has 2 modes which are RoR view and Tehsil View. Apart from this, the portal can also be used to find Tehsil Information. These are the basic services offered via this portal. If you wish to obtain any other service then you would need to visit the department and obtain the same. There are plans to digitalize all these services in future but it can take time.

Bottom Line

This was all about checking the land records in Odisha.  You must check the land records in Odisha before entering in the land deal. If you are the buyer and if you notice any discrepancy then this is a red sign for you and you need to be cautious in the deal.

If you are an owner and if you notice any discrepancy in the details on the website then do not panic and simply contact the Concerned Tehsildar. You can also contact the Director of Land Records and Survey which falls under the Board of Revenue in Cuttack. They will be able to help you in addressing the queries and making the required corrections