Bigg Boss Telugu Winners List of All Seasons To Till Date

As we all know, Bigg Boss Telegu has turned out to be the most happening show in the present time. It has become the hot favorite for many of us. The show has also gained good hype with the contestants fight and argument. Each day you will experience something new in the show. Right from the first day, this show has become the heart robe of many people. If we do not see Bigg Boss, it seems that we have missed something big for the day. It is a great event for each of us.

The show has been adapted from a Dutch series known as Big Brother. The concept was the same. However, some difference was observed in case of the game and other events. John de Mol introduced the concept of Big Brother. In India, some modifications were made as per the circumstances and contestants. People from various fields can join the team. However, you are abiding by the rules and regulations of the house. You have to maintain it as much as possible.

All your activities are captured on the camera. It seems someone closely observes all your movements. You need to maintain the decorum of the house in any situation.  As a contestant, you have to play various roles as and when required.

Rules of the Bigg Boss house

It will be interesting knowing about the rules and systems of the house. It is mandatory to maintain it.  A team of people has to live in a house isolated from the whole world. These people will be known as “housemates”. In each week, the housemates will select two people for elimination. The one who will receive the maximum number of votes will face the public votes.  However, one member has to leave the house after the elimination process. In the final week, five members will stay. Now general public will decide whom they want to elect through votes.  The one who will receive the maximum votes will win the game. If you are found to get low votes, you will be eliminated from the house. It is like a challenge that you have to maintain. You have to try your level best to do your best in the show and win it. It will be your achievement once you gain success. Never let the chance go.

The house is strict with the rules. Everyone has to follow the system. Everyone has to speak in English except Telegu. They cannot leave the house without the permission of their housemates. You can only leave the house only after the elimination process. They are not even allowed to sleep without the consent of Bigg Boss.

You must try to maintain the rules of the Bigg Boss in any situation. The Bigg Boss is a good place where you can do a lot of things. You will feel beautiful during your stay.

List of the Bigg Boss winners in Telegu

In this part, you will learn about the name of Bigg Boss Telegu winners. It will be good to know about the name of the winners and acquire knowledge of them. The journey of Bigg Boss Telegu commenced in the year 2017. The show is aired on Star Maa. After the huge success, it gained much popularity.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 winner- Siva Balaji

In the year 2017, Bigg Boss Telegu started its journey. At the time, there were 16 housemates, and the show came to an end after 70 days. Junior NTR hosted the show. Siva Balaji, who is an actor, producer, and television personality, became the winner. He became famous only after playing the role of “Ajay” in the film named “Arya”. He won the show with a margin of 8.5 lakh votes which is a great thing. As a winner, he received prize money of R 50 lakhs. He also received a huge trophy as a winner of Bigg Boss winner. He was a popular contestant in the entire show. It seems that his life changed after the show. He became renowned and popular among the people.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 winner- Kaushal Manda

Season 2 of Bigg Boss 2 commenced in the year 2018. The show comprised 18 contestants. Fifteen among them were celebrities, and the rest of them were commoners. The show continued for 112 days. Kaushal Manda, an Indian actor, was the winner of the show. He also participated in many Telegu films. He is a known face of the Telegu television industry. He started his journey in this industry by playing Mahesh Babu’s film named  “Rajakumarudu”. In the year 2019, he entered into Indian politics. He joined Bharatiya Janata Party. He also received a cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 winner- Rahul Sipligunj

The show of Bigg Boss 3 was an interesting one in all aspects. In this season, there were 17 contestants. The show continued for 105 days. Akkileni Nagarjuna was the host of the show. You must know Nagarjuna, who is a famous personality in the film industry. The winner of the show Rahul Sipligunj is a famous singer. He is a playback singer who mainly sings in Telegu films. In his early life, he began his career by singing and making videos on YouTube channels. He has sung in more than 50 Telegu films. He also earned good fame after becoming the winner of the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 winner- Abhijeet

bigg boss 4 telugu winner abhijeet

Bigg Boss season 4 was launched in 2020. In the beginning, the show comprised 19 contestants. The show was also hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. This time the winner was also a singer named Abhijeet. You must have heard his name on the Indian Idol. He was also the winner of Indian Idol show. He is a famous singer who sang a lot of sings in the Telegu film industry. Apart from this, he also played a role in “Sekhar Kammula”. This bought him to the limelight of the film industry. He has also played several roles in web series. After winning the title of Bigg Boss, his life changed to a great extent.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 winner- VJ Sunny

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 winner- VJ Sunny

The 5th season of Bigg Boss telugu is won by the VJ Sunny who lift up the trophy on the grand finale day which was schedule on December 19, 2021 he also got the cash prize of Rs. 50 Lakh.

This season was started from September 5, 2021 in which total housemates participated and Shanmukh Jaswanth becomes the first runner up of the show. The show is once again hosted by the Akineneni Nagarjuna.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 winner- L. V. Revanth

Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 winner- L. V. Revanth

The 6th edition of Bigg Boss Telugu was started from September 4, 2022 which was continue till December 18, 2022 and this time the show was won by the L. V. Revanth who life the trophy and the cash prize of this season was also Rs. 50 Lakh while Shrihan Shaikh become the first runner up of the show.

The show was once again hosted by Mega Star Nagarjuna and show was air on TV for 150 days. The season was as usual full of excitement and drama which attract its viewer and this time total 21 contestants participate in the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 winner- TBC

This season was started from September 3rd 2023 and the grand finale is expected to be held on December 17th 2023. This time total 19 contestants participated in the show and  the show is once again hosted by the Nagarjuna for the winner and runner up details we have to wait few more days. So stay in touch with us.

List of Big Boss Seasons Runner-Ups, Hosts Name, Year, and Date

Here you will gather the names of the runner-up of the show. This will keep you updated from time to time. Let us now have a glimpse of the title and hosts of the show in Bigg Boss Telegu. You will also get to know about the date of commencement of each of the shows.

Season Big Boss Year Name of Hosts Runner-Ups
Season 1 16th July 2017 to 24th September 2017 Junior NTR Aadarsh Balakrishna
Season 2 10th June 2018 to 30th September 2018 Junior NTR Geetha Madhuri
Season 3 21st July 2019 to 3rd November 2019 Akkeneni Nagarjuna Sreemukhi
Season 4 6th September 2020 to 20th December 2020 Akkeneni Nagarjuna Akhil Sarthak
 Season 5 5th September 2021 to 19th December 2021 Akkeneni Nagarjuna Shanmukh Jaswanth
 Season 6 4th September 2022 to 18th December 2022 Akkeneni Nagarjuna Shrihan Shaik
 Season 7 3rd September 2021 to 17th December 2023 Akkeneni Nagarjuna TBC

Final Words

Bigg Boss Telegu is a big hit. Even the hosts performed and took the show to a different level. The show got great hype after the entry of Nagarjuna. He is himself a star. He took the show to a different story that increased its popularity to a great extent. Bigg Boss season 5 has not yet started, but it is expected to be a fantastic one.

The show is aired on top television channels. The viewers eagerly wait for the time to watch it. The central part of the show is that you as a contestant have to stay away from friends and relatives for a specific period; it is great to forget about them and concentrate on the show. This will take you to the peak of success. You can enjoy to be the winner of the show.

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