Why Central Bank of India UPI Is Not Working? Here Is the Possible Fix

UPI has changed the entire financial transaction process in India. This payment system allows people to send money in a convenient way. With the help of UPI, you can easily send money to anyone you want from your mobile phone. The Central bank of India provides UPI services to its customers for a convenient way of transaction.

It helps people in many ways and saves their time. The bank has a dedicated app for the same, which is known as Cent UPI. So, it is easier for users to download the app, complete the registration process, and start using it for financial transactions. But Central Bank of India Customers also use other UPI apps such as Google Pay, Phonepe, Bhim and Paytm for their financial transactions.

However, every day is not the same. Sometimes issues occur when transacting using the Central Bank of India UPI. In fact, many people have faced some issues when using the UPI service of this bank. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for this problem and the possible fixes.

Reasons For Central Bank of India UPI Not Working

Central Bank of India UPI Not Working

Generally, there can be many reasons for the Central Bank of India UPI not working problem. If the bank’s server is experiencing high traffic or down, this issue can happen. Sometimes you may face issues due to some problems in the UPI app you are using. So, you will first need to determine the actual problem and then try to find out the solution.

Tips To Fix the Central Bank of India UPI Not Working Problem

  • Ensure Strong Internet Connection

If your UPI transactions fail repeatedly, you will need to pay attention to your internet connection. Due to poor internet connection, UPI transactions can be failed. If the internet speed is not good, you can try completing the payment after some time.

  • Try Updating the App

Sometimes the issue might be with the UPI app. If you are using the Cent UPI app, you should update it in the app store. Third-party apps such as Phonepe, Google Pay, and Paytm show problems in the UPI transaction if it is not updated or in maintenance mode. So, you can try doing the payment after some time.

  • You Have Entered the Incorrect Pin

In order to send money using UPI, you will need to authorize the transaction using a pin. Every time you make a payment, you will need to enter this pin. Once the pin is entered, money will be deducted from your bank account. But if you enter an incorrect pin, the transaction will be failed. So, you have to retry the payment by entering the correct pin.

  • You Don’t Have Enough Balance in The Bank Account

If there is not enough balance in the account, the transaction will not be successful. Make sure that you check the account balance before proceeding with the payment. In case of an insufficient balance, you should deposit money in your account before retrying the payment.

  • Server Down or App Maintenance

Sometimes you may face issues with the Central Bank of India UPI if the UPI app is under maintenance or the server is down. If this is the case, you can try again after some time.

  • You Have Entered the Wrong Payment Details

You will need to enter the correct payment details while making a UPI payment. If the payment details are wrong, then the transaction can be failed.

Contact Details of Central Bank of India UPI

If you are still facing issues with the UPI service of the Central Bank of India, you can seek help from the bank. The contact numbers are as follows.

  • Failed transactions – 022-61648613
  • Technical issues – 1800 22 1911