Copper Wire Or Aluminium: Which Is Best?

You must have seen that most of the air conditioner machines come with copper wire condensers than the aluminium ones. This is because they are found to be durable and sturdy to a great extent. It is also noticed that aluminium wire is much difficult to repair than the copper wires. You may not get the proper tools while repairing the same. If we go back, it will be found that during the early days when air conditioner machines were invented it was the copper wire that was used in those machines. In 1970s the air conditioners became a luxury for the middle-class people.

Just from them the companies started using the aluminium coils on the machines. This made the appliance made affordable to everyone.

Difference Between the Copper and the Aluminium Wires

Copper Wire Or Aluminium

It is vital to check out the primary difference that exists between the two.

  • The cooling efficiency of the air conditioner machine depends on the heat exchanging capacity of the machine. It is found that copper material has high tendency of conductivity than the aluminium ones if it is a matter of heat. So, copper wires are suitable for this case.
  • It may happen that the wire needs to be repaired. In this case, it is better to opt for the copper wires because they are easy to repair. Whereas the aluminium wires are much complicated for repairing. the copper wires are also durable. but it is found that in the present time, the manufacturers make the wires much thinner. This will require regular maintenance and repair.
  • When it comes for maintenance, it is found that copper wires are much costly for maintenance. On the other hand, it does not easily bend like the aluminium wires. For this reason, people prefer to opt for the aluminium ones.
  • It is also noticed that the condenser coil is located on the outer part of the machine. If the machine is located on the metropolitan cities or in some congested area, it is for sure that the coil will get damaged. Both the wires whether it is made of aluminium or copper it does not matter, it will get corrosion. But to protect the same, the companies use anti-corrosion technologies to get the matter solved. This depends on the buyer which one they would choose or prefer.

Which is the better one?

Here comes the most important question as which is the best one to be used as a wire? It is known that copper wire is always the best one and it has been in the market right from the beginning. But now with the introduction of aluminium wires there are companies who are planning to go with them. The cost of maintenance of copper wires is much higher than the aluminium ones. It primarily depends on the user or the company which wire they would prefer to put. This is the main thing about the wires. The copper wire condensers have an edge in almost all the cases.

On the other hand, if it is the matter of durability, you can go with the copper wires. This is because they are much durable and better than the aluminium wires. You can also enjoy a long-term service with the copper wires. If the aluminium wires get damaged it needs to be removed but if you are using a copper wire, it can be welded and reused for the second time. This may be another reason why most people like to go with the copper wires. Copper wires are always the first preference in almost all the cases. The reports have cleared that the demand of the copper wire is much more than the aluminium wires.