Difference Between Farming In India And USA

Before proceeding into the discussion of a difference between farming in India and USA it is better to understand and have a formal information or knowledge on the term “farm”. A farm is said top be an agricultural land that is completely used in the task of farming and producing crops and other products. A farm holds an important part in production of various types of agricultural products.

However, there is a difference between farming in India and USA. It is vital to analyse them. It is clear that farm is a piece of land that is used for farming process. It is the same both in India and USA. However, there is still a difference that exists between the two. Let us try to explore it in the best possible manner.

Difference Between Farming In India And USA

Difference Between Farming In India And USA

⇒ 1. It is seen that India is a developing agricultural country in which people have farming as a vital profession. Whereas in USA it is seen that the country is not an agricultural country. It is the country in which only 2% of the population is involved in the task of agricultural works. USA is much developed in other spheres. People have ample options to take as their profession.

⇒ 2. In India you will get average farm holdings that may range from 2 to 3 hectares of land. You will not get any such big farms. But if you move to the USA, you will get that the farm holdings are much bigger in size. It may be about 250 hectares of land. The farms are so big or huge in size that it takes good involvement of people to carry out the agricultural works. This is another significant difference between the two types of farming lands in two countries.

⇒ 3. The major problem with the farming process in India is that the farmers are uneducated and they do not have minimum education to carry out the farming process with the involvement of new and latest technologies. But if you have a glance on the USA you will get to see that average of the farmers are educated and they have proper information about the use and involvement of the latest technologies. This is why they may the best use of technologies which is good for modern mode of farming.

⇒ 4. It is also found that the Indian farmers use manual systems and machineries to carry out the farming works. They find it much more suitable to use these methods for farming. However, it involves more efforts and physical involvement. But in the USA, you will get that the farmers use heavy machineries to carry out the farming works. This makes farming a hassle-free and an easy process. It is also essential to use and rely upon all the modern methods to carry out the farming works.

⇒ 5. Climates play a crucial role in farming in India. You will get it that the whole farming process depends on the amount of rain in each year. If it rains good, you will get good farming and crops. But if it has poor rains, there might be problems in the production of crops. However, the situation is quite different in the USA. The whole process of farming is carried out with the use of various types of scientific process. Farmers in the USA uses all types of advanced scientific process that makes farming an easier process.

⇒ 6. The most important point of difference that lies between the two is the payment or the earnings of the farmers. Most Indian farmers get a very poor return from the farming. But this is not the case with the USA farmers. They get a good return from the crops that they produce. This helps them to lead their life in a better way. But the condition of the Indian farmers is terrific. They have to suffer a lot even after giving a lot of efforts in farming.