Why Peacock Is National Bird Of India?

The national bird of India is the Peacock. The Peacock symbolizes grace, beauty, pride, and royalty. In India, the Peacock is a sacred bird often seen in temples and shrines. The national bird of India is also the national animal of Sri Lanka.

India is a land of culture and tradition. The Peacock is a symbol of beauty, grace, and good luck. It is also a national bird of India. The bird is native to the Indian subcontinent and has been revered in Indian culture since ancient times.

The Peacock is a sacred bird in Hinduism and is often associated with Lord Kartikeya. In Buddhism, the Peacock is a symbol of wisdom and compassion. The bird is also considered to be a guardian of the home and a bringer of good luck. The national bird of India is a symbol of the country’s rich cultural heritage and is revered by its people.

Why Peacock Is National Bird Of India

Here Are Some Key Reasons Why The Peacock is the National Bird of India –

Peacock has vast religious importance as per Hinduism. Lord Krishna always has a peacock feather on his head, which adds charm to the beauty. Maa Lakshmi is endorsed as the prosperity goddess, symbolized as Mayura. Do you know what Mayura is? It means Peacock in English.

As if you look deeper into the history of Hinduism, Lord Ganesha has Peacock as a mount. You can find it in the Ganesha Purana. The religious mythology in Hinduism shows respect and the value of a Peacock. From beauty to prosperity, there are so many things that make peacocks a crucial part of Hindu society.

It is said that keeping Peacock’s feather at home brings wealth and prosperity to the family. Despite the religious importance, there is one more reason behind choosing the Peacock as the national bird of India.

Peacock is a bird with beautiful feathers, a charming appeal, and a positive attitude. When it is about to rain, peacocks dance, and it is undoubtedly a beautiful view. People throughout all the Indian states appreciate beauty, and there is no denying it.

Peacock is considered a sacred bird due to all the given reasons. If you ever visit a zoo or animal park, you can find Peacock living in its space. This bird species is hard to compare with any other for religious and traditional reasons.

This bird has been a part of Indian society for thousands of years, and our ancestors used to live with these beautiful creatures. Thus, Peacock has titled the National Bird of India in 1963. We hope this post helped you gain insight into the topic and added value to your knowledge.