Difference Between Rebonding And Smoothening

The look of a person is a matter of subjectiveness. There are lots of things that add up to the appearance of a person, from impressive outfits to hair style. You may have noticed that people get expensive treatment for their hair to enhance the look as well as keep them healthy and shiny.

If you want to keep your hair looking in good shape and maintain them, then you might come across the need for Rebonding or Smoothening. Most hair stylists or hair dress may suggest you both without knowing which one is perfect for you. It can be challenging to understand what will be better and what suits the most.

To answer these questions, here is a complete comparison between Rebonding and Smoothening to help you understand the right treatment for your specific need.

Rebonding Vs. Smoothing – Highlights of Differences

Both treatments offer quite similar results. However, it depends upon the existing condition of your hair. If your hairs are dry and don’t have any texture, then Rebonding is a great choice. As if you are dealing with curly hairs and an always messy look, then smoothening can come in handy.

Rebonding Smoothening
To change your hair’s texture and make them smooth, it is a reliable option. To make hairs smooth and shiny, smoothening is a perfect option.
Rebonding can be expensive as it starts from rupees 10,000 from reputed salons. Smoothening is also costly, but it is comparatively cheaper as you can get treatment under rupees 6,000
Rebonding is a chemical treatment, and it can last for around a year with adequate care. Smoothening results last for two months to five months as max with adequate care.
Many types of chemicals are used in this process to make your hair texture smooth and shiny. Smoothening also requires chemicals; there are fewer chances of dealing with harsh ingredients in the chemicals.
Reliable for people who want to get rid of messy hair and improper texture. Reliable for people who want to get rid of curls and make their hair shiny.

As if you want to get the right treatment, then a dermatologist can help in figuring out the right option. Even people consider getting keratin treatment to enhance their hair quality, and it can be a viable option for many people.

Which One Should You Choose?

The rebonding technique helps in removing curls, changing texture and shape, and removing waviness out of hairs. On the other hand, smoothening is just to make your hairs straight, smooth, and shiny. Both offer a similar types of results, but there is always a certain difference.

Rebonding goes through the use of heavy chemicals to get the results, whereas smoothening is all about using mild chemicals in this process. Your hair will be softer and smoother in touch with smoothening. That’s why it is a reliable option for most people. If you are not sure which one will suit your need, then you can try a test yourself.

Look at your hair and try feeling the texture. If your hairs are messy, curled, and tangled, then smoothening can provide the best solution. But, if you find your hairs damaged, thinning, or have texture-related problems with every touch, then you can consider Rebonding.

There are lots of people who have waviness in their hair, and they usually deal with such issues for a long time. It can be tedious to find the right solution.

Does Rebonding or Smoothening Worth your money?

Instead of looking at the money factor, try to look at the bigger picture, your hair. There are people who have tried such treatments, and they end up dealing with issues related to hair thinning, hair fall, and so on. Instead of looking at the money factor, try getting the best possible solution or no treatment at all. The use of harsh chemicals can cause long-term hair-related problems. We hope this method will help you find a reliable treatment.