Driving License Assam – How to Apply, Eligibility Criteria and Status

Driving license is mandatory for a person above the age of 18 in order to ride a bike or drive a car. Heavy vehicles license (Transport vehicle) is for drivers who drive Lorries, buses, and containers transporting goods. A driver without a driving license is punishable by law and will be put behind bars for the crime committed. The Licensing authority issues the driving license based on the test conducted by the officer. The license will be given to the person only on clearing the physical test.

Applying for a driving license in Assam is an easy task and you can complete it by visiting the website directly https://transport.assam.gov.in/portlets/apply-online-for-driving-license.

 The steps by which it can be applied are given below

  • Filling of Application form
  • Uploading of the application form and required documents
  • Uploading of the photograph and signature of the person
  • Booking of LL test slot
  • Fee payment

Driving License

Application form

The filling of application form contains the basic details like whether the person is a diplomat, repatriate / Refugees / Foreigners (But not Diplomats) / Ex-Servicemen / Physically Challenged based on the above category. If the person already has a driver’s license/learner license, he needs to fill the license number and the date of birth for submitting the application. In case the person does have a license number, he needs to select the category as not holding Driver license.

Uploading the application form

Once the above details are verified, the application form is submitted and an application number is generated for future use. With the help of the application number, photo and signature are uploaded in the next step of the process.

Uploading of the photograph and signature

In order to upload the photograph and signature, the following details are to be entered like the application number, date of birth, applicant name, relation, gender, application date, and RTO. The dimensions of a photo to be uploaded should be of 1.4 inches width and 1.75 inches height and the dimensions of the signature should be of Width 3.5cm X height 1.06cm. The sizes of both the files for upload should be within 10-20 kb and of JPEG/jpg file type only. After upload of the sign and photograph in the portal, save them.

View of Documents

The documents can be viewed later by entering the application number. The following are the documents required for applying for a license.

  • Pan card copy
  • Learner’s license
  • Passport size photos –3 copies
  • Medical fitness certificate copy
  • Parent or guardian consent letter was written along with sign and date in case the applicant is a minor
  • Address proof copy, any one of these ( Passport/ Voter ID/ Life insurance policy /Ration card)
  • Birth certificate copy or school certificate copy or affidavit from the magistrate
  • Police verification certificate

Booking of LL test slot

For booking of LL test slot, enter the application number and applicant date of birth and verification code and click submit.

Online payment                    

For online payment, select the application fee from the E-payment Menu and then enter the application number and date of birth. Then click on “click to calculate fee” button and verify your details. Then select on the Bank/Gateway from the Drop down menu. After selecting the gateway or bank, enter the generated code in the corresponding box. Click on the pay now for making the payment.

Status of payment

The status of payment can be verified by entering the application number and date of birth of the applicant along with the text to be entered in the box. Click on verify to know the status of the payment.

Modification of applications

In order to modify the applications for adding the class of vehicles, or adding transactions, enter the application number and date of birth to proceed further.

Check availability of slots for the test

For checking the slot availability, please click on state code, state name, RTO code, and RTO name. The availability will be displayed once the code is selected.

Cancel appointments

In order to cancel the appointment, enter the application number and date of birth of the applicant along with the verification code and click submit.

Printing application form

In order to print the application form, enter the application number and date of birth of the applicant and click on submit.

Online test for LL

The online test is available for learners’ license and the test can be attended online by entering application number, date of birth, language and state.

For the offline application of license, meet the RTO office nearby and fill the application form. Submit the filled application form and make the payment with the submission of documents. After verification of documents, book the slot for DL and attend the test on scheduled time and date.

Eligibility criteria

In order to apply for a LL, the candidate should be above the age of 18 and above 21 for transport vehicle license. A person with age 16 can ride a bike not more than 50cc without a license in public.

In case the person has a Learners license, should apply for driving license from 30 days to a maximum of 180 days for a permanent driver’s license.

The different types of licenses in Assam are Learners license and driver’s license. LL is a temporary one while driver’s license is permanent.

In order to renew a driver’s license in Assam, the procedure is a little different and can be checked online.