Driving License Manipur: How to apply, Eligibility, Fees, Status, Search

The people who want to drive vehicles in India need to own driving license. If someone is the resident of Manipur, then the person is required to have a driving license to be able to drive vehicle in all the public areas and Indian states. The RTO is responsible for issuing the driving license to the residents of the state. It is effortless to apply for driving license in Manipur and here are the details of it.

Procedure to apply for Driving License in Manipur

The Manipur residents can get a driving license by online and offline processes both. You can apply for either online or offline procedure to get your driving license without any hassle. Here is the online system to get your driving license.

Driving License

Online procedure for driving license

  • First of all, you will need to go to the official website, parivahan.gov.in, where you can click on the online driving services. You can choose Manipur as the state, and then you can click on, ‘Apply online.’
  • You will fill up all the necessary details in the form, and then you can upload the documents at the online site.
  • You will be able to get the application number, which is required to be submitted when you will provide documents at RTO. At the office, you will reach with your original documents for verification.
  • You will be asked to pay the fee, and then you can schedule your driving test and make sure that you are present at the given location and time to provide the proof.

Offline procedure to get a driving license in Manipur  

  • To fill up the form via the offline method, one can visit the nearby RTO office in Manipur from where you can get the form for your driving license.
  • After receiving the DL, you can fill up the form and make sure that you attach required documents with it.
  • You can pay your application fee and then you can book your driving test.
  • You have to appear for the driving test on the given date and schedule to get your license on time without any hassle.

Eligibility to apply for DL in Manipur

The residents who want to get DL in Manipur should be the residents of the state. The candidate should be of more than 16 years old to get a license for a motorcycle with under 50cc engine. The candidate who wants to get a license for motorcycle with gear should be more than 18 years old. If the candidate wants to apply for DL to drive heavy vehicles, then he should be 20 years old or more. The candidate should know all about traffic rules to get a license.

Fees to get a driving license

The applicants who want to get their driving license will be required to pay an amount of Rs.200. In case, you are interested in getting international DL; then the fee will be of Rs.500/-. During the driving test, the candidate will be asked to pay an amount of Rs.50 only. There are no extra charges to get a driving license in Manipur.

Check Driving License Status in Manipur 

After submitting the application form for the driving license, you can also check the status by going to the RTO office. The concerned authorities would ask for your DL number, and they will let you know about the situation. You can also use the online website, www.sarathi.nic.in to check the license status of yours.

You will need to choose the state, and then you can enter your DL number along with D.O.B. to get the status online.

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