Driving License Uttar Pradesh (UP): How to apply, eligibility, Fees, Status, Search

Driving license is a mandatory legal document that is issued by the transport department of a state. The person holding a driving license is legally entitled to ride a two-wheeler or four-wheeler on road. Absence of driving license while riding or driving on a road is an offense that is fined and punished by the law. Driving license in addition to being a permission to drive also serves as an identity proof. Before a person is eligible to hold a driving license he or she should possess a learner’s license or LLR to apply for driving license.

An LLR is again a legal document that the RTO of the state issues for a person willing to learn driving and apply for a permanent driving license.

This step is mandatory. In order to qualify for LLR, the person must be 16 for non- transport vehicles and 20 years for commercial vehicles.

Types of driving license in the state of UP

  • Without gear license – this allows qualified individuals to ride mopeds and scooters
  • With gear: the holder of this license can ride lightweight vehicles like cars and bikes that include gears
  • Transport vehicle: license for HMV that enables the holder to drive a lorry and trucks

Driving License

How to apply for a driving license in the state of UP?

The application procedure for driving license in the state of UP is quite simple. The step by step guide for the procedure is as follows: the application for a driving license can be applied both offline and online.

The offline procedure

  • Visit http://www.uptransport.co.in/formlist.aspx to download the application form or you can also visit the nearest transport office located in your vicinity and collect the required DL application form.
  • Fill the application form completely and submit it to the transport office, the same one at which you collected the application form
  • Along with the application submit all the required documents such as births and address proof for supporting the claim
  • Once the form is submitted along with documents and fee, book a date to attend the driving test
  • The license will be issued to the individuals who have successfully passed the conducted driving test.

Online procedure: online application form for a driving license is provided in the state of UP.

  • Visit Sarathi.nic.in on any browser of your choice and then
  • On the homepage of the website click on the application for new DL.
  • Then in the extended tab select new driving license
  • Once the form is opened, please enter all the details correctly.
  • Upload the required documents like address and identity proof before clicking on the submit button
  • On submission, you will be given an application number for reference
  • The applying candidate can also book a slot for driving license
  • Appear for the test on the given date and carry the original for verification. Only on passing the test you will be given the license.

What is the eligibility for applying for the license?

  • The person applying for the license has to be major in other terms the person he or she must be 18 years old. And for the commercial vehicles, the person applying should be 20 years old.
  • The person should possess a learner’s license to be able to apply for the driving license.
  • The driving license should be applied only after the completion of 30 days from the date of learner’s license. The people should apply for the permanent license before the expiry of 6 months
  • Finally, the applicant should have good knowledge of traffic rules. As passing the driving test is mandatory it is important for getting the license.

What is the fee structure for a license in Uttar Pradesh?

The fee for applying for a license in the state of Uttar Pradesh can be found on the official website. For learners license, the application fee is rupees thirty. And for the application fee for the permanent driving license is 200 rupees. Further, the state offers renewal for driving license. The fee for renewal of a permanent driving license to the smart card is rupees 250.

Status check for the license

for checking the status of applied driving license you need to have the application number. Visit the official webpage and then enter the application number, date of birth and click on the submit button to check the status of the application.