EGROOPS Kerala: Online Societies & Partnership Firms Registration

Most of the self-employed people prefer working in a partnership with a close relative or a friend because that helps them with ease of investments as well as with ease of managing the business. While proprietorship has its own benefits, the partnership firms have an additional benefit as it is not just one person who is investing money and efforts.

The documentation required for registering the partnership firm is also less than what would have been required to register an LLP or any other type of firm. You might not be aware of this but the government of Kerala has made it really easy for the people to register their partnership firm. From now on, there is no need to visit the government office to register a partnership firm as this can be done online with the help of EGROOPS Portal in Kerala.

In this article, we are going to share the details of the registration procedure for partnership firms in Kerala using the Online EGROOPS Kerala portal.

What is EGROOPS?

EGROOPS stand for Electronic Governance for Registration of Partnership Firms and Societies and this is an effort taken by Kerala government to help people with the registration of firm in an easy and digitalized manner.

Services Offered via EGROOPS Portal

There are several services offered by EGROOPS and here is a list of service that you can obtain with help of EGROOPS Portal.

  • Registration of New Firm
  • Registration of New Society
  • Checking the Registration Status of Firm or Society
  • Changing the Partners of Firm or Society
  • Changing the Address of Firm or Society

Let us now look at some other important points that need to be considered in order to register the firm via EGROOPS Portal

Important Points to Note

There are somethings that need to be considered before you start the process. Check out the details below

  • The first thing that you need to take care of is that you need to check the availability of the name of the company that you are planning to register and also ensure that you do a trademark search to avoid any issues in future.
  • Apart from this, you need to ensure that the name of the company is not similar to the name of the company which is doing comparable business.
  • Also, the name that you choose most not have words such as Crown, Empress, Empire or Emperor. You can find more details about this under Section 58(3) of the Indian Partnership Act 1932.

These were the details that you need to take care of before you start the registration process for your partnership firm via EGROOPS. Below is the details procedure to register your firm using Online EGROOPS Portal

Step to Register for EGROOPS Portal

Follow the steps listed below to register for EGROOPS Portal.

  • Visit the EGROOPS Website and the URL to the website is
  • Once you are on the website, click on New Firm Registration. The option is available on the homepage. Any of the partners can register the firm and you will then be routed to the form that needs to be filled.


  • Fill in the details in the form and you must also furnish the ID proof along with the photos and other documents required. Once you have filled in the details, verify the spelling and other such details.
  • After verifying the details, go ahead and submit the form. You will now receive a Number and a Password. These details will be emailed to you and you will also receive them on your mobile via SMS.
  • The process is not over yet, you need to now login to the portal again using the username and password that you just received. Now, start with the registration procedure by clicking on the link applicable to you.
  • In the form, enter the name of your firm along with the address and other details. You also need to submit the details of a partner here along with the documents requested. You can register a normal partner, power of attorney, minor partner and even a company in this form. The details that you need to enter will vary according to the partner that you choose.
  • Add the details of business place once you enter the details of the partner and also upload all other supporting documents. The registration fee can be paid via online payment portal or you can make the payment using cash or money order. Once you select the payment method, complete the payment procedure. We would recommend opting for online payment.
  • Now the application will be ready to be printed. You can print the application and get the application registered with the help of a Gazette Officer or even an Advocate or Attorney. The complete list of people who can attest your application will be listed online.
  • After this, the registration will be complete and you can print your registration certificate as per our convenience.

So, if you were planning to register your partnership firm then you can go ahead and start the registration process with the help of the process listed above. We are sure that this is another motivation to start your business sooner than planned. Moreover, you can also go ahead and contact EGROOPS Kerala for any other information or for getting the resolution of the issue that you are facing.

The contact email id is and the phone number that you can use is 0471-2472118, 0471-2472110.