Electric Kettle Not Working? Possible Fix!

Electric Kettles are the handiest pieces of kitchen appliance, especially for those who love tea or coffee. Just fill up the kettle, plug it in, and within a few minutes, you’d have boiling hot water ready to be used for making tea, coffee, or however you want to use it. Electric Kettle isn’t just one of the most useful kitchen appliances, it is one of the simplest ones as well.

People like the simplicity and ultimate usefulness of electric kettles, that’s why these appliances sell like crazy in the market. However, sometimes it happens when the electric kettle suddenly stops working, which is pretty common. Usually, it happens because of the safety features given in the kettle, or other times it is a genuine issue. And today we are here with this post to let you know about the possible reasons and fixes when your electric kettle is not working.

Possible Reasons Why Electric Kettle Not Working

The following are the most common reasons why electric kettles don’t work sometimes.

  • Thermostat Issue
  • Overfilled Kettle
  • Broken Wire
  • Internal Wiring Issue

Because the overall mechanism or circuit of an electric kettle is rather simple, there are no other reasons (other than these) why your electric kettle isn’t working properly.

Possible Fixes When Electric Kettle Not Working

Pigeon Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Now it is time to let you know about the possible fixes when your electric kettle is not working. Try to follow these fixes one by one, and we are pretty sure that one of these solutions will work just fine for you.

1. Thermostat Issue

Many electric kettles have a thermostat or a heat sensor in-built that records or measures the temperature of the water inside the kettle. When the water has reached the boiling point, the kettle automatically turns off as a safety measure. However, sometimes it happens when there is some debris covering the heat sensor or the thermostat which can send wrong signals to the main circuit and cause the kettle to shut down. To fix this, simply clean the kettle thoroughly from the inside, and make sure there are no buildups or debris in the kettle.

2. Overfilled Kettle

As you may already know, many electric kettles come with safety features, and one of those safety features is that the kettle doesn’t turn on when it is overfilled with water. So yeah, it could be a possible reason why your electric kettle is not working. If this is the case then simply lower the water levels in the kettle and then try again.

3. Broken Wire

If you have tried the previous fixes, but still the kettle isn’t working then it could be because of a faulty or broken main wire. To verify that it is actually the main wire that is faulty simply open up the bottom part of the kettle using a screwdriver, and white the main wire is plugged in, check the electric current carefully using a line tester. If you are certain that the wire is causing the problem then simply replace it with a new one.

4. Internal Wiring Issue

The internal wiring circuit or mechanism of the electric kettle is rather simple. It is possible that the problem is actually in the internal wiring of the kettle, and to verify that you can open up the kettle using the screwdriver, and check whether some wire is burned out or broken or not. In this last situation, we’d suggest you take it to the nearby electrical appliance repair shop because in most cases you’d not be able to repair it at home.

And these are all the possible fixes that you can try with your electric kettle when it suddenly stops working.

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