Top 10 Fastest Growing City In India

Since we have just entered 2024, it is finally the time to talk about the growth in the country, especially the cities that are growing like crazy, and are expected to grow like that or even better in the coming few years or so. Well, that’s why we are here with the list of the top 10 fastest-growing cities in India for 2024. We will be talking about what these cities are known for, and which factors are contributing to a particular city’s growth, and things like that. So yeah, if that’s what you are intrigued about then let’s get going now.

Fastest Growing Cities of India

1. Bangalore


If you search the term “IT Hub Of India,” on Google or any other search engine, Bangalore’s name will pop up, and there is no surprise that Banglore called that because it is an IT hub in the country. Sure, the unemployment rate is a bit high in this city, but there are a lot of other good things too. Take the huge startup culture, big brands’ headquarters, and incredible infrastructure for example. If you are someone looking forward to settling down in a high-tech city, then Banglore is probably the best city on our list today.

2. Pune

Now yeah, we know that you must be expecting some other city’s name on the second spot, not Pune, right? But one look at Pune city, and you’ll see your mind changed in an instant. That’s because Pune is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, well, as of 2024 it is. And yeah, there is a reason why it is specifically called “Oxford of the East,” and that’s because there are literally more than 800 colleges in the city, which is insane if you think about it. Apart from that, the IT scene of Pune is the second largest in the country right now, and that is something that also contributes to the growth of this amazing city.

3. Hyderabad

If you have never looked into the top cities in the country and which are the fastest-growing ones, then you might not know about Hyderabad. Well, you see, if you visit this city, you’ll quite literally be dazzled by the infrastructure. This city is not the old Hyderabad that you knew just a few decades ago, the scene is completely changed now. The IT sector, the pharma industry boom, and big companies calling it home are some of the biggest factors why Hyderabad has grown so fast.

4. Chennai

If you had looked at this list a decade ago, you could have found Chennai at the top of this list. And that’s because at some point in the past, Chennai truly was the most successful and fastest growing city in India, but since now so many cities are on the growth trajectory, that’s why Chennai is pushed down a bit on our list today. Still, Chennai deserves to be on the list because of the 8.17% growth rate, energetic IT scene, and yeah, big companies calling it home.

5. Surat

As of now, Surat has literally one of the highest growth ratios in the country, which is about 9.2% as of January 2024. Now, we all know that every city in Gujrat is on the rise, but Surat sure is something else. The population meter of 4.46 million people sure is high, but still, it is a good place to settle down. Mainly, Surat is known for the diamond-cutting industry, but it is actually way more than that like the education is incredible, the infrastructure is the most reliable one in the country, and things like that.

6. Ahmedabad

As we talked about Gujarat’s rapid growth, here is the proof of that. Ahmedabad, you see, is the second fastest-growing city in the state right now. No matter what you talk about, like infrastructure, education, real estate prices, growth, IT sector, other industries, and things like that, Ahmedabad is literally an amazing place, considering all these areas and factors.

7. Nagpur

Most of you might just know Nagpur as a place that produces the most delicious and tangiest oranges in the country, right? But did you know that in 2019, a report from Oxford Economics research came out that predicted that Nagpur would be growing with a growth rate of 8.41%, and that’s what we are seeing today? The growth in Nagpur is nothing short of phenomenal, look at the greenery, infrastructure, electricity production, and many such things, and you’ll know what we are talking about here. On top of that, the land in this city is minerally rich, that’s why you can see this city’s name further up on this list in just a few years or so.

8. Vijayawada

If you just have known or seen the old Vijayawada, then you might not know this but Vijayawada is actually one of the fastest-growing cities in the country right now. In the last few years or so, Vijayawada has become an education hub, not just in Andhra Pradesh, but in India actually. Since real estate prices are super affordable in this city, that’s why so many businesses are moving their facilities and offices to Vijayawada, and that is another reason for the rapid growth of this city.

9. Agra

Agra’s growth has always been dependent on some primary industries like manufacturing, agriculture, and of course, tourism as well. And that is still the case today but with a different twist. You see, in the last few years or so, Agra has been growing like crazy, especially in the infrastructure department.

10. Tiruppur

Lastly, let’s talk about one more city that absolutely deserves to be on this list, and yes, we are talking about Tiruppur. One of the primary reasons for this growth of Tiruppur can be credited to the knitwear industry that they have down there. Apart from that, the living is good, the city is super green, and the infrastructure is pretty decent as well.


That’s pretty much it for today. Remember, this list can change in just a few years or so, only because of the rapid growth happening in literally every corner of the country. Let’s see if your city makes it to the list or not

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