Hammer Drill Machine Vs Impact Drill Machine: The Difference

There are plenty of kinds of drill machines available in the Indian market. They perform a multitude of tasks based on their design and features. Two of the major drill machines used around are the hammer drill machine and the impact drill machine. We here take a look at both of these and try to find a difference between them. Read along.

What is a Hammer Drill Machine?

A hammer drill machine is one that is designed with a very specific purpose. Its area of working is to drill holes in the concrete, marble, bricks, and more. It comes in two different variants as a regular one and a rotary hammer drill machine. The regular one is used for normal drill related works while the rotary ones are used for high-end powerful drilling. Hammer drill machines come with a mechanism where the hammering part inside the machine pounds the drill bit that essentially pulverizes and creates holes in the wall.

What is an Impact Drill Machine?

Impact drill machines are also known as the impact drivers. They perform a different role, unlike the hammer drill machine. Their work helps in loosening or tightening the fasteners, screws, bolts, and more into the surface. They can also be used to drill holes into the surface. They have two different working mechanisms where one is rotary power mode. This is used for lighter surfaces and here the power of the drill drives the screws forward. The other mode is the percussive mode where the regular mode doesn’t work as effectively. Here the process allows it to work on both long and bigger screws, bolts, fasteners, and more.

Hammer Drill Machine and Impact Drill Machine

1) Purpose of use

The main differentiating factor is the purpose that the drill machine is used for. Hammer drills are used for drilling holes into tough surfaces like concrete, bricks, marble, and more without damaging the surface. Impact drill machines are used for drilling or removing the screws into the materials or loosen the tight rusted screw.They can also be used to drill into the lighter surface.

2) Design aspects

Both of these have strikingly similar looks and designs and it can often get hard to differentiate if you don’t have much idea about them. But there are a few differences that you can find between them. One of these is the longer barrel of the hammer drill. Impact drill has a stubby around the barrel part. Hammer drill comes with 3 jaw chuck while the impact drill does not have any chuck in them. Many hammer drill machines also come with SDS chucks.

3) Working Mechanism

Hammer drill runs on a mechanism where recurring blows occur in the direction of the hole that the drill machine is drilling. This allows the force to be transferred in the vertical axis. That way the drill bit moves in and out of the barrel and does the drilling.

The impact driver meanwhile works differently. The hammering force remains in the direction of the rotation. There is also a spring that helps transfer the energy into the vertical axis but this energy is very less in comparison to what the drilling machine has.

Which drill machine to choose?

Each of these two drill machines comes with a different purpose and features. They are catered to two different taste and audience level. If anyone is looking at buying a drill for drilling the surfaces like brick or concrete then you should opt for a hammer drill machine. But if you’re looking for a drill machine to drill screws or loosen the tightened screw then an impact drill machine should be your prime choice. Go for the one based on your preference and work requirements.

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